Poseidon Barge, Ltd has manufactured Sectional Barges to rent and sell to the heavy construction industry for more than 30 years. In that time, the simple sectional barge has been developed into a tool that is a real game changer for the contractor; they now can tackle difficult projects with confidence now that they are placing their equipment on the Poseidon Sectional Barges. 


Poseidon builds a variety of sizes to accommodate the customers’ needs. From the P1Narrow (30 ft x 7.5 ft x 4 ft) to the giant P10 Sectional (44 ft x 11 ft x 10 ft), Poseidon has a size to fit every project. Engineering support is provided at the time of quotation to assist the customer in properly sizing their barge deck for the specific operation they will be performing. Basic Stability Analysis is available showing the contractor pertinent information that they need to make good decisions going forward when it comes to floating their equipment safely and successfully. 

Using a patented roll form deck, Poseidon Barges boasts 20,000 lbs/sq ft deck point load, 4 times that of traditional deck plate. An internal truss system made of structural steel rather than angle iron, gives Poseidon Barges the strength and long-term life that contractors require in today’s competitive market. 

Deck hatches, 18-inch diameter, are standard in every Poseidon Barge, allowing for easy access to the internal portion of the barge. The interiors of the barges are coated with an environmentally friendly rust inhibitor. It’s safe for the environment and prolongs the life of the interior steel structure. The exterior of the barges is steel grit blasted, then coated with a Marine Grade Baril coating system. Zinc anodes surround the barge to act as another deterrent for corrosion. 


Poseidon Barge prides themselves on listening to the contractors’ needs and using product development to solve them. A popular addition to the Poseidon Barge catalog is the 50 cubic yard Sectional Hopper barge. Born from customer input, the Sectional Hopper barge is ideal for dredge or drilling spoils, aggregate transportation, or debris removal. They are made to attach to one another for maximum stability and efficiency. 

Poseidon Barge often builds custom barges specific to criteria defined by the customer. The customer works with our engineering department to convey the idea, its function, and use. The Poseidon team takes it from there. 

A full line of barge accessories is available: spuds, spuds well, deck cleats, and much more. Sea Bee thruster units and 24 ft Pushboats are also available to meet the contractors’ needs. 

To view the entire product line, visit www.poseidonbarge.com, email info@poseidonbarge.com, or call 866.992.2743.