Thunder Creek Equipment, based in Pella, Iowa, offers fuel and service trailers and DEF delivery solutions. The company focuses on quality and the needs of its customers. To better understand the company’s philosophy, general manager Luke Van Wyk shares what sets  Thunder Creek apart from others in the industry.
How’s business for Thunder Creek Equipment?
VAN WYK: We have been blessed with strong demand from our traditional markets (agriculture) and a growing demand in construction applications. We have awesome customers who love our products and help spread the word. World-class partners and a team of accomplished employees that truly love what they do. Sales have continued to grow as we’ve expanded our footprint across the country. We are living proof that hard work and a “no-compromise” approach to quality earns success.
What has influenced Thunder Creek Equipment and its product offerings?
VAN WYK: Many things have influenced our direction over the last few years. First, you have to understand that we are an ASME certified tank manufacturer, building the best tanks you can buy is what we do. Secondly, we are innovative in nature in that we love to create new products and bring them to market. We don’t pay much attention to companies in our industry, rather we focus on challenges our customers and partners are facing.
Because we sell similar products into different markets, we design features and options that accommodate the most demanding applications. Case in point, we do a fair amount of business in the oil fields of Texas. This hard-use off-road application is the reason why we only use 7-gauge steel in our tanks. Our fuel and service trailers have to be able to withstand rigorous off-road use and still tow smoothly and safely on the highway. That application is, hands-down, the most brutal proving ground we can put our products through, and the demand continues to grow.
Lastly, I’d be remiss if I did not mention diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). As engine manufacturers have begun using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to meet high-horsepower emissions regulations, we have focused on producing the best ISO-compliant DEF transport systems to support handling DEF in off-road environments. Maintaining the purity of DEF in dirty environments is challenging. Our patent-pending DEF systems offer a unique solution to this problem.
Thunder Creek Equipment FST Series Trailer
How does Thunder Creek Equipment add value for the contractor?
VAN WYK: We understand that a contractor’s equipment is their livelihood. We develop products that help contractors optimize uptime, protect their equipment, and deliver a tangible ROI. Our DEF systems are designed to protect the contractor’s equipment from contaminated DEF even on the dirtiest jobsite. Plus with our patent-pending 2-in-1 pumping system, we are saving contractors time and money.
We also offer a full array of fuel, lube, DEF, and service trailers. These trailers, available for a fraction of what you would pay for a service/lube truck and some bulk storage setups, save contractors time and money every day. Additionally, they help to control liability and avoid equipment downtime.
Thunder Creek Equipment DEF Transport Tote
What is your forward outlook for the construction industry? For Thunder Creek Equipment?
VAN WYK: All positive—we believe we provide a specific solution related to fuel and DEF handling/storage that will see increased demand as more Tier 4 Final equipment hits the market. True to our word as innovators, we will be launching new products into the market, including some in Q4 of this year.
Closing thoughts?
VAN WYK: With newer high-horsepower construction equipment, fluid quality is of utmost importance—whether you work with us or with another partner, controlling that quality is a top priority and plays a big role in machine health. Be proactive and be vigilant. ■
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Modern Contractor Solutions, October 2015
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