Port terminals are gateways for both domestic and international trade. The U.S. ports handle over 99% of the country’s overseas cargo by volume and 65% by value, according to The American Association of Port Authorities.

Shipping and transportation issues have been a major focus in recent news. There have been major disruptions in all aspects of the supply chain, from container shortages, port congestions, truck availability, and staffing. 

The cargo ship bottleneck is creating major delays which have led to spikes in logistics costs that are hurting thousands of businesses. 

Therefore, it is important for terminal professionals working around ports, harbors, and other industrial sites to overcome the challenges faced in their work environment. They need to be able to quickly, safely, and effectively load and unload ships, relocate cargo, and stack both unloaded and fully loaded containers. 


Within the last few weeks, port operations have begun running 24 hours per day to try to address the supply chain crisis. Because the equipment is being used for long periods of time, it must be properly maintained in order to run smoothly to ensure maximum productivity.

Tires are one of the largest expenditures in the maintenance of port equipment, making them a crucial part of the budget and bottom line of a company’s operation. When selecting tires, professionals need to consider many factors to minimize damage and increase tire life. Container handlers and straddle carriers require tires to carry heavy loads, while reach stackers, cranes, and forklifts need exceptional stability for high reach situations. Certain tread designs and special compounds can also improve performance.


BKT understands the complexities of ports and the diverse equipment required to keep operations moving efficiently. They offer a complete line of port tires designed with both bias and radial ply tires for all port equipment and applications from rough environments to hard, cemented surfaces. BKT tires are designed with many various tread designs, special compounds, and reinforced sidewalls to withstand heavy loads and provide greater stability.

The PORTMAX PM 90 for reach stackers and PORTMAX PM 93 Plus for straddle carriers are radial tires with antistatic tread compounds to ensure heat resistance. Both provide great stability and durability and reduce rolling resistance that improves fuel economy.

The SM 54 (L-4S), SM 54 M (L-4S), and SM 55 (L-5S) (IND-5) are all smooth tread bias tires for container handlers and reach stackers with special abrasion resistant compounds for hard, concrete or asphalt surfaces. They each provide high stability in lift modes with excellent cut resistance to ensure and extended tire life.


Along with many other quality port products, BKT has an experienced technical service team available to provide site evaluations and maintenance programs to ensure the correct tires are selected to perform the best and last the longest. 

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For more about BKT and its port tire lineup, visit www.bkt-tires.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, December 2021
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