The newly rebranded Stallion Infrastructure Services is expanding into the construction industry providing security, comfort, and connectivity from a single provider. A leader in workforce accommodations for the oil and gas industry for the last 20 years, the company provides a streamlined procurement process for temporary infrastructure. For construction sites, this could include temporary office space with all the luxuries of a downtown office, including power generation, lighting, sanitation services, communications, and connectivity, as well as security surveillance and monitoring.

“Our new brand reflects our 20-year commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction,” states Darron Anderson, president & CEO of Stallion Infrastructure Services. “The intent of this rebrand is to better reflect our core competencies in temporary infrastructure services that we seamlessly integrate and deliver to our customers in the construction industry and beyond.”

Stallion Infrastructure Services video surveillance systems help protect worksites by utilizing AI-enabled, advanced analytics, machine learning, cloud and local storage, real-time alerting, and sophisticated API integrations to ensure the most comprehensive surveillance capabilities available.

The company’s sanitation services include clean, hygienic, stand-alone toilets and luxury multi-stall restroom facilities, which are all supported by professional servicing and eco-friendly waste disposal. 

Stallion Infrastructure Services can also keep construction sites connected with both high-speed enterprise connectivity and high-performance voice and data solutions as well as two-way handheld radios.

By leveraging its proficiency in logistics, integrated solutions, and smart technology, Stallion Infrastructure Services can fulfill the role of a sole-source provider, thus eliminating the need to manage multiple vendors across multiple sites. This increases accountability while also simplifying a company’s underlying support network allowing individuals to live and work efficiently in remote locations.

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