Poseidon Barge

Poseidon Barge presents the newest addition to its offerings: the Poseidon Hopper Barge. It’s proven already to be the solution to contractors’ needs.

The Poseidon Hopper Barge is manufactured to the same outer dimensions as our P2 40’x10’x7’ sectional barge. The 50 cubic yard Hopper portion of the barge is built for heavy use. It utilizes a ¾-inch plate for long-lasting toughness. There are raised rails in the bottom of the hopper pan to assist operators when they are “feeling” to empty the area with an excavator bucket. Each barge is painted on the exterior with marine grade Baril coatings and has zinc anodes for increased corrosion protection. They are equipped with two standard 18-inch Deck Hatches so that the interior spaces can be accessed.

Draft level Material Capacity:

  • 2’ draft: 4.5 tons of material
  • 4’ draft: 29.5 tons of material
  • 5’10” max allowable draft holds
  • 52 tons of material


For more information:

The Poseidon Hopper Barge is for sale or for rent; call 866.992.2743 for more details.