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When it comes to cordless tools, the battery pack is key to having the power to effectively and efficiently run the tool for the application. Below is a Q&A about the advantages of cordless tools, how to care for cordless tool battery packs, and Hilti’s battery options.

What are the advantages of using cordless tools?

There are many advantages to using cordless tools. One that first comes to mind is safety. Electrical cords on jobsites have potential to increase the risk for injuries and incidents. One of the top focus is slips, trips, and falls. Cord management helps play an important part in decreasing this risk on jobsites.

Another advantage is increased mobility which translates to greater productivity. Cords can limit a worker’s maneuverability. With cordless tools, workers are generally free to move where necessary to get the job done without the restraints of cords.

In some situations, because the cordless tool and battery are a complete system, they can be better optimized. When a corded tool is plugged into an unknown source, optimization is more difficult to reach.

How should cordless tool batteries be stored? What precautions need to be taken?

It is understood that batteries need to be durable to hold up to everyday wear and tear and still perform at an optimal level to provide a safe and productive jobsite. They must be built to outlast; however, batteries must be stored properly. Always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Some general rules include NOT storing batteries in environments containing elevated temperature, items that spark, open flame, combustible materials, metal objects, and liquids.

What battery options does Hilti currently have in its lineup for its cordless tools? 

Hilti offers a wide variety of cordless tools and adding more each year. We offer tools on 12 volt, 22 volt, and 36 volt. For each of these voltages there are batteries that allow the user to select for their needs. If they want light weight, smaller size, they can choose our compact battery. Many want a balance between power and size, so we offer advanced compact batteries that deliver the power to run all tools on the specific voltage platform. For those users who demand most of the tools, Hilti offers higher capacity batteries that deliver the most run time available.

New to the Hilti lineup is the B12V 4.0 battery. It provides up to 60 percent more work per charge than the B12 2.6 Ah battery in a similar compact package. There’s also two new options for increasing efficiency: the 22V Advanced Compact 4.0 and 8.0 Ah batteries. The power of the B22V 8.0 battery has up to 50 percent more run time, allowing you to work all day with little to no runs to the charger.

About the author

Khadija Talley, CSP is a product manager, Health, Safety & Environment, and Robert Chetelat is a senior product manager, Cordless Tools, with Hilti, Inc. For more information about the batteries and cordless tools offered by Hilti, visit www.hilti.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, July 2019
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