What if you could get real-time, accurate information to manage your teams and projects from anywhere? In a perfect world, regardless if you are in the office, half way around the globe, or on the go with only your mobile device, you should have your important project information at your fingertips. Would you make it to a few more activities for your kids? Would you take that vacation you’ve been putting off for years?
The construction businesses of today need complete visibility into what’s happening with their projects right now, without being there. For executives and managers to get the visibility they need, we at AboutTime Technologies knew we could make it easy for construction workers to leverage simple technology in the field. That’s why we created an entirely new cloud platform, WorkMax, powerful enough for construction executives to be able to manage their businesses from anywhere while also being simple enough to use in the field.
WorkMax is a comprehensive suite of modules designed to help you manage your business anywhere, anytime.
WorkMax answers the questions you need to answer every day. The comprehensive suite of modules—FORMS, TIME, SERVICE, ASSETS, and INSIGHT—are designed specifically to relieve your pains:

  • Where are my employees? What tasks are they working on? What equipment are they using? WorkMax’s INSIGHT offers a real-time map showing high level information, such as the number of employees on the jobsite, assets being used, and if you’re over or under on budgeted man hours and units. Clicking on the high level data reveals more details, like which specific employees are on site, along with their clock-in and clock-out times by task. You can even see which pieces of equipment or tools are in use on the site, giving you instant visibility into each of your projects.
  • How productive are my employees? WorkMax’s INSIGHT module not only tells you current productivities and compares them to budgets, it also informs you what pace your teams need to achieve in order to get the project back on track.
  • Are my projects on time and under budget? WorkMax INSIGHT compares budgeted labor hours and units to actual labor hours used and units completed in real time. Because WorkMax is available anywhere on your laptop, computer, and all of your mobile devices, everyone has the answers they need at their fingertips at all times.
  • Did my employees complete their safety checklist today? Were there any injuries on our worksites? If so, was HR or the safety officer notified right away? WorkMax FORMS allows workers to complete and submit safety checklists—right after clocking in with WorkMax TIME—to ensure safety compliance. Employees can even document the safety measures they’ve taken with video, photos, voice notes, and sketches. Employees also have immediate access to injury report forms on all devices as soon as they happen. Once electronic forms are submitted, automatic workflows can be set up to immediately send injury reports to HR or the safety officers of the company. WorkMax FORMS ensures you get the right information to and from the right people.
  • How many service tickets are in progress? How many have been completed? What tools, supplies, or equipment were used on the work order and where are they now? Was the customer happy with our service? The WorkMax suite makes keeping track of all the complicated pieces of your business easy. When you combine WorkMax SERVICE with FORMS, ASSETS, TIME, and INSIGHT, you get the complete view of all of the most important aspects of your business: your employees, customers, and assets. With WorkMax SERVICE, you can quickly assign service requests to your employees based on their GPS location in proximity to your clients. WorkMax SERVICE can also quickly find the employee with the proper skill set needed to complete the task. Once at the client’s location, employees have the work order at their fingertips via their mobile device. WorkMax FORMS lets them take pictures and videos to document proof of performance. Your customers can validate the work performed with electronic signatures on your employee’s mobile device. Customers can also rate their experience and provide feedback for the service in the form. WorkMax gives your business the ultimate visibility.

These are just a few of the vital questions WorkMax helps businesses answer. With WorkMax, information is always be up to date, empowering owners to work from anywhere. Never miss another important event, whether personal or business, because you are worried about not having updated information at your fingertips. Go on vacation, go to your kids’ activities, and go with confidence that your business is under control.
If you’re looking for a partner in managing your most valuable business resources, consider the WorkMax suite of mobile resource management solutions. From TIME to FORMS to ASSETS to SERVICE to INSIGHT, the WorkMax platform is completely expandable, so it not only saves you time today, it prepares your business for the mobile future. ■
About The Author: David Moyer brings more than 20 years’ experience in the technology industry as an executive business strategist, revenue driver, and business partner. As president of AboutTime Technologies, David has lead operations to more than double the company’s revenue in less than 2 years. Under David’s leadership, AboutTime has won numerous industry awards, most notably, the Innovative Technology Award in 2014.
Modern Contractor Solutions – February 2016
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