New Engine-Driven Welders

Miller Electric Mfg. released the Bobcat 265 Air Pak and Trailblazer 330 Air Pak. Both feature an integrated industrial rotary-screw air compressor that eliminates the need for a separate compressor. These powerful all-in-one machines are lighter and smaller than previous models, offering multi-process weld quality, auxiliary power, battery charge/crank assist and, now, an air compressor—delivering all-in-one capabilities for maintenance, repair operations, and field fabrication. Both Air Pak machines allow operators to run air impact wrenches and give 100-percent deliverable air. The compressor produces 30 cfm of air at 100-percent duty cycle and delivers 80-160 psi of air with an optional storage tank for consistent airflow performance. For more, visit


MM250SL Muscle MIG Welder

The Snap-on MM250SL Muscle MIG Welder is perfect for general repairs. This traditional MIG welder is the answer for broken parts, fabrication, broken bolts, trailer hitches, and frame repairs. It’s among the line of Snap-on’s MIG Welders that have higher-duty cycles at maximum amperage to increase weld times and performance. This model’s duty cycle is 100 percent at 185A, a maximum amperage of 270, and welds up to 3/8 inch in a single pass. It includes a cylinder rack, MIG torch with 10-ft. cable, 15-ft. feeder cable, and 20-ft. power input cable. For more, visit


Super Lightweight 412

Pratt Industries unveiled its Super Lightweight 412 (GSL 412), the newest in a long line of innovative intermodal chassis. The GSL 412 is 700 lbs. lighter than previous models and has been engineered to be remarkably strong for its 4,550-lb. weight profile. The new GSL 412 maintains the same structural integrity as preceding generations of Pratt chassis, and end users can further reduce the new chassis’ weight to 4,450 lbs., saving another 100 lbs. by switching from standard dual tires to super singles. The GSL 412 will allow users to maximize intermodal payload capacity when laden and to save on fuel costs when not. For more, visit


Galaxy MFS 101 Severe Duty Solid Tire

The Galaxy MFS 101 Severe Duty Solid Tire combines solid construction with a more comfortable ride, heat-dissipating design, more rubber above the 60J wear limit, and a high-performance steel bead design to transfer torque with reduced slip. Yokohama Off-Highway Tires launched the MFS 101 SDS in 28 sizes for rims ranging from 8 to 15 inches. The zig-zag contour of the continuous center lug enhances the stability of the massive centerline while adding surface area to the grooves on either side of it to dissipate more heat. The two circumferential grooves also improve steering and cornering. For more, visit


CNC Pro Concrete Engraving System

The CNC Pro is the world’s first patented on-site concrete engraving system. Developed by Red Art Technologies to use Computerized Numerical Control technology, the portable engraver can easily customize concrete and other surfaces with any typeface, logo, pattern, graphic, or image, on almost any surface. The technology allows for unique and creative designs to be engraved with ease. The system includes engraving machine, laptop and software, concrete engraving bits, CNC remote, extension rails, traveling case, and self-paced training program. For more, visit


Pro XD Kinetic All-Electric UTV

The new all-electric Pro XD Full-Size Kinetic utility vehicle (UTV) from Polaris Commercial is engineered to withstand tough jobsite duty cycles and enable all-day operation with zero exhaust. The Pro XD Kinetic features an all-electric powertrain through Polaris’ 10-year partnership with Zero Motorcycles, It offers the same 1,250 lbs. cargo and 2,500 lbs. towing capacity as a full-size gas or diesel Pro XD UTV, while its all-electric powertrain delivers instantaneous torque and precise handling. An electric powertrain also requires less maintenance, while its quieter operations enable access to restricted areas. For more, visit