The most popular construction equipment depends on the specific needs of a project, but there are certain must-have pieces that remain common across sites. These include loaders, articulated dump trucks, and graders. Loaders top the list as they are versatile and can use different attachments to perform various functions such as digging, leveling materials, or moving debris. All these tools function together to expedite processes while ensuring worker safety. 


Loaders are perhaps the most widely used form of equipment in the construction industry, as they’re incredibly versatile. Loaders are used for digging and loading large quantities of soil, rocks, or debris into articulated dump trucks for movement from one place to another. 

Typically equipped with a front-mounted bucket, forks or grapple that can be raised and lowered as needed, wheel loaders are used to excavate and transport materials short distances from one location to another on jobsites. They are also used in conjunction with articulated dump trucks for longer transport distances, ranging from small residential builds to major infrastructure projects. 

EARTHMAX SR 30 (E-3/L-3) is an All-Steel radial tire which is dual-purposed for loaders and articulated dump trucks. The multi-layer steel belts and the rigid block pattern provide excellent traction, stability, and durability. The special cut-resistant compound makes EARTHMAX SR 30 the ideal solution for a variety of harsh operating conditions along with its low profile 65 series cousin the EARTHMAX SR 35. When extra traction and extended tread wear are needed, BKT’s EARTHMAX SR 41 with deeper tread is a great performer in these applications in standard and low profile 65 series sizes.


Graders are critical to road and infrastructure construction and maintenance projects. BKT provides several choices in both bias and radial construction to enable your dealer to provide the best tire for your needs. All offer lateral stability, resistance to cuts, and long tread life.

EARTHMAX SR 25 PLUS (G-2/L-2) is an All-Steel radial tire, which has been specially designed for motor graders and loaders operating in the most severe road construction or mining applications. Its non-directional tread design offers excellent self-cleaning properties in addition to traction and stability off the road.

We all know that it is important to use the right tires for the application. But why? 

  • Leads to higher efficiency/less unscheduled downtime
  • Prevents rapid tire wear
  • Prevents tire damage 
  • Saves money, adding to your bottom line


Because it is critical to choose the proper tire for the application, BKT has a technical staff and highly trained and certified sales managers to ensure the right tires are chosen to optimize a customer’s performance and cost of operations.  

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Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2023
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