Spray-on cork finish for building exterior

Available for the North Texas market is a green building product from ECOSHIELD INTERNATIONAL: spray-on Thermal CorkShield™. It’s a functional finish providing an eco-friendly, budget-friendly, and energy-efficient alternative to paint and stucco. At virtually half the cost of a typical stucco application, Thermal CorkShield gives building owners and contractors a variety of reasons to celebrate through lower costs and improved performance. The spray-on finish saves money at the time of installation and offers significant utility cost savings over the life of the building, when compared to stucco or paint. Due to the sustainability of cork harvesting and exceptional energy performance, Thermal CorkShield is LEED-certified as a green building product by the U.S. Green Building Council. 


Thermal CorkShield is made from a combination of natural resins, polymers, and sustainable cork, which adds outstanding thermal properties to any building surface. By providing a significant, natural thermal barrier to the building exterior, the application protects treated buildings against seasonal weather extremes. With Thermal CorkShield, the surface of the building can never get colder than 32 degrees F in winter or hotter than 86 degrees F in summer. This results in an estimated 20 to 30 percent reduction in monthly heating and cooling bills, creating significant cost savings for building owners. 


In addition to its economical application costs and reduced operating costs, Thermal CorkShield provides exceptional performance and durability over the life of the building and is certified as a Class A fire retardant finish. Because of the elastic nature of Thermal CorkShield, the surface material expands or contracts efficiently, depending on outside temperatures. This highly elastic performance means that Thermal CorkShield will never chip away or crack as stucco or paint does. A 10-year product warranty is standard. 


Other advantages of Thermal CorkShield include its lightweight characteristics (the cork’s volume is made up of 88 percent air), which reduces structural concerns. In addition, the cork’s sound-absorbing properties help prevent sound reverberation, making the interior of the building quieter. Independent lab test results are available documenting the thermal, acoustic, fire retardant, mold and mildew resistant, and elastic product performance.

According to Larry Srubas, managing partner of ECOSHIELD INTERNATIONAL, the advantages of Thermal CorkShield make it a product whose time has come in North Texas. “The outstanding thermal qualities alone make Thermal CorkShield a highly desirable building surfacing product for North Texas,” he notes. “When you add in the installation savings, ease of installation, and the durability of the cork finish compared to paint and stucco, there is a compelling case for building owners to go with Thermal CorkShield. And, we haven’t even talked about how beautiful the surface is—truly an aesthetically pleasing finish that will enhance any building exterior.” 


With its dual promise of cost savings and performance advantages, Thermal CorkShield has the ability to enhance any building exterior. In the North Texas market, ECOSHIELD INTERNATIONAL is initially focused on applications for the warehouse, distribution, multifamily, and hospitality markets, where large exterior surface areas and significant operating cost reductions provide the most compelling case for building owners, architects, and tenants. 

Thermal CorkShield is available in 24 colors to complement any building exterior and can be customized in other colors for an additional charge. It is available for immediate application by ECOSHIELD INTERNATIONAL, a certified national applicator of Thermal CorkShield in the North Texas market. 


Thermal CorkShield is a LEED-certified green building product that provides an alternative to paint and stucco, plus reduces cost of operating for building owners.

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ECOSHIELD INTERNATIONAL is a nationally certified applicator of Thermal CorkShield, serving the North Texas market and additional markets nationwide. The company is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council ± North Texas Chapter, and an allied member of the Architectural Institute of America (AIA). For more, visit www.ecoshieldinternational.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, September 2019
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