The Power Curber 5700-D is the newest generation of the “one machine solution” that excels in curbing, sidewalk, barrier, ditches, paving, tunnel, agricultural, and specialized applications. Compact size, simple design, easy operation, high productivity and versatility remain core features of the 5700-D.  


The new Power Curbers SlipSmart Control Solution makes the 5700-D the most responsive yet. Its simplicity and accuracy provide contractors a new level of precision. The SlipSmart controls come ready to interface with Topcon, Leica, and Trimble 3D/Stringless systems. In addition to the control system, many new features enhance the 5700-D’s versatility. 

  • “All up” jog switch that raises or lowers all crawler posts simultaneously
  • New vibrator master scaling knob allows the operator to increase or decrease vibration across all vibrators while individual vibrator adjustments remain relative to each other
  • Improved cross-slope control
  • Auto-calibration for the radius steer sensor
  • Fine scaling of speed controls
  • Engine display replaces individual gauges
  • Easy-pivot conveyor
  • Wires are etched with descriptive label text matching machine schematics
  • Cold air dam between engine and console to keep the console and operator cooler
  • Improved wand-activated high-pressure water system
  • Redesigned door latches, including a single, lower latch to access the engine compartment
  • Toolbox end doors
  • Shovel holders at conveyor
  • Improvements and additions to optional equipment including, a new canopy, improved low-pressure water system, and improved barrier lift kit with the reach doubled up to 48” 

Power Curbers Companies was founded in 1953 in Salisbury, North Carolina, and manufactured the world’s first automatic curb machine. The company produces concrete slipform machines used for paving, curbs, sidewalks, barrier walls, ditches, and a variety of special applications under the brands Power Curbers and Power Pavers. With machines in more than 100 countries, Power Curbers is the industry leader in innovation, quality, and customer service. 

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