Let’s do the math with some numbers that originate from real-life users of Compliant Client by eMars. But first, let’s go over a quick explanation of Compliant Client by eMars.


Compliant Client by eMars offers a worry-free time and money saving system that keeps your payroll compliant with the Davis Bacon Act.  The system requires no installation or maintenance. It provides immediate, concurrent, real-time visibility of all payroll records of the sub, prime, plus, the owner agency has complete visibility. Every submitted payroll is audited, online and in real time, against the wage determination and all 30 causes that are in support of Davis-Bacon and related Acts.

Can you save real documented money on your next construction project?


The usual time to manually prepare a certified payroll without computer screening is about 45 minutes. The time to prepare a payroll using eMars is 2-5 minutes. 


The time it takes a prime to review a subcontractor’s payroll is at least 30 minutes. Most prime contractors have approximately 15 to 20 subcontractors on each project. 30 minutes x 18 subcontractors = 540 minutes; 540 minutes of expensive time! Using eMars requires zero time since eMars has already conducted an audit for all potential errors.


When an audit is prepared manually, most potential errors are overlooked and not even considered. Errors, when found by the government inspectors, cost, time, money, and sometimes jail time. Documented evidence shows that about 20% of all human prepared payroll audits have at least 1 error. Can you put a value on time spent in jail? Would you like to spend profits on mistakes that could have been easily avoided?


A prime contractor is both legally and financially responsible for all subcontractors on a project. If an audit is performed by DOL and significant errors are found, the results could be fines, debarment, or even jail time. As a prime contractor, the mistakes of your subcontracts are your mistakes. Costly mistakes. Ignorance or “I didn’t know” are unacceptable excuses to be offered to the government authorities.


When electronic payroll system like Compliant Client eMars is not used, a paper copy submission must be submitted to the owner for all subcontractors. This requires a manual task of collecting the payrolls and mailing weekly payrolls to the owner. With eMars, all payrolls are automatically available for viewing of the owner/auditor by simply logging into the system. With an estimate of 45 minutes for each subcontractor times 18 subcontractors, the weekly sum is 810 minutes. 810 minutes is a lot of time and money. Preparing a payroll is only step one in the effort to comply with the Davis Bacon Act.


Frequently, statistics proving journeyman to apprentice ratios need to be satisfied. This report is automatically prepared by Compliant Client on a day-by-day basis. USACE requires an RMS report, which is prepared automatically in Compliant Client. If a contractor uses an apprentice, they must have an approved apprentice program. With Compliant Client, an approved program is immediately identified—no need for a costly manual file review with Compliant Client.


Worksites have restrictions regarding a variety of issues. Fingerprints identifying felons, or a requirement that all workers have proof of a vaccination are just two of those possible restrictions. eMars immediately identifies the violations. There is no need to research HR files and discover a violation.


Based on the benefits, you can save money and time on your next construction project using Compliant Client by eMars. 

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Modern Contractor Solutions, December 2021
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