BatterySafe Cases

BatterySafe cases are designed specifically to transport lithium-ion batteries in accord with international regulations. Batteries are surrounded by cushions filled with Pyrobubbles, an extinguishing agent which provides protection against thermal runaway, and exothermic reactions. Reusable and easy to use, they have an operating temperature range from -4°F to 176°F, and a storage temperature range from 60°F to 86°F.  Compliant with international regulations, BatterySafe cases offer peace of mind, whether shipping batteries for development, distribution, or disposal. Available in various sizes, they are ideal for li-ion batteries for power tools, laptop batteries, e-vehicle batteries, and more. For more, visit


FuelPro 500

The economical 500-gallon FuelPro 500 is a stout, DOT-compliant fuel trailer that allows contractors to refuel equipment on-site quickly and efficiently. The base model is available with fuel trailer only, and an optional front box is available for storage of tools, grease, lubes, or other service supplies. The rugged chassis is constructed from 6-in. C-channel for a long service life. The tank features 7-gauge steel which is double seam welded for strength and durability. Each tank features internal fuel surge baffles and cross bracing, a fuel shutoff valve, a lockable vented fill cap, a tank-pressure relief vent, and an at-a-glance fuel gauge. For more, visit


MX Fuel RedLithium Forge Batteries

Redesigned from the ground up, the new RedLithium Forge batteries are Milwaukee’s most powerful, fastest-charging, and longest-lasting batteries yet. They feature breakthrough battery-cell technology, superior battery-pack construction, and advanced RedLink electronics. When paired with the new Super Charger, users can ensure significantly faster charge times and high-speed cooling from battery to charger, minimizing downtime during the workday. Designed for the professional user, these advancements cater to the demand for high-performance jobsite applications, such as continuous drilling through reinforced concrete. For more, visit


Dominator Pro Pry Bars 

Mayhew adds two new pry bars to their long-standing Dominator Pro Pry Bar line. The tools, a 36-in. orange and 36-in. green handled pry bar, fill a void in the product line comprised of multi-color and length options. Mayhew listened to what consumers wanted in making this additional size available. All Dominator Pro Pry Bars are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty. Ideal for any lifting or prying application, these bars feature a unique tri-lobular handle design that provides an enhanced, ergonomic grip and are available in curved and straight blade styles. For more, visit


ToughSeries Construction Jack

The new ToughSeries Construction Jack (DWHT83550) is a heavy-duty, hands-free lifting tool designed for a wide range of applications. The Construction Jack features a lift capacity of up to 340 lbs. and a lift height of 8-3/4 in. allowing users to complete demanding lifting, leveling, and installation tasks. Heavy lifting typically requires the time and energy of more than one worker, which can interrupt workflow. The Construction Jack is designed to give one worker the lifting assistance they need with a step-to-lift handle, fine-tune adjustments, and a no-load quick release button for optimal productivity and safety. For more, visit


28-Piece Insulated Tool Set

The Dynamic tool brand’s 28-piece insulated tool set meets the growing needs of commercial and residential electricians. Each tool within the set has been tested to 10,000 AC and is VDE certified to 1,000 VAC in compliance with IEC 60900. Dynamic’s new insulated tool set includes a 1/2-in. drive ratchet with a selection of extensions and six-point metric sockets. It also contains open-ended metric wrenches, slotted screwdrivers, Phillips screwdrivers, side-cutting pliers, lineman’s pliers, and long-nose pliers. All pieces are precision machined to