Protecting Your Concrete Tools and Equipment

Company with 70 years of experience delivers green solution

Established in 1946, Cresset Chemical Company continues to be a leader in developing, distributing, and servicing site cast and precast chemical products and equipment for the concrete construction industry. 

Cresset products are environmentally friendly and include form release agents, curing compounds, concrete sealers, industrial hand cleaners, form and equipment treatments, and spray application equipment. 


Cresset continually evolves its New Chemistry “Green” array of products to responsibly and safely meet production, environmental, and OSHA requirements. Cresset’s chemical formulations exceed Federal EPA requirements and most meet or exceed the more restrictive regulations in California and OTC states, including New York and New Jersey. 


You wear work boots, gloves, and safety glasses every time you pour concrete. This gear protects your body from the harsh effects of working with wet concrete. It’s a necessary part of the job. But what about your expensive tools and equipment? How do you protect them?

No one likes having to remove dried concrete off screeds, trucks, mixers, levels, floats, wheelbarrows, and other tools you use on a construction site. Even with a lot of time and effort, there is always some residual concrete that won’t come off.

Excessive spatter buildup on construction equipment is costly—time-consuming to clean and reducing the useful life of vehicles, machinery, and tools. During cleaning, scrubbing can cause loosening concrete and cement particles to scratch and damage finished surfaces of equipment. 

Applying the right protective coating can make a big contribution in shielding your equipment from damaging spatter—dramatically reducing labor costs and improving productivity, while being safe for your workers and the environment.


Cresset Chemical Company has developed an effective product that addresses this issue: Spatter-Cote® Armor-Xtra Spatter Protection. When applied before the job to the surface of anything that comes in contact with wet concrete, cleanup time is quick and easy with just a garden hose. Spatter-Cote Armor-Xtra can be applied using sprayer, brush or roller, and it protects against splatter for an extended period, usually one or more weeks.

The protective capabilities of this eco-friendly product come from its proprietary mixture of corrosion inhibitors and non-stick polymers. Regular use of Spatter-Cote Armor-Xtra keeps equipment clean and free from buildup. This prevents rework while retaining the surface quality, thus protecting the equipment—ultimately saving cleaning time, extending equipment service life, and preventing potential malfunctions.

The product’s predominantly water-based, virgin material is ideal for many applications such as ready-mix trucks, highway concrete paving equipment, portable batch plants, concrete tools and accessories, hard surface furnishings during construction (i.e., windows, stairwells, etc.), screeds, back side of forms, “dry-mix” mixers, and more. While originally designed for concrete spatter, Spatter-Cote Armor-Xtra is also highly effective in combating stucco and paint buildup and more.

Cresset Spatter-Cote Armor-Xtra stops buildup before it starts, helps remove dirt and grease, does not promote corrosion, slowly removes pre-existing buildup, and does not freeze after application.

Advanced market uses include rental equipment, scaffolding equipment, and mining/mineral processing equipment—because it can eliminate or significantly reduce sticking and freezing of ore and mining materials during excavation, transportation, and processing.

About the author:

Jim Renda is the vice president of sales and marketing at Cresset Chemical Company. With 30 years of experience in business development at North American and global corporations, he works with concrete producers, planners, and distribution partners in providing consultation and progressive solutions on their concrete construction projects. For more information about Spatter-Cote Armor Xtra, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2019
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