1791 EDC

Tool Organizer

Introducing the 1791 EDC Heavy Duty Easy-Slide with Large Flex Loop Tool Organizer for Large/XL multitools designed for tradesmen and everyday carry enthusiasts. Crafted from full-grain American leather, this versatile organizer securely holds all your essential tools and accessories. Experience unmatched convenience and efficiency with this stylish and durable tool pouch. Fits 1 LARGE / XL multitool, 1 large accessory & 1 small accessory. Multitool Pocket: Fits tools up to 1.8-inches wide. Accessory Sleeve: Fits accessories up to 1.2-inches wide with clips. Large Flex Loop: Fits accessories up to 1.2-inches in diameter. For more, visit 1791edc.com


Load Ejector System 

Philippi-Hagenbuch’s Load Ejector System allows the full-rated capacity with each load and reduce downtime with removing carryback. Load Ejectors are engineered to fit the make and model of any articulated or rigid frame off-highway haul truck. The overlapping jointed plate lattice design rests flat against the front slope and floor inside of the truck body. When the body is raised, the Load Ejector separates from the truck bed by gravity, removing material as it hangs vertically away from the body. This leaves an empty truck with its full capacity for the next load. For more, visit www.philsystems.com


Laser Scanning System 

Trimble announces the Trimble X9 3D laser scanning system. The X9 is built on Trimble’s proven laser scanning technologies, engineered to enhance performance in more environments while leveraging innovations such as Trimble X-Drive technology for automatic instrument calibration, survey-grade self-leveling, and laser pointer for georeferencing. Trimble X9 data can be delivered directly from Trimble Perspective or FieldLink software to Trimble’s office software, including Trimble Realworks™ 3D scanning software, Trimble Business Center office software, SketchUp and Tekla, or exported to industry-standard formats to produce application-specific deliverables. For more, visit geospatial.trimble.com/X9 or fieldtech.trimble.com/X9


Cut-Resistant Gloves

Brass Knuckle SmartCut™ BKCR2403 Cut-Resistant Gloves offer ANSI level A2 cut protection balanced with extreme dexterity for tasks calling for very fine motor skills. They’re perfect for the dual demands of automobile manufacture: ruggedness and tactile sensitivity. Application expertise is critical to delivering personal protection equipment that suits its function precisely. It’s not just about material thinness, but fit, feel, and functionality. It’s not just about grip, but the appropriate amount of grip. SmartCut™ BKCR2403 is an 18-gauge glove. A black polyurethane palm coating delivers reliable abrasion protection. For more, visit www.brassknuckleprotection.com


Working Lights

Continental introduces 16 new working lights as part of its NightViu Lighting Solutions line. NightViu LED Lights are built to withstand harsh conditions. NightViu Working Lights operate safely from -40°F to +190°F. They’re rated IP6K8/IP6K9K for resistance to impacts, dust, and high-pressure water. With a choice of ultra-wide, wide, flood, and spot beam patterns, NightViu Working Lights enable operators to spot obstacles and hazards around the entire jobsite. Each of the Working Lights beam patterns is offered in a choice of 1,500, 2,500, 3,500, and 4,500 lumen performance. For more, visit continental-aftermarket.com


Forestry Disc Mulcher 

IronCraft, LLC relaunches its redesigned Forestry Disc Mulcher which quickly eradicates 6- to 14-inch diameter materials and standing or felled trees. A robust 60-inch fully machined disc includes 44 beaver teeth located on the top, bottom, and perimeter of the disc, with 5 additional beaver teeth located on the inside of the deck for even more mulching capacity. An angled throat design guides material into the mulching chamber to speed the shredding of brush. Available with either 150cc motor that requires 32-44 gpm of hydraulic flow, or 200cc motor that requires 45-60 gpm of hydraulic flow. For more, visit www.ironcraftco.com