For more than 60 years, Reef Industries has been manufacturing and fabricating reinforced film laminates and composites. Reef Industries specializes in custom plastic laminates that safeguard and prolong the service life of customers’ investments. Products range from covers that protect equipment during outdoor storage to underground marking tape that ensures buried utilities are protected from accidental dig-ins. Reef Industries provides customers with dependable and proven high-quality materials for long-term performance.

Each year, countless building owners suffer the problems associated with material and systems failures due to moisture. Reef Industries’ Griffolyn® vapor barriers and vapor retarders can prevent water vapor from causing poor insulation performance, structural damage, and other moisture-related problems. The main reason for retarding the transmission of water vapor through the building envelope is to prevent water vapor from condensing within the building structure cavities. The Griffolyn polyethylene vapor retarder system’s low permanence keeps moisture from infiltrating the building envelope. 

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