If you’ve used vac on a jobsite with any type of fine dust you’ve probably face an all-too-common problem. Most industrial and shop type vacuums have a fatal flaw: no matter the strength of the motor, as soon as it’s turned on, the filter begins to clog. When the filter clogs you can lose up to 50% of your suction making the unit useless for many jobs, and this can happen quickly. It can be a real hassle. Then you have to remove the filter and clean it, which is time-consuming, messy, and keeps you from the job at hand. This common issue is what led to the creation of Pulse-Bac Vacuums. 


Pulse-Bac is different from standard vacuums found on the jobsite. Pulse-Bac’s Automatic Pulse-Clean Technology keeps filters clean to deliver consistent suction. Its revolutionary technology reverses the air flow at regular intervals, blowing filter clogging dust and debris off. The multi-filter system cleans one filter while the other continue to produce vacuum. Best of all, Pulse-Bac’s technology is 100% automatic and keeps filters clean using only simple physics. No compressors to add extra weight, no button to stop and push, or lever to pull. Pulse-Bac just works. Durable steel construction and American-made dependability have made Pulse-Bac Vacuums the choice of professionals for more than 15 years. And, because even the best-made machine can have problems, Pulse-Bac’s proven jobsite performance is backed up with lifetime service and support. This means you’ll never pay for repair labor. 


Surface prep and other construction professionals face some tough challenges when it comes to dust collection. The fine, abrasive dust from concrete and other hard surfaces present several issues. This is where Pulse-Bac got its start. Pulse-Bac’s founder noticed the almost inescapable loss of suction that occurred with most vacuums used in the construction industry. This, of course, was caused by the filter becoming clogged with fine dust and debris and cutting off the airflow to the vacuum motor. After constructing several prototypes, he had his eureka moment and that’s when Pulse-Bac was born. Today, Pulse-Bac is a readily available brand that offers innovative, high-quality products with 15 patents under its belt for the innovations found in its vacuums. The spirit of innovation instilled by our founder is alive and growing every day at Pulse-Bac. Pulse-Bac vacuums are still produced in Tulsa, Oklahoma, not far from where the first proto-type was produced more than 20 years ago. 

Pulse-Bac has vacuums that are EPA RRP and Silica Dust compliant. Contact Pulse-Bac to learn more about how Pulse-Bac can help you control dust on your jobsite. 

For more about Pulse-Bac vacuums, visit www.pulsebac.com.