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BWS Manufacturing Ltd., leaders in the production of quality construction, paving, agriculture, forestry, and oil field equipment solutions, introduces its next line of innovative product offerings: the PITPRO 360 mobile aggregate screener.
A trusty diesel-powered, self contained unit that can be easily transported from jobsite to jobsite by use of only a 2-ton truck with a pintle hitch. This versatile screener is specifically designed to work with both small and larger equipment and can be set up in almost any environment. With the multi-screen configurations, this machine will handle most every screening need from sand and gravel to peat and topsoil. It can also be used for separation of dirt and debris in demolition and disaster cleanup.
The PITPRO 360 boasts a 71-inch by 82-inch wide screen enabling the use of larger capacity buckets without sacrificing overspill of unscreened product. This machine offers up to 360 cubic yards per hour processing capacity. The PITPRO 360 offers optional screen sizes to accommodate almost every screening requirement.
The PITPRO 360 comes equipped with a rubber-mounted torsional anti-vibration system, which greatly reduces the amount of vibration in the machine over competitors’ standard spring-mounted offerings. The reduction of vibration will add longevity to the screener, while maintaining an excellent return on investment.
Encased in an enclosed steel compartment, the PITPRO 360 comes standard with a Kubota water-cooled 3cyl diesel engine. This power plant will offer 29 hp @3000 rpm with 76 ft/lbs of torque. The use of diesel engines greatly extends the operating life of the machine over most gas-powered offerings. The enclosed lockable compartment not only houses the engine and controls, but will also protect the hydraulic and fuel tanks from falling debris, while adding security from unwanted fuel theft and machine tampering.
With our years of experience working with construction equipment, we have a solid understanding of your screening needs. We also recognize that with growing competition, savvy business owners want to maximize utilization of their equipment. Having a screener that is easily mobile can often reduce costs and increase productivity. The PITPRO 360 has been designed to be just 92 inches wide and 20 feet in length and weighs just over 12,000 lbs, making transportation safe and easy.

The PITPRO 360 can be ready for road transport literally in seconds, so now you will have the ability to screen and recycle on every job, even the small ones.

BWS Manufacturing Ltd.’s in-house engineering team has again designed nothing but quality and innovation with the new PITPRO 360 mobile aggregate screener. With the use of state-of-the-art 3D engineering software, we can offer you a rugged, built-to-last piece of equipment. This screener is made with high-tensile steel and abrasion-resistant steel in wear areas. These screeners are laser cut and wire feed welded, offering you, the operator, a long lasting productive piece of equipment that will create an excellent return on investment for years to come. When you look at the durable design of the PITPRO 360, you will see the BWS Manufacturing Ltd. difference.
If you would like more information on the PITPRO 360 mobile aggregate screener, or any of the quality innovative products offered by BWS Manufacturing Ltd., visit, or call toll free 888.896.5777.
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Company Wrench is a heavy equipment dealer specializing in rental, sales, parts and service for the construction, demolition, scrap & recycling, and mining industries. Company Wrench has a wide selection of heavy equipment including: Komatsu and Kobelco excavators, Liugong wheel loaders, excavators, rollers, Laymor sweepers, Sany excavators, Gehl skid steers, track loaders, mini excavators, and articulated loaders, Dressta dozers, Terex dump trucks, Fuchs material handlers, Screen Machine crushers and screeners. They also have a huge attachment inventory including: LaBounty shears, grapples, processors, and pulverizers, Stanley hammers, Indeco hammers, Fuchs orange peel grapples, Anvil orange peel grapples and clam shell buckets, and Winkle magnets.
Company Wrench not only offers the lease, sale, and rental of various attachments and equipment, they also work with customers to implement new ideas to make the job more profitable and go more smoothly. These ideas come from C.W. Machine Worx, Company Wrench’s very own manufacturing branch. Its engineering and fabrication department has the experience, the latest in CAD software, and a 15,000-square-foot fabrication shop to provide the best conversion services and most innovative product designs in the heavy equipment industry. Some of their innovations include custom built High Reach machines that reach up to 95 feet, custom Long Reach machines, Dual Pin Booms-for extended reach, and patented or patent-pending items like the 2nd member hammer bracket, the CP100 Magnet Combo, and the HAWC and NEW Mini HAWC dust suppression machine.
The HAWC, or High-pressure Air Water Cannon, was designed and patented to provide large volumes of properly sized mist droplets, and to eject mist so as to cover very large areas or serve very large volumes, such as those presented in demolition operation wherein larger buildings are brought down and eject large volumes of particulate matter as they fall. In addition, it was designed to be able to direct and redirect misting fluids toward different areas or through different volumes with the option of varying heights at any given jobsite. The design also provides automatic and/or reciprocating sweep angles in the misting output. This reduces labor in applications where otherwise an operator would have to be on station to constantly vary the aim of the mist output. Another benefit to the design is the ability to vary the overall mist output and output throw distance depending upon the given application.
The Mini-HAWC, which was unveiled at ConExpo 2014, was designed using the new Cummins QSF2.8 Tier 4 Final diesel power unit. This new engine basically offers low emissions and fuel cost without sacrificing power. Even though this new HAWC unit is more compact, it still generates 30,000+ cfm’s and has of water throw of 200 feet. It also has a newly designed in-line filter and has an electronically controlled water shut-off system. This new version of the HAWC will be in production mid-year 2014.
The patented CP100 Magnet Combo is another unique attachment designed by C.W. Machine Worx that can crush concrete and sort rebar at the same time. See how this attachment can save time and money by watching the video located on Company Wrench’s website.
The new 2nd member hammer machine is a breakthrough in engineering and design in the world of heavy equipment. This newly engineered 2nd Member Hammer Bracket setup has the ability to mount a 16,000 lb/ft hammer on a 108,000 lb. machine, instead of using the same hammer on a 193,000 lb. machine. Renting this machine can save big money on fuel and transportation costs by using a smaller machine to run a larger attachment. There is also an actioned packed video of the 2nd member hammer machine at a demolition site in Carroll, Ohio.
Check out all of Company Wrench’s innovative product videos at or look at our website for the latest products for sale or rent!
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Put an end to old management practices and take full control of your construction fleet

GPS Insight is the leading technology supplier of GPS fleet and asset tracking software for construction businesses. We utilize high quality GPS hardware and add the technology, customization, and enhancements which construction companies demand. Using the GPS Insight Fleet & Asset Tracking Solution, companies realize a significant increase in efficiency, and gain insight into all aspects of their fleet operations. GPS Insight provides a highly flexible solution, which includes a wide range of customized reports, alerts, and other features that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and ensure maximum return on investment.
We give you the access to manage your mobile workforce like never before. You can track you vehicles and high value assets on one simple to use platform. You gain location intelligence, reduced fuel costs, improved maintenance scheduling and reporting, quick theft recovery, improved billing accuracy, and much more. This GPS tracking software will give you full control of your fleet operations.
Software Innovation
GPS Insight is an industry leader in software development. We are continually advancing our highly customizable and user-friendly software based on requests. There are many GPS tracking companies on the market, but none of them embrace customer requests the way GPS Insight does, and we were specifically founded on this idea.
Consultative Sales Approach
GPS Insight uses a consultative sales approach. We do not use pressure sales tactics to get your business. We understand that this is a significant investment that requires a full understanding of the benefits, features, and most importantly, the ROI. We take a consultative approach and will walk you through a free trial of our product so that you can see the value for yourself and we will help you to develop a business case for this technology. No competitor does this as well as we do.
Top Customer Service
Our customer service team is located in our Scottsdale, Arizona, headquarters and is available to customers 24/7/365. The customer service team is made up of product experts that are there to help with any questions or additional training needed.
Access Unlimited Historical Data
We keep all customer data indefinitely, which means that you can access any information about your vehicles as far back as the day the GPS devices were installed. We will always provide this data for free. Whether you ever need to defend a billing dispute or a citation, access documented employee driving behavior or comparative metrics, count on us to have it for you. Our competitors will charge you to access older data and will purge your data at some point.
Multiple Tracking Options
We can track all of your vehicles, no matter what type or class. We can also track your high value assets with a variety of options that fit your needs best. Most of our competitors have very limited device options.
Fast Return on Investment
GPS Insight strives to improve the lives of our 2,000 customers by offering a service which typically yields 500 percent or more ROI. By saving customers money by means of increased efficiency, fuel savings, risk reduction, and decreased labor fraud and theft, customers are able to see 100 percent ROI in as little as a few months. ■ • 866.477.4321
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Isuzu trucks provide economy and durability:
Isuzu’s LCF N-Series ECO-MAX diesel powertrain provides up to 20 percent* better fuel efficiency without the added cost of hybrid technologies
Isuzu’s class-leading diesel engines provide B10 service life durability of 310,000 miles Isuzu trucks provide support features that help reduce operating costs, improve performance, manage risk, and help protect your truck investment
*Better fuel efficiency than previous generation models
Isuzu trucks enhance versatility:
Isuzu diesel trucks have two engine options
Isuzu’s cab/chassis combinations offer standard 3-seat cabs or crew cabs with seating for a 7-person crew
Upfit applications accommodate vocational bodies up to 24 ft with the standard cab and 16 ft with crew-cab models
Isuzu trucks deliver performance:
Isuzu trucks provide the engine power options you need for GVW’s from 12,000 lbs. to 19,500 lbs.
The Isuzu N-Series features a Vortec™ gasoline engine is available with a CNG/LPG alternative fuel capable option
Available with a 3-person standard cab or 7-passenger crew-cab. GVW 12,000 lbs. Body payload allowance. Wheelbase 109-176 inches. 6.0 Vortex V8 gasoline engine, 297 hp @4,300 rpm, 372 lb/ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. 6L90 Hydra-Matic 6-speed automatic with double overdrive. The gas N-Series is the only gas powered LCF in the U.S. market.
Available with a 3-person standard cab or 7-passenger crew-cab. GVW 14,500 lbs. Body payload allowance. Wheelbase 109-176 inches. 6.0 Vortex V8 gasoline engine, 297 hp @4,300 rpm, 372 lb/ft of torque at 4,000 rpm. 6L90 Hydra-Matic 6-speed automatic with double overdrive. The Isuzu N-Series features a Vortec™ gasoline engine is available with a CNG/LPG alternative fuel capable option. The gas N-Series is the only gas powered LCF in the U.S. market.
GVW 12,000 lbs. Body payload allowance. Wheelbase 151 inches. Isuzu 3.0 (4JJ1-TC) turbocharged intercooled diesel engine, 150 hp @2,800 rpm, 282 lb/ft of torque at 1,600-2,800 rpm. Aisin A460 double overdrive 6-speed automatic transmission with lockup. Isuzu’s exclusive IDSS (Isuzu Diagnostic Service System) allows diesel-model owners to receive a detailed “Health Report” from Isuzu dealers on performance data.
GVW 12,000 lbs. Body payload allowance. Wheelbase 110-151 inches. Isuzu 3.0 (4JJ1-TC) turbocharged intercooled diesel engine, 150 hp @2,800 rpm, 282 lb/ft of torque at 1,600-2,800 rpm. Aisin A460 double overdrive 6-speed automatic transmission with lockup. All Isuzu diesel engines have a B10 life of 310,000 miles. Isuzu’s exclusive IDSS allows diesel-model owners to receive a detailed “Health Report” from Isuzu dealers on performance data. The new NPR ECO-MAX achieves up to 20 percent better fuel economy than the previous generation 12,000 lb.
2014 Isuzu NPR-HD
GVW 14,500 lbs. Body payload allowance. Wheelbase 109-176 inches. 5.2 Isuzu 4HK1-TC turbocharged intercooled diesel engine, 215 hp @ 2,500 rpm, 452 lb/ft of torque at 1,850 rpm. Aisin A465 6-speed double overdrive automatic transmission with lockup, torque convertor + PTO opening. Crew-cab option.
GVW 17,950 lbs. Body payload allowance. Wheelbase 109-200 inches. 5.2 Isuzu 4HK1-TC turbocharged intercooled diesel engine, 215 hp @ 2,500 rpm, 452 lb/ft of torque at 1,850 rpm. Aisin A465 6-speed double overdrive automatic transmission with lockup torque convertor + PTO opening. Crew-cab option.
GVW 19,500 lbs. Body payload allowance. Wheelbase 109-212 inches. 5.2 Isuzu 4HK1-TC turbocharged intercooled diesel engine, 215 hp @2,500 rpm, 452 lb/ft of torque at 1,850 rpm. Aisin A465 6-speed double overdrive automatic transmission with lockup torque convertor + PTO opening.
24 Months/60,000 Miles Covered Maintenance Program
All diesel vehicles sold between now and June 30, 2014, include the 24/60 Covered Maintenance Program. Isuzu will cover all factory recommended diesel maintenance for the first 24 months or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. What does this mean for you? Your daily operational costs will now decrease drastically and your truck will stay on the road delivering the unrivaled reliability that comes with an Isuzu truck purchase.
Vehicle Health Reports
All diesel vehicles come standard with a Data Recording Module (DRM) that monitors your truck’s performance and enables your Isuzu Dealer’s technicians to produce a speedy and accurate service diagnostic of important truck performance (fuel usage, baking history, distance traveled, engine cooling history, accelerator frequency, etc). Just another way Isuzu helps you reduce your operating costs, and increase your truck’s long-term residual value.
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With the Kodi Klip, you’ll get faster, safer, and more stable rebar connections, all for a lower total cost than other methods. The unique patented design is made from polycarbonate resin, the same material used in bulletproof glass. The klips will not rust, nor will they scratch or damage coated rebar and fiberglass reinforcing rods.

Time is money. Get more done with the same number of workers.
Bid out more jobs and get them done faster.

The versatility allows for cross, parallel, and vertical connections, and form spacers. Great for mats and cages. A secure four-way grip holds tight, which eliminates racking and creates a stable connection that maintains its shape. Lift mats and cages with ease. The klips snap into position and grip the rebar. The klips are also color-coded for each size. Bright colors simplify handling and inspection.
The applicator makes using the klips easy, taking just minutes to learn. The lightweight and compact design reduces worker fatigue. Quick loading with the collated klips is a plus.

  • SAVE TIME: The Kodi Klip System is significantly faster than wire tying. There has never been a faster way to connect rebar.
  • SAVE MONEY: Reduce risks of injuries to rod workers caused by cuts, bending, and repetitive motion; lower workers’compensation premiums. Cut costs by avoiding the expensive, higher-grade rebar required for welding.
  • PROMOTE HEALTH AND SAFETY: Reduce bruises from kneeling, back injuries from bending, cuts from wire, and burns from welding.

“I was working with my crew tying on a footing for what is now a Harley Davidson shop,” remembers Jon Kodi, a general contractor with 35 years in the construction business whose family built much of Palm Springs, California. At age 21, Jon was one of the youngest general contractors in that state. “There were two mats of rebar—big ones—120 feet right up against form boards. The conditions were miserable. As I watched my crew struggle, I remember thinking, ‘there has to be an easier way to do this.’”

The patented klip applicator tool runs on an air system as low as 65 psi.

If there was an easier way, no one had found it. Fastening rebar with wire ties—the preferred method for more than a century—had always been a time-consuming process that injured workers, created construction bottlenecks, and produced unstable and inconsistent connections. Generation after generation of inventors had tried to replace the outdated methods but none of the solutions caught on. Jon had tried them all. “The automated wire tie gun saved a little time but didn’t address worker injury or form stability,” says Jon. “In addition, the device was temperamental and expensive. Another company came out with a plastic clip that broke easily, had to be applied by hand and was easily pushed out of place during concrete pours.”
None of the new inventions seemed capable of withstanding the demands of real life construction, nor did they address any of the most pressing issues contractors faced. “I needed a solution that would help my crews to make consistent connections faster without the injuries,” Jon recalls.
With ingenuity and effort, the Kodi Klip was born.

Fast. Safe. Simple.

Jon sums it up this way: “Using wire when your competition is using the Kodi Klip™ System is like having your carpenters use hammers while competitors use nail guns. It’s like hiring five guys to break concrete with sledgehammers when your competitors are hiring one guy with an air compressor and jack hammer who can finish the job in 2 hours. It puts you at a distinct disadvantage.”
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Pro-Tec Equipment, a leading producer of trench shoring and shielding equipment introduces its line of lightweight Pipeline High Clearance Arches. Designed with pipeline crews and crews with smaller excavators in mind, the Pro-Tec Equipment lightweight Pipeline Arches provide exceptional vertical pipe clearance, while keeping the overall weight of the trench shield system to a minimum.
There are two different styles of the Pipeline High Clearance Arches to choose from; the first is designed to work with the Pro-Tec Equipment Pal-3 steel walled trench shields. These steel walled trench shields are 3-inches thick and offer an excellent depth rating, while maintaining an overall reasonable total trench shield weight, enabling them to work with smaller excavators. When paired with the Pipeline High Clearance Arches, the 8-foot-tall Pal-3 trench shields provide 72 inches of vertical pipe clearance and still allow for the use of a smaller excavator (11+ metric ton machine).

Able to provide underground contractors with a safe and secure work area,
without sacrificing project production.

The other style for the Pipeline High Clearance Arch is designed to work with both of our Aluminum trench shield systems; the ATS Series, a static Aluminum Trench Shield, and the MOD Series, a modular aluminum trench shield system utilizing 2-foot-tall panels that stack upon each other to build the desired system. When paired with the Aluminum High Clearance Arch, these two systems (the ATS Series and the MOD Series) provide up to 72 inches of vertical pipe clearance, while still allowing for crews to use lightweight excavators (under 10 metric tons) to move the system.
Both styles of the Pipeline High Clearance Arch offer a variety of bolt-on extensions that can provide up to 12 feet of inside working clearance (from sidewall of trench shield to sidewall of trench shield), ensuring that crews have enough working room complete the project.
The Pro-Brace Hydraulic Frame System from Pro-Tec Equipment is the only large sheeting and bracing system 100 percent designed and built in the U.S. The system consists of enclosed hydraulic rams and static extensions, which can be stacked and staged on top of each other during initial installation to help speed up installation time. Engineered to use a variety of sheet piles, the MD Brace is a cost saving system when compared to traditional weld and cut systems. It is designed for use on linear applications, bridge footings, pump stations, soil remediations, tank installations, and a myriad of other large projects.
Accompanying the Pro-Brace Hydraulic Frame System is the new 165 T Hydraulic Strut. The 165 T Hydraulic Strut, which combines the strength of steel with the adjustability of a hydraulic ram, when utilized with the Pro-Brace Hydraulic Frame System, is able to provide greater widths to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of jobsites.
The 165 T Hydraulic Strut with its 1.2-meter stroke and available static extensions enable the strut to easily adjust to fluctuations that may occur in the process of driving sheet pile, saving time and money when compared to traditional sheeting and framing projects. ■
For more information, contact Pro-Tec Equipment at 800.292.1225, or visit
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Marking 20 years of operation in 2014, Putzmeister America, Inc. is the North American division of one of the world’s most well-recognized and respected heavy equipment manufacturers, Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH. Known for quality, durability, and pioneering technological innovation in the concrete placing industry, Putzmeister is a global organization with manufacturing and sales operations worldwide. The company specializes in producing concrete and material placing equipment for the construction industry. In North America, Putzmeister includes management, sales, parts, and customer support staff at its headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Putzmeister Brazil Ltda, a subsidiary of Putzmeister America, provides new equipment, spare parts, after sales support, and operator and maintenance training, as well as refurbishment services of customer-owned equipment. Putzmeister America is committed to product quality, innovation, and service excellence—hallmarks of its parent company.
Putzmeister delivers one of the most advanced boom pump product lines in the industry. Encompassing models ranging from the world’s largest semi-trailer-mounted concrete boom pump, the 70Z-Meter, to our compact 20Z-Meter, Putzmeister has the products to meet customers’ needs. These technically advanced boom pumps are the only units on the market providing the choice of high output or high pressure. So whether operators need muscle to place concrete on top of a high-rise or to place large volumes of concrete for slab or mat pours, they can count on Putzmeister. Only Putzmeister gives operators the choice to place concrete with a telescopic belt conveyor. Putzmeister’s line of Telebelts® ranging from the TB 110 to the TB 200 with truck, semi-trailer, tower, and crane chassis mounting configurations, gives operators the flexibility to easily switch from placing concrete to rock, stone, gravel, or backfill. They handle concrete mixes with any size slump and materials ranging from sand to 6-inch aggregate. Putzmeister delivers new innovations in ready mix trucks with the introduction of our Pro Series standard and Bridge Maxx Series booster axle concrete mixers. Durable for years of reliable performance and easy to use and service, these units offer high payloads and productivity and reliable controls with redundant backups to ensure payload delivery. Optional Ergonic® Mix Control (EMC) is fully programmable to seamlessly balance engine speed and hydraulic pump output to achieve optimum drum speed, reducing drum wear and saving fuel. Minimum and maximum drum speeds are programmable to batch plant preference. The customer selects the drum speed and EMC does the rest, eliminating guesswork.
To place concrete on high-rise structures or for industrial applications, Putzmeister placing booms and BSA high pressure trailer pumps are the solution. Showcasing the power behind our BSA 14000 SHP-D pump, Putzmeister set a world record concrete conveying height of 1,988 feet on the Burj Kahlifa in April 2008. The company produces a line of concrete placing booms that universally connect to multiple Putzmeister tower designs and don’t require a counterweight. Putzmeister’s five-section MX 43/47 Z-Fold placing boom is the largest placing boom in the industry that does not require a counterweight.
Putzmeister’s trailer-mounted pumps are rugged, compact, and reliable. Designed for dozens of commercial, industrial, and residential pumping applications that don’t require a boom, Putzmeister’s line of Thom-Katt® units are also ideal for grout, shotcrete, and concrete applications.
Putzmeister understands that time is money in the field. Count on our 24/7 Customer Support Group to provide the parts and expertise needed to keep your projects on schedule.
We have dedicated parts and service teams assigned to serve North America , Latin America, and the Caribbean. Each regionally dedicated service team understands the unique equipment needs relative to the local conditions in which the customer operates.
Regional customer support, parts, warranty, and repair work are also handled at the Putzmeister West Coast Customer Support Center in Santa Fe Springs, California. The company’s Pro-Tech Equipment Center, also in Sturtevant, focuses solely on pre-owned and renewed equipment, while the Midwest Repair & Service Center located in the same facility provides repair and maintenance work on all product lines for customers within the midwestern United States.
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DEF Made Easy

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is not like other fuels and fluids. It is easily contaminated and freezes at 12 degrees F (-10 degrees C). This can create some challenges for those responsible for maintaining off-road machinery.
The Risks of Contamination
New high horsepower diesel engines are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to meet the EPA’s Tier 4F emissions standards. The process involves injecting DEF into diesel engine exhaust, producing a chemical reaction to reduce the levels of nitrogen oxide. In order for this to occur effectively, it is imperative that the DEF is as pure as when it arrived from your bulk supplier.
DEF is easily contaminated. A system using contaminated DEF will consume more of the fluid and be less effective at lowering emissions from the exhaust. Contamination poses further risk to your operation. It begins to collect on the catalyst and, over time, this can cause the SCR system to malfunction. The engine will shut down, leaving your team idle on the jobsite. It may damage your machinery too, and a manufacturer could opt to void the warranty if it’s tied back to contaminated DEF.
How to Prevent Contamination
Preventing contamination takes a three-step approach:

  1. Use a container made specifically for handling DEF. DEF can be contaminated when it comes into direct contact with trace amounts of many common metals. Make sure that all containers and pumping systems are made with only approved materials, like stainless steel and certain plastics, as outlined in the ISO 22241 standard.
  2. Maintain a clean, closed path for fluid transfer. It’s not only important that containers and pumping systems are manufactured with the appropriate materials, it’s also imperative that they are rinsed and sealed properly and then remain closed to protect the purity of the fluid.
  3. Keep your workspace clean. Dirt and debris near the DEF fill port can also lead to contamination.

Thunder Creek Equipment has developed a variety of solutions for delivering DEF to off-road machinery. Each is built in accordance with the ISO standard, using the approved materials and rinsed and sealed properly.
Each is equipped with Thunder Creek’s patent-pending two-in-one DEF pumping system. It draws fluid into the trailer from your bulk DEF supply, transport it to the jobsite and dispense into off-road machinery. All of this is accomplished in a closed path, to ensure the purity of the fluid is maintained.
DEF and Freezing
DEF freezes at 12 degrees F (-10 degrees C). Freezing doesn’t compromise the integrity of the fluid. As long as it warmed at temperatures not exceeding 86 degrees F (30 degrees C), it can be used as soon as it’s thawed. The concern with freezing is that DEF expands by approximately 7 percent when frozen. Its simple physics then, that frozen DEF could cause a fully-filled, closed container to burst.
Heating options are available on all Thunder Creek solutions, safeguarding your equipment in colder climates.
More Resources
To learn more about properly handing diesel exhaust fluid, and the solutions available from Thunder Creek, visit, or call 800.653.0684. ■
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Quantum Imager Adds Depth, Resolution to Locating Technology

US Radar, Inc., a leading manufacturer of subsurface imaging systems, introduces the Quantum Imager™, the world’s first ground-penetrating radar system to use triple-frequency radar technology for locating and imaging objects at greater depths and with higher resolution than competitive single- or dual-frequency systems.
The Quantum Imager excels in a wide variety of applications, from bridge deck analysis to locating and imaging utilities at depths up to 30 feet—twice the depth limit of dual-frequency systems and three times that of single-frequency units. Patent-pending technology in the Quantum Imager applies ultra-wideband pulses that combine the advantages of pulse radar and stepped frequency radar. The system is especially effective in locating objects, such as conduit and rebar, and rendering high-resolution imagery of those objects.
“New direct radio frequency sampling technology used in the Quantum Imager creates clearer, easier-to-understand images than previously possible with older radar technologies. The combined technologies of the Quantum Imager define a new state of the art in ground-penetrating radar systems,” says Ron Labarca, president of US Radar.
The four-wheeled, walk-behind Quantum Imager incorporates a Panasonic Toughpad tablet computer that enables the operator to run a suite of Windows-based applications, including GPS, 3D imaging, Google Earth integration, and report generation. The tablet computer features a 10.1-in., high-definition screen, readable in all lighting conditions, and incorporates connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional 3G and 4G direct Internet service.
US Radar is a manufacturer of ground-penetrating radar systems. The company’s Seeker SPR technology was first developed in the 1980s to locate plastic landmines. It helped reduce the risk of locating these dangerous, time-delayed bombs through rubble and in the ground. After performing admirably, commercial versions of the technology were developed in 1990, incorporating improvements that made it more user-friendly to the private sector and accessible to the masses. US Radar, Inc. was formed in 1994 to promote the Seeker SPR technology, determine and test new applications, and identify product improvements. US Radar is an independent company with manufacturing and engineering based completely in New Jersey. US Radar also has worldwide marketing and customer support through a combination of independent distributors and direct representatives. For more information, visit ■
Quantum Imager is a trademark of
US Radar, Inc.

New direct radio frequency sampling technology used in the Quantum Imager
creates clearer, easier-to-understand images than previously possible
with older radar technologies

[accordion_item title =”Viewpoint Construction Software”]

Innovating Ideas, Blazing Trails

When two innovating and long-standing leaders in the construction technology landscape become one powerful force, it makes a splash! The excitement rippled through ConExpo when Viewpoint Construction Software, which recently acquired Maxwell Systems, made its now unified presence at the busy show full of inquiring minds.
Why such curiosity? Because this makes Viewpoint one of the most comprehensive construction-specific software publishers in the world. The Viewpoint organization now employs nearly 700 people and will serve more than 8,000 customers worldwide, providing solutions that address all points of the construction lifecycle from estimating and preconstruction to service maintenance. No other company can be this kind of technology partner!
In fact, we are proud to say that Viewpoint customers include more than 30 percent of the ENR 400 and we have the most technology partnerships with the top 50 mechanical and electrical contractors in the U.S. We serve as the technology partner of choice to the construction industry and deliver the right solutions on the right platform.
The Viewpoint family of products is expanding to be a full breadth of solutions that can best serve contractors today and for many years to come. The company is also uncovering ways to have a lasting and positive impact on the industry at-large. Customers can be confident they are partnered with a company they can trust and that’s well positioned to be a strategic technology partner committed to delivering a return on their software investment and for their long-term profitable growth.
Contractors can now rely on Viewpoint for a full line of estimating products for heavy civil, general contractors and specialty trades, as well as ProContractor by Viewpoint as an all-in-one, single software solution that brings together estimating, project management, and accounting. ProContractor is flexible and scalable and delivers end-to-end control of business, projects, financials, and more for best productivity and profitability.
These additions complement Viewpoint’s solutions for BIM, Collaboration, Mobile, and Content Management. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is revolutionizing the delivery of construction projects and the collaboration process. It allows an entirely seamless process in project execution, increases efficiency, and improves productivity. And to accommodate the needs of often dispersed and on-the-move team members, construction businesses are swiftly employing mobile technology to more easily keep those in the field in-step with those in the office.
Enabling better efficiency and accuracy, mobile technologies help construction firms more quickly realize revenue and increase profitability on every job. Devices like the iPad have given contractors a true competitive edge with timely access to business-critical data and documents. By gaining decision-making power in real time anywhere, owners and project leaders stay informed and connected, and ultimately, businesses can drive down costs, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Viewpoint is transforming the construction technology landscape.

Furthermore, Viewpoint understands that the most valuable construction software provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use method to manage the creation, routing, revision, approval, and centralized organization of electronic documents. Doing so, contractors can minimize risk, gain peace of mind, and simplify collaboration and accountability.
To continue innovating products and ideas to be the company that contractors seek out, trust, and collaborate with, Viewpoint has developed an entrepreneurial environment that promotes new and novel business concepts that can be seeded and executed upon. By establishing the Viewpoint Business Incubator, the company passionately leads an initiative into new products, services, and businesses. Its mission is to be recognized as an innovative company, to enhance recruitment of talented employees, to attract customers that want to partner with a company investing in the future, and to enhance the value as a public company.
Moving forward, in all things, Viewpoint is committed to bringing more value to the industry, as a technology partner that contractors trust and rely on for innovation and collaboration and will continue to leverage its long-standing focus on exceeding the expectations of contractors. ■
Learn more at, or call 800.333.3197.
[accordion_item title =”Alpine Equipment”]

Alpine Equipment is the industry leader in hydraulic rock and concrete grinder attachments and soil remediation equipment with more than 40 years of expertise in North America. Our customers range from owner-operators to the largest tunneling firms. Alpine supplies attachments for construction, demolition, excavation, scaling, trenching, mining, and tunneling. The rotary cutter heads come in a range of sizes to fit on skid steer loaders, backhoes, and excavators or any equipment with a hydraulic circuit. With a range of options and customizations, we can get you working more efficiently and with more precision than your current tools. Many of our customers are using the cutter head for concrete scaling projects for highway rehab or shotcrete cleanup.
The power, flexibility, and precision of the Alpine RockWheel concrete
grinder enable this as a highly useful tool in a variety of jobs.

Visit our website to learn more about Alpine’s new line of attachments: RockWheel. These German-made attachments offer a broader range of sizes for large and small jobs, making virtually any size skid steer, backhoe, or excavator a rock and concrete cutting machine. The new axial-drum trenching RockWheel is an innovative solution for vertical-wall trenching in hard rock. These tools, available for purchase or rent, will accelerate project efficiency by providing precise, powerful rock and concrete cutting. ■
Visit us:
[accordion_item title =”BCT Benefits”]
Builders and Contractors Trust (BCT) is a sponsor of tax-advantaged Supplemental Unemployment Benefits (SUB), which help our members comply with prevailing wage laws in the most favorable manner. We help make it possible for prevailing wage work to be more profitable for you and rewarding for your workers.

A Bona Fide Fringe Benefit for Prevailing Wage Jobs

When bidding on government construction contracts which fall under the Davis-Bacon Act, you must comply with the stated prevailing wage determination. This means that when your employees’ compensation package falls short of the stated prevailing wages and fringe benefits of laborers employed on similar projects in the area, you need to make up the difference. While this is only fair to your employees, making it up in cash wages eats into your profit.
BCT allows you to take the difference between the stated prevailing wages/fringe benefits and your employees’ total compensation package and pay it to a supplemental unemployment benefit plan (SUB) instead of in additional hourly pay. Your employees’ benefits are invested into an interest bearing money market account and treated as a fringe benefit. Employees are eligible to use their benefits during periods of unemployment, and these benefits do not usually impact their rights to receive state unemployment benefits.
The result is two-fold…
As a bona fide fringe benefit the payment is designed to minimize extra labor burden and taxes.
Your hourly employees continue to get paid when they are not employed, or during periods of interrupted work.
BCT understands the business of government contracting and importance of providing a robust unemployment plan and construction benefit package for the laborers who work so hard on prevailing wage jobs. ■

Learn more about our service, and how BCT can demonstrate cost savings that will work for your business.

Call 877-WAGE-BCT for your personalized cost savings today.
[accordion_item title =”Chance®”]
Combination Helical Cast Transisions
Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) is the world’s leading helical anchoring manufacturer for products used in the civil construction, deep foundation, electric utility, oil/gas, railroad, and renewable energy markets.
The CHANCE® Helical Cast Transition adapts a Square Shaft (SS) helical lead section to a Round Shaft (RS) extension. This combination transition is used mainly in compression applications in areas where soft/loose soils are located above hard/dense soils. The Type RS material less susceptible to buckling, provides greater lateral capacity, and greater moment capacity than Type SS material. The SS lead will allow better penetration on the helices into hard/dense material than RS. SS also reduces the occurrence of “spin-out” (loss of thrust of helices).

  • Tapered design allows for smoother transition
  • Reduced installing time (no tool change)
  • Transition matches torque and compression capacity of respective shafts
  • Standard hardware with SS extensions
  • Faster lead time and availability of SS
  • Meet project specifications with RS & SS
  • Spin-Out prevention

Contact your local CHANCE Distributor to learn more about the CHANCE Helical Cast Transition and how it can save you time and money on your next project. ■
Call: 855.477.2121 or email
The design should be prepared by a Registered Professional Engineer.
[accordion_item title =”Dump-Lok”]
Dump Truck Bed Safety Device System
Each year, serious injuries and fatalities occur when unsecured, or improperly secured, dump beds fall while workers are performing truck maintenance. WorkSafe USA, Inc. is proud to present the patented Dump-Lok dump truck and dump trailer safety support device.
Dump-Lok has been independently tested by the Structures and Materials Testing Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to support a massive 50,000 lb (pairs). Dump-Lok is an engineering breakthrough in workplace safety. The patented Dump-Lok steel braces lock your truck’s dump bed in the raised position, preventing it from falling in cases of system failure or operator error. Plus, Dump-Lok safely holds dump boxes at angles higher than most manufacturer body props, giving workers safe access to more areas underneath the dump bed.
OSHA has issued citations to employers for failing to provide lockout procedures while employees were working under the dump body of dump trucks. OSHA recognizes the hazard of unsecured dump beds, and has recommended using an alternative “truck bed brace bracket.” (OSHA SHIB 09-18-2006)
Dump-Lok Specifications
Overall Height – 21 in.
Overall Width – 5.25 in.
Overall Length – 12.75 in.
Weight  –  37.5 lbs.
Maximum Capacity (Pairs) – 50,000 lbs.
The Dump-Lok steel braces are sold exclusively in pairs and are strictly intended to be used as a pair.
Dump-Lok can be used universally on any brand of dump box. All Dump-Lok products are equipped with high-grade, high tensile steel safety chains to further ensure safe repairs.
Dump-Lok model # DL105 steel braces fit up to a 4.4375-inch flange—the standard dump truck flange is 3.5 inches. Dump-Lok is designed with easy to grip handles, making each steel brace easy to carry and easy to install between the truck frame and dump box.
Dump-Lok model # DL106 steel braces fit up to a 6-inch flange. Both Dump-Lok models may be fitted with the optional Flat Tops for use with offset frame beds and trailers. ■
The Dump-Lok safety support device is protected under U.S. Patent # 6905174.
[accordion_item title =”Express Blower, INC.”]

When you work with Express Blower, Inc., you are working with the people who know blower trucks and their markets best. We are the inventor,
the innovator, the standard.

More than 50 years ago, we had a vision to create pneumatic blowing equipment that would allow for the profitable and efficient application of a variety of materials including soil blends, composts, aggregates, and mulch. Express Blower, Inc. is now the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of equipment that provides material installation in many industries, including erosion control, green roofs, and landscape.
With an Express Blower’s productivity, you will increase the speed and efficiency of each job, enabling you to complete and bill more jobs. And with its advanced capabilities, you’ll extend your season and be able to enter new markets.
Express Blower equipment models are configured as either fully integrated chassis and box units or as completely self-contained boxes ready to be truck or trailer mounted. Our patented feed system became standard only after years of experience proved this system more durable and dependable than other designs. Other standard features include a computerized control package; remote radio control; solid belt floor design and reversible pressure sensitive augers that move material consistently without bridging and also prevent loss of material; hydraulic tailgate for easy bulk offloading; dust suppression system, and safety shutdown systems.
With the exclusive and patented Supplemental Injection System available on all Express Blower equipment, Terraseeding® becomes the most effective seeding process available today. Terraseeding is the calibrated injection of seed into compost, mulch, or soil mix as the material is blown in place. Use for new turf installation, renovation, or erosion control blankets/berms and experience faster and more uniform seed germination. ■
[accordion_item title =”Lura Enterprises”]

If your screed can’t do every type of pour out there, you have the wrong screed!

The Lightning Strike Roller Screed System is able to take on the toughest concrete jobs you have to offer, with versatility unparalleled in the concrete industry. Try all other screeds on the market today, but before you buy, ask your local equipment dealer for a demonstration and see why thousands of contractors around the country have the Lura Lightning Strike ADVANTAGE!

  • Patented tube coupling system means you need fewer tubes to do a larger variety of jobs.
  • Patented Riser Wheels: These protect your investment when running on hard concrete.
  • Precision tubes that will deliver high FF/FL every time.
  • Adjustable Curb Runner speeds up your setup.
  • Wet Screed Shoe works particularly well on Slopes and Pervious concrete.
  • Patented Center Pivot for a quick setup on circular pour.
  • Designed to reduce injuries and at the same time increase your productivity.

When you add up all of these advantages, there is only one clear choice—the LURA LIGHTNING STRIKE ROLLER SCREED SYSTEM. Bring us your challenging jobs; we will help create a profitable solution. ■

We specialize in making you more money.

[accordion_item title =”Mobile Barriers MBT-1″]

Highly Mobile, Integrated Protection for Short Term Work Zones

Called the “perfect tool” for various types of road, bridge, and tunnel work, the award winning Mobile Barriers MBT-1 is receiving increasing accolades for improving worker safety and efficiency, while also helping to improve the safety and mobility of passing traffic in and around temporary work zones. With 5-foot-high walls and integrated power, lighting, signage, and TMA, the barrier can be driven to site with no special setup. The barrier’s storage areas and surface decks can be used to carry tools, equipment, materials, and supplies to and from the jobsite. 30-foot cranes and scissor lifts are two of the newer options which can be added to assist crews.
The MBT-1 has proven particularly efficient for various types of work where protection has not traditionally been practical and where setup/breakdown has sometimes taken longer than the work itself. In some contexts, crews are doing in one night what had otherwise taken three to five.
In the DC area, crews have cut the time for certain types of ongoing work by 66 percent, with better response times and productivity. In Colorado, crews have replaced 42 sticks of guardrail in the time it normally takes to do 6 to 8 (one night). On Staten Island, they replaced bridge rail in half the anticipated time. In each case, the barrier is simply driven to site, and from site to site, as needed.
These and other projects such as chip seal, pothole repairs, slab replacement, ITS installations, and maintenance, as well as bridge and tunnel work (bridge joint, bridge deck, tunnel maintenance and repairs), often involve discrete work areas and multiple locations in a given day or night. For such work, the barrier is particularly useful … and what has been called “cheap insurance.”
The barrier has stopped a direct rear impact without damage (only the TMA needed be replaced). On two occasions, the MBT-1 has turned and safely redirected semi trucks with only nominal damage (pictures on the MBT-1 website). ■
[accordion_item title =”MultiVibe”]
JLin Corporation DBA Multivibe has been serving the concrete industry with quality products since 2000. Based on a construction background, Multivibe has become a leader in creation of new and innovative equipment for the concrete contractor.
The most recent addition to the Multivibe brand is the PT300 Power Tamp. This equipment is fast becoming the most wanted product for those contractors who specialize in stamped concrete. Creating a quality job with less worker fatigue, the PT300 Power Tamp is also very economical. Whether it’s textured skins, pavers, or cobblestone, this equipment should be your next purchase.
Multivibe also offers roller screeds. This is the equipment of choice for placing pervious concrete. The Multivibe line includes three gas-powered and one electric roller screed for jobs up to 30 feet in width. Complete pervious packages are available, which include the roller tubes (4 inch and 6 inch) and cross compaction roller and grooving roller. Multivibe welcomes special custom requests for specific job requirements.

Look to Multivibe for all your concrete equipment needs.

Multivibe leads the industry with the two-handled, gas-powered vibratory screed. The Power Rod 100 is lightweight, easy to use, and will vibrate a 20-foot screed bar. Attaching two Power Rod 100 machines to a 24-foot screed bar allows the contractor to wet screed a very large area in less time, with less labor, and achieve a high-quality job at a very reasonable price. Two styles of screed bars are available and NO tools are required for assembly. An electric model is available for those jobs not permitting the use of gas-powered equipment.
The Hummer line of wall vibrators has both shoulder strap and harness options. Both 1-inch and 2-inch vibrator heads are available, as well as rubber coated. For extended reach, the Hummer Fishing Pole Vibrator is a preferred choice. Electric option is a consideration on the standard vibrator.
Look to Multivibe for all your concrete equipment needs. Whether the job is only a small backyard project or a multimillion dollar venture, Multivibe can provide the best equipment at the best price for your job requirements. Call 877.220.6652, or visit ■
[accordion_item title =”OZtec Industries”]

Industry Leader in Concrete Vibrating Products & Technology

The patented Oztec RubberHead®, originally developed to protect epoxy coated rebar displayed other significant advantages. The RubberHead was designed with large openings which allow wet concrete to cool the inner shell while also acting as suction cups keeping the concrete in contact with the entire length of the vibrator head. The RubberHead generates uniform vibrations from its entire length eliminating voids and producing a better cosmetic finish. The product is available in eight sizes including one designed for slabs.
The Oztec BP-50a gas powered backpack has evolved into one of the most rugged and reliable units on the market. Equipped with a dependable Honda engine and coupled to our “speed-up” transmission, vibrator heads develop 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000 vpm even in the heaviest low slump concrete loads. Another feature of the BP-50a is a patented and totally enclosed rotary throttle which prevents wet cement from clogging the mechanism. The rotary throttle has been specifically designed and engineered to eliminate the operator’s variable setting of the engine speed. This feature will ensure that the unit will consistently produce the proper vibrations per minute resulting in optimum concrete consolidation. A clog-preventing kill switch is also conveniently located on the same handle.
Another revolutionary product and concept is the Oztec RebarShaker®. The RebarShaker turns the entire length of rebar into a vibrator and consolidates concrete in both walls and columns better than any other method while ensuring a void free result. The RebarShaker simply slipped over the top of the rebar, vibrates and consolidates grout in 5 to 7 seconds, eliminating mess and substantially cutting work time and cleanup. ■
[accordion_item title =”Paladin Attachments”]
Traditionally, anyone performing material handling jobs has been required to purchase several purpose-built attachments to handle the many types of materials encountered. Managing pallets and hardscape materials requires a set of pallet forks. Handling brush and other vegetation debris requires a brush grapple. Large hay bales require specialized attachments as well. Large boulders, cut stone blocks, and other objects like metal cylinders present a particular challenge due their curved and/or irregular surfaces.
If you must purchase just two or more of these attachments to handle the large variety of material handling jobs, you can easily spend more than $7,000 on average on the required equipment. What if you could purchase just one attachment to perform all of these material handling jobs? Say hello to the new Bradco Quik Pik™ Multi-Purpose Grapple for Skid Steer Loaders. This unique, patented, and versatile attachment is the multi-tool of material handling. The Quik Pik™ is the only attachment versatile enough to manage brush, logs, hay bales, rocks, pipe/culverts, as well as standard pallet jobs. The base unit with its patented dual hydraulic boom and curved tines allow safe handling of materials such as hay bales, metal cylinders, boulders, culverts, etc. Additional stability is provided because the boom also features articulated curved tines that wrap around and against irregular-shaped objects and loads.
Combine the base unit with the optional fork tines and/or brush rake and you have the material handling capability of multiple attachments such as pallet forks, brush grapples, bale spikes, manure forks, and log grapples all in one multi-purpose attachment that provides the most efficient, cost-effective, and productive solution for farmers, ranchers, construction contractors, landscapers, land managers, and anyone with material handling challenges. There is no other attachment of this kind anywhere. To learn more about the new Bradco Quik Pik™ Multi-Purpose Grapple and other Paladin brand products for vegetation management and specialized material handling, call 800.456.7100; email; or visit ■
[accordion_item title =”Poseidon Barge”]
Poseidon Barge introduced the P10, a 10’ tall Portable Sectional Barge at the ConExpo. The P10 barge provides the mobility of a sectional barge with the strength and size of a deck barge. The P10 barge comes in two sizes, 44’ x 11’ x 10’ tall units and 22’ x 11’ x 10’ units. Two sizes allow for multiple configurations with offsetting the seams for additional platform strength and versatility. The P10 44’ barge will float 68 tons deadweight at 6’ draft.
Like all of the barges fabricated by Poseidon, the P10 boasts a 30,000 lb per square foot point load capacity deck using a patented roll form deck material. Each barge also includes a deck hatch and a single pick lifting shackle in the top center. The interior is coated with a vegetable oil base bio-float material to guard against interior corrosion; the exterior is coated with a patented Baril marine grade paint, along with countersunk zinc anodes to protect against electrolysis.
Additional strength in the barge is derived by adding more side and corner bracing to assist with controlling denting caused by the push knees on the tugboats and other crafts hitting the sides and corners of the barges.
Poseidon Barge offers regional sales support to assist with project planning and implementation. Poseidon has distribution locations throughout the U.S. Additionally, Poseidon’s sales and engineering staff can evaluate barge configurations and barge loads to assure adequate buoyancy for your equipment.
Poseidon Barge started fabricating Poseidon Sectional Barges back in 1998. Bridge contractors expressed a need for additional barges in the industry. The Poseidon Barge brand was started and since that time, we have fabricated 3’2” high lightweight barges, 4’ high, 5’ high, 7’ high, and now 10’ high barges. In addition to portable sectional barges, Poseidon also offers spud winches, wood mats, and pusher units.
Contact Poseidon Barge for pricing and availability toll free at 866.992.2743 or 866.99.BARGE. You can find more information at, FaceBook, and LinkedIn. ■
[accordion_item title =”Shark Pressure Washers”]


Shark, a division of the largest manufacturer of pressure washers, is producing factory designed, manufactured, and certified trailer units for construction and mining markets. Trailer-mounted pressure washers with self-contained water tanks are a popular cleaning tool for any on-site cleaning jobs where a water source is not available. Typical users are construction companies, oil field operations, mines, and municipalities.
Assembled and stocked in Shark’s West Coast factory, these trailers can be shipped fast and inexpensively anywhere in North America (also crated for export). Sold on a factory direct basis, these units are used for cleaning construction and other heavy equipment where water supply is not always available. The hot water pressure washer produces up to 200 degree F water to cut the heaviest greases, oil, and dirt (steam capability standard). The machine is built to UL safety standards.
The machines are shipped fully assembled and packed in a wood crate. Once the hoses are attached and fuel is added, the pressure washer is ready to go. With 3500 psi performance, the Shark trailer-mounted pressure washer will tackle the dirtiest equipment, quickly and efficiently. And, with full portablity, you can take it to where the dirt is.
Standard features of the TRS-2500 standard trailer package:

  • High-density, 200-gallon white polyethylene water tank
  • 4.7 gpm @ 3500 psi hot water pressure washer skid with electric start and generator (battery installed)
  • Includes high-pressure and low-pressure hose reels, 2 saddle boxes and rock guard
  • Cool bypass allows extended run times by circulating water back through the tank
  • 39-inch tongue with swing-away hinge for easy storage ■

800.771.1881 •
[accordion_item title =”Law Office of Adele L. Abrams PC”]
The Law Office of Adele L. Abrams PC is a full-service law firm and safety/health consulting business that represents employers and contractors nationwide in OSHA and MSHA litigation. If you are cited by a federal safety agencies, their skilled attorneys (who are also safety professionals) will evaluate the citations, represent you in informal settlement discussions, and if necessary handle formal litigation. They are also able to provide advice on abatement of hazardous conditions and development of settlement terms that can reduce fines and improve safety performance. The Law Office also defends employers in whistleblower actions, under the OSH Act, Mine Act, a dozen environmental laws, and even laws protecting commercial drivers. The Law Office also provides live and web-based training on subjects including management of inspections and accident investigations. They also perform safety and health audits that can be protected under attorney/client privilege. They can also help develop or improve written safety and health programs, policies and work practices. ■


[accordion_item title =”Carnie Cap™”]
The Carnie Cap™ impalement protection system allows you to use only two or three rebar caps per each 8-foot section, and holds 2×4 or 2×6 lumber in place above the protruding rebar for excellent impalement protection. The system works well because at impact, the rebar is absorbed directly into the lumber rather than deflected off to the side where impalement can still occur.

Carnie Caps are 100-percent recyclable AND MADE IN THE USA.

Carnie Caps can be used in horizontal, vertical and incline applications. The caps are fast and easy to use, and due to their innovative design, the caps rarely fall off, saving additional time and labor costs.
Carnie Cap now carries other USA-made concrete products, such as rebar supports, mesh supports, double tee accessories, coil protectors, safety stanchion holders and stanchions, all at competitive prices. ■
Visit for further information and see other innovative products offered by Carnie Cap, Inc.
[accordion_item title =”Casella”]


Casella, part of IDEAL Industries, manufactures simple-to-use, rugged Sound Level Meters, Noise Dosimeters, and Dust Samplers for the construction and demolition industries.
The CEL-712 Real Time Dust Monitor is a small hand-held portable dust and aerosol monitor that displays real-time dust concentration on its high contrast color LCD. Recent focus by OSHA on silica exposure, noise, and other airborne contaminants makes the introduction of the new CEL-712 especially important for engineering and construction firms. A significant improvement over earlier technologies that were bulky, difficult to use and impossible to calibrate in the field; its datalogging, wide range, and rugged construction makes it ideal for monitoring on-site.
Also available: Permanent Boundary Monitoring systems for continuous measurement of noise, dust, and other environmental or community concerns. ■
[accordion_item title =”CFA Software”]
CFA Software has been providing equipment fleets of all sizes with maintenance and inventory software applications and reporting services since 1969.

  • Flexible configuration allows you to customize to suit your operational needs.
  • User-friendly interfaces.
  • Improves communication with Fleet Services.
  • Learn the Total Cost, Repair Costs, Fuel Costs, Overhead Costs, Cost-per-mile, Cost-per-hour, and Fuel Economy for each piece of equipment.
  • Setup PM Schedules that will eliminate maintenance-related break-downs and road calls.
  • Eliminate unnecessary phone calls, emails, and tiny pieces of paper to denoting what needs to be done.
  • Increase productivity of shop personnel through planning and projecting repair jobs and maintaining inventory quantities.
  • Go paperless and eliminate grease smudged repair orders.
  • View repairs assigned to each mechanic.
  • Touchscreen and bar code compatible.
  • Review repair and parts history quickly without going to a file cabinet.
  • Capture mechanic labor hours via time-clock feature.
  • Email notification when service is complete. ■

[accordion_item title =”Clean Seal, INC.”]
Clean Seal, Inc. has your solution when it comes to custom, dense rubber products. Dense is great for heavy-duty applications. Choosing the right product is important in proper seal, hose, and gasket design on a heavy-duty application.
If your application requires you to staple, screw, or in some way fasten that may promote tears, the use of a dense rubber product from Clean Seal is needed.
If your product requires the use of heavier than average doors, lids, windows, or other accessories, then a dense product from Clean Seal, Inc. will fit your needs perfectly. The solid rubber construction of dense products also assists in abrasion and tear resistance.
Our extensive product line includes extruded rubber, grip seals, trim seals, trim moldings, automotive hose, EHPA hose protection parts, extruded plastics parts, and EMI shielding. We also have a variety of secondary operations to make the application of your part easier. Examples include: die cutting, cutting and notching, cut to length, and splicing (hot and cold). ■
For more information, call 800.366.3682, or visit
[accordion_item title =”Curbroller”]

The best concrete curb machine
on the market.

In today’s competitive market, contractors are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and improve their bottom line. CurbRoller Manufacturing LLC is providing just that with CurbRoller.
Using the CurbRoller gives contractors a competitive advantage, reducing overhead, minimizing labor, and improving the overall quality of the finished product. The CurbRoller is designed to meet the needs of every contractor, from your three-man crews all the way up to large commercial contractors.
With its innovative design, the CurbRoller is the roller screed that anyone can operate. Its form guarantees a uniform, smooth curb shape every time without the need of an experienced operator. Weighing only around 160 lbs, the CurbRoller is easy to maneuver, hydraulically driven, and easy to transport. We utilize a simple rugged design that requires little to no training. ■
For more information, visit, or call us today at 785.284.0475.
[accordion_item title =”DMK, INC.”]
DMK Inc., located in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, has been a proven pioneer in the design of new lighting technologies for Off-Highway work lights. We offer a complete range of LED, HID, and Halogen lighting products to handle the severe conditions common to off-road applications.

When downtime isn’t an option!

DMK’s products are the preferred choice of many off-highway OEMs in the Construction, Agricultural, Mining, Forestry, Material, and Industrial Handling industries.
DMK’s lights are designed to excel in the most difficult conditions often experienced in the construction environment. DMK is committed to product quality, customer service, business integrity, and providing value to our customers. ■

Look to DMK for all your lighting needs.

Contact our staff today at 715.344.8600, or visit
[accordion_item title =”Felling Trailers”]
Felling Trailers released another option on its drop deck trailers, including its IT-I series. Center chain slots are now an option on the drop deck trailer models and are ideal for securing scissor lifts and other general cargo. ■
For more information, contact 800.245.2809,, or visit
Follow us on Twitter (@FellingTrailers), Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (Felling Trailers, Inc.).
[accordion_item title =”Headwater Resources”]
Power plants that burn coal account for more than half of the electricity produced in the United States. These power plants also produce coal combustion by-products (CCBs), like fly ash, bottom ash, and FGD gypsum. Fly ash is most commonly used as a replacement for portland cement in concrete, but CCBs are also used as ingredients in wallboard, mortars, stuccos, blocks, bricks, shingles, and a variety of other building materials.

Delivering Sustainable Solutions

They’re also used to stabilize soils or wastes , can be used as structural fills or road base materials, and, in the case of gypsum, as an agricultural application that improves plant quality, soil structure, and water retention. Such innovative applications have increased the beneficial reuse of coal combustion by-products more than 50 percent over the past decade, and Headwaters Resources is proud to be the nation’s largest supplier of coal combustion by-products to diverse industries nationwide. For more information, visit ■
[accordion_item title =”Palomino Manufacturing Corporation”]
Palomino Manufacturing Corporation, based in St. Martin, Minnesota, brings more than 60 years’ experience to the manufacturing of Muv-All Lowbed Trailers. Muv-All Equipment trailers are built tough. They are used for heavy-duty hauling, designed for extra strength without added weight, precision assembled for dependence and service.
Palomino Manufacturing Corporation has been proven to build some of the top quality trailers in the industry including single drop, double drop and hydraulic and mechanical detachable gooseneck trailers. We can customize a trailer to fit your needs.
Our Muv-All Series are built with an abundance of load-proven, road-tested components. Palomino’s engineers combine advanced design and materials to provide products that get the job done. Palomino combines years of production and sales experience with a family atmosphere, ensuring customers will feel confident with their new trailer and rewarded with their business experience. ■
Visit for more information.
[accordion_item title =”Time Saver Technologies”]
Time Saver Technologies’ mission is to enable the construction industry to proactively and efficiently manage all the issues that will potentially have critical project impact.
Project scheduling software is often used as an historical reference of where a project has been, as opposed to where the project is heading. Time Saver has developed a schedule-management program that transforms a construction project’s schedule into a planning tool used by the entire project team to manage and take control of the project’s completion date.


Built on Microsoft Office 365, our software solution Construction Management 365 provides a construction company with a project workspace for each project that utilizes our schedule management processes and workflows to efficiently identify and organize that project’s prioritized critical action items.
Time Saver also provides construction scheduling services and 3D BIM coordination services to the construction industry. Please contact us for a free trial of our software. ■
[accordion_item title =”Towmaster”]

T-12 Tilt Bed Trailer

Looking for a fast loading trailer? Towmaster’s drop-deck tilt-bed trailer is easy to use. This trailer features a dual-locking, single lever tilt mechanism that allows you to unlock the deck from one side of the trailer. A hydraulic cylinder cushions the deck as it tilts when unloading or loading equipment. When the equipment is loaded, the deck automatically locks into place. The improved approach ramp provides traction and a low-load angle. Rubber-torsion axles provide a smooth tow and a self-charging battery break-away system is included for safety. The T-12DT is available in several deck lengths, colors, and finishes. Towmaster trailers have an excellent fit and finish with an unmatched frame warranty and a reputation for durability. ■ • 800.462.4517
[accordion_item title =”Ultrashore Products”]

Shoring wasn’t meant to be this easy

ultraSHORE, a division of Trench Shoring Systems, Inc., was invented by a contractor for contractors. Made of a specially corrugated aluminum, ultraSHORE trench shields weigh hundreds of pounds less than other shoring products. It is lightweight, easy to use, and a real workhorse saving time and money. This is the ultraSHORE advantage!

  • All panels can be used horizontally or vertically and are stackable.
  • Easily close off one or both ends with quick-release, spring loaded end closure panels.
  • One person can lower a single pair of assembled panels into an excavation.
  • Conveniently transports in a pickup.
  • Safe for bury depths to 12 ft even in class C soils.
  • Extra features like leg kits or wheel kits let you take full advantage of OSHA regulations.
  • Perfect for plumbers, municipalities, utility companies, underground contractors, and more.
  • Entirely made in the USA. ■

[accordion_item title =”Universal Refiner Corporation”]
Universal Refiner Corporation (URC) is a small to mid-size company that has many strengths. URC began building stationary grinders for the sawmill and pulp industry in 1980. In about 1984, its first portable unit was built, which was possibly the first such unit in the world. In the late 1980’s, URC’s production moved more toward the portable recycling market.
In 1990, URC recognized the need for a large infeed opening, portable grinder to replace the troublesome hammermills called tub grinders.
Since about 2000, URC has been developing and marketing the H.A.W.G. (Hypocyclonic Action Waste Grinder) models. This new design surprised everyone with its ability for its size and cost and is now firmly established in the market place.

We can honestly say that the R-MAG MODELS ARE NEW … TOUGH … AND BETTER.

URC has now turned its attention to its larger machines. The R-MAG MODELS are its most powerful, productive, and efficient grinders yet. ■
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The FuelMate fuel trailer has delivered farmers an answer to their field fueling and servicing needs for 7 years. A simple 500-gallon fuel trailer has developed into a complete servicing trailer with many options. Our line of DEF compatible trailers, with the option to upgrade to DEF at a later date on the same trailer, are offered in 500, 750, or 990 gallon capacities and utilize a 54-inch “Gull Wing” style lockable cabinet, allowing the user maximum storage utilization.


FuelMate tanks are independently mounted using spring loaded bolts reducing stress on the tank itself. Our one-of-a-kind Tub baffle incorporates many deflection points diverting fuel movement from the tank walls. FuelMate’s structural tube frame, along with its independent tank mount and tub baffle, makes it one of the safest fuel trailers on the market. All trailers are DOT approved with safety chains, breakaway, electric brakes, and lighting. ■
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