Poseidon Barge, LTD specializes in manufacturing Sectional Barges used in the heavy construction industry to float equipment, men, or materials. Their Sectional Barges are manufactured in Berne, Indiana, and are transported via truck. They are used primarily on inland waterways where traditional deck barges cannot travel.


Poseidon manufactures barges with hull sizes of 4, 5, 7, and 10 ft tall. The Poseidon P10 is the largest Sectional Barge available that can be transported over the road. Measuring 44 ft long x 11 ft wide and 10 ft tall, the P10 has floated some of the largest cranes available. All Poseidon Barges have patented roll form decks that are rated for 20,000 lb/ft2 of point load. That is four times the strength of traditional ΒΌ-inch deck plate.


Accessories for each specific product line are also available. Spuds, spud wells, deck cleats, rake sections, hydraulic double drum winches, Sea Bee Thruster units, and Push Boats are all part of the product line available for rent or purchase.

Poseidon Barge, LTD has a full engineer staff led by an in-house certified Naval Architect. Layouts and Basic Stability Analysis are available for each project based on the information provided by the client.

Poseidon has recently added in-house steel grit blasting and liquid spray-painting booths to better serve its customers with a premier product finish. Large enough to accommodate the P10 barge, they are some of the largest booths in the Midwestern United States. Each booth is equipped with a 25-ton crane for easy product handling.


Poseidon performs contract manufacturing and finishing for markets outside of the marine industry. We also can offer design services through our engineering department.

Poseidon Barge, LTD recently received their ISO 9001:2015 certification. High quality, repeatability, and striving towards continual improvement were all reasons for pursuing this certification. The Poseidon Barge team has a strong desire for the customer to be assured that each and every barge section was built with the attention focused on these core values. 

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