A conversation with Jay M. Allen, president, Allen Engineering Corp.
It’s no secret that the U.S. is in dire need of an infrastructure overhaul, a makeover of epic proportion with the concrete industry smack dab in the middle. At the forefront of readiness resides Allen Engineering Corporation, a family owned business that designs, engineers, manufactures, and markets a complete line of concrete placing, finishing, and paving equipment worldwide. With equipment geared towards concrete contractors, president Jay M. Allen says the company is ready for the concrete movement. Here’s more of the conversation:
How’s business for Allen Engineering Corporation? Is that indicative of the construction industry overall?
JMA: Business has been improving for Allen Engineering Corp. (AEC) since 2011 as we have experienced significant revenue growth coming out of the Great Recession. Our commitment to new product development through the recession resulted in many new products and lines, and we have also benefited from the acquisition of the Miller Power Buggy Line in late 2010. All of that coupled with an improving construction market in general is quite positive for AEC and the industry as a whole.
What has influenced Allen Engineering Corporation and its product offerings?
JMA: The company was founded by my parents in 1964. We started in the ready-mix concrete business and evolved into a concrete equipment manufacturer in the mid 1970’s. Our passion has always been in concrete and our first product was the Razorback Truss Screed, which was new technology in the late ‘70’s. Since that time, AEC has added new products and lines as we have seen opportunities to help concrete contractors be more productive and produce higher quality floors, pavements, etc.
In your opinion, what is one facet of business that can make a positive difference in a contractor’s operations?
JMA: From Allen Engineering’s perspective, we design, engineer, and manufacture concrete equipment that helps concrete contractors improve the quality and productiveness of their work on the jobsite. We believe our products, especially ride-on power trowels equipped with pans, have revolutionized the concrete place and finish industry.
How have the advances of technology impacted the construction industry? How does Allen Engineering Corporation add benefit for the contractor?
JMA: AEC was part of the revolution in the concrete flooring industry in the mid-1990’s that centered around the F Number System. The Face Dipstick, the F Number System, the Somero Laser Screed, Allen Riding Trowels with Float Pans, and the Soff-Cut green concrete saw drastically improved the flatness and levelness of concrete floors in less than a year.
What is your forward outlook for the construction industry? For Allen Engineering Corporation?
JMA: I am very optimistic about the future of the construction industry because there is so much that needs to be built to support the growing population around the world. Furthermore, there is much of our infrastructure that needs replacing. We believe Allen Engineering will play a key role in providing the equipment to support this building with concrete. ■
For More Information:
For more information about Allen Engineering Corporation, visit www.alleneng.com.
Modern Contractor Solutions, October 2013
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