Construction management is an integral part of the process that influences the time and cost put into a project. Whether in the field or in the office, each decision made requires careful analysis to ensure that each part of each phase is effectively executed. That’s why RedTeam developed a construction management platform that integrates all of these required aspects to make sure your business functions smoothly, easily, and successfully.


RedTeam: Developed by general contractors, the platform is specifically designed to improve productivity and efficiency using experience from the field. Created with the commercial general contractor in mind, there are five key aspects the platform provides to help businesses monitor upcoming projects, convert information safely in the cloud, and manage campaigns, opportunities, and interactions.

RedTeam allows businesses to consolidate all data in one secure location that is accessible through sub-locations determined by the platform’s key aspects: business development, preconstruction, project management, field management, and financials. This comprehensive platform enhances collaboration and captures all metadata critical to operational efficiency that results in work done right the first time.


RedTeam was built from the ground up by CEO Michael Wright, who worked as, and still is, a licensed commercial general contractor. Michael Wright says, “I love the business of construction. Building is a core human endeavor, much of it timeless by nature, visceral hard work measured in lengths, widths, heights, and volumes. Simply put, our job is to help construction project teams work safely and effectively while delivering work they can be proud of, done right the first time. At this point, we’ve been developing great software for more than 20 years, but everything we’re doing still feels new and exciting. As much as we’ve done, there is that much and more yet to do. For me, there’s nothing I’d rather be working on than helping contractors succeed.”

Construction is one of the largest industries in the world and depending on the size of a project, it can involve a magnitude of individuals working either in the office or in the field. Construction management ensures that the planning process flows smoothly and seamlessly and that each stakeholder is held accountable on all projects.


With RedTeam, project teams are able to communicate and collaborate instantly online by having the ability to create and share documents, post updates, upload photos, monitor performance, and much more. The platform has every aspect of a business’s construction project covered. The comprehensive platform was built with flexibility and ease of access in mind. Businesses are given the right tools to succeed from day one with the entire platform at their fingertips.