High-Performance Dust Suppression for Midwest Demolition Firm
One of the Midwestern USA’s most versatile demolition firms has added high-performance dust suppression to its extensive range of capabilities, after renting the equipment on several occasions to gauge its effectiveness under real-world conditions. The company reports far better control of dust-generating activities than the common industry approach of spraying with large hoses, as well as significant labor savings by eliminating manual suppression efforts. Further, the new equipment improves workplace safety by allowing employees to position the atomized misting unit from Dust Control Technology closer to danger zones, where the unattended machine can operate without risk of personal injury from heavy equipment or falling debris.
Veit has been a demolition industry leader for more than 80 years, providing complete demolition services, including explosive and interior projects. The firm has pioneered the art of “surgical removal,” with selective demolition and high-risk projects among the company’s specialties.
“The DustBoss is a great option on both large- and small-scale demolition projects, from 500-foot smoke stacks to small ranch houses,” comments Veit’s demolition general superintendent, Ryan Olson. “Any job that requires suppressing dust to keep it from migrating off-site or affecting the local environment is a good fit for DustBoss.”
Over the last several years, Olson and his staff have watched regulatory conditions continue to evolve, and they began renting different types of dust suppression equipment to supplement traditional manual spraying on large or sensitive projects. “We have tested misting devices from a few suppliers,” Olson explains. “Our first DustBoss rental was in 2008, and we’ve gotten to know the equipment very well over about 50 rental days since then.”
After renting the DustBoss DB-60 for most of June and July in 2012, company officials elected to purchase the unit to make it available full-time. The unique design of the powerful ducted fan and atomizing nozzles creates a plume containing millions of tiny droplets, primarily in the 50 to 200 micron size range, which is optimum for dust management in most applications. That plume can be projected 200 feet or more on a calm day, blanketing as much as 280,000 square feet with a single full-oscillation machine.
Depending on the project, demolition equipment used and current wind conditions, Olson’s crews will either position the DustBoss to oscillate over a large area or as a stationary barrier to prevent dust from migrating beyond jobsite boundaries. On most projects, the unit is powered by a generator, but can also be run from in-house power. Standing more than 7 feet tall, it’s fed by a 1.5-inch hose with came-and-groove quick disconnect for easy coupling to a fire hydrant or other water source.
“For us, there are several benefits,” Olson continues. “Protecting nearby inhabitants and local environments is key, and the DustBoss is much more effective than other measures we’ve tried. The labor savings also allows us to concentrate our employees on core activities. It’s simple to wheel it into place and aim it, and it works all day. No lunch breaks, no sick days, and it allows us to keep employees further from the demolition work for greater safety.”
Olson also reports that the equipment makes an impact on air quality that’s readily apparent. “Visually it’s easy to see the difference,” he says. “We also receive fewer dust-related complaints, and have even received compliments from property owners and city officials who’ve seen the equipment in action.”
Veit’s list of services spans the full range of demolition projects, from removing a single house to razing the St. Paul Civic Center, and from underwater dredging to commercial diving. Most of the debris from its demolition projects is successfully recycled, transforming it back into reusable materials to reduce landfill volumes and lower project costs. The company has successfully executed some of the Midwest’s largest and most complex demolition projects, while maintaining compliance with all applicable safety and environmental regulations. ■
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Dust Control Technology is a global leader in dust control solutions, with expertise in demolition, mining, coal handling, ports and shipping, steel processing, and material recycling. For more information, visit www.dustboss.com.
Modern Contractor Solutions, May 2013
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