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Running a business, managing jobsites, and maintaining tools and equipment are demanding enough, but it’s become even more challenging with ongoing supply chain and labor shortages. Construction professionals, now more than ever, are looking for ways to maximize productivity and performance on jobsites, streamline equipment management and costs, and reduce downtime and delays. 

Hilti, a leading manufacturer and provider of construction tools, technology, and services, says its latest innovation will help commercial contractors, tradespeople, and management alike tackle those challenges. The company is charging into 2022 with the launch of Nuron, a new all-on-one 22v cordless platform. With its’ connected battery interface, advanced safety technology, and an extensive portfolio of new and enhanced tools, Nuron is setting a new standard of performance, safety, and flexibility, impressing industry professionals. 

“What I love about the platform is that it’s one battery for over 60 tools,” says Eric Jopp, power tool expert and founder of Tools in Action. “You can run anything from something small to something big. This is going to help keep everything on the jobsite rolling.” 


The cornerstone of the Nuron platform is a set of interchangeable 22v batteries that power a new generation of high-performing cordless tools ranging from drill drivers and rotary hammers to cut-off saws and jackhammers. Operating off a single platform enables the streamlining of procurement while also moving away from expensive and hazardous gas and corded power systems for more efficient tool cribs and more productive crews.

Nuron tools and batteries cover light-, medium-, and heavy-duty jobs and are designed to deliver more power, greater speed, and often double the runtime to cordless tools than like platforms on the market while also reducing costs and complexity. Meaning, it can help improve project turn time, streamline tool crib management, and increase profitability all without compromise. 


Nuron’s connected platform delivers more transparency to tools and aims to equip construction professionals with useful data for making more informed decisions, reducing unnecessary costs, and simplifying processes. The goal is to keep crews working without interruption, helping to boost jobsite and project performance and productivity. This is made possible with the intelligent 22v batteries that provide usage, performance, location, tool maintenance needs, and battery state of health. 

This innovative, built-in technology further supports tool crib optimization by identifying idle tools so they can be put back to work where they’re needed most. Stay informed on tool health with proactive maintenance alerts and check battery health with onboard indicator lights and the press of a button. Nuron’s advanced features help ensure crews are always working with high-performing tools and avoiding unnecessary downtime and costly repairs. 

Combined with Hilti’s world-class Tool Fleet Management and ON!Track tool and equipment tracking services, customers will experience even more features and benefits. Some of these benefits include access to the newest innovative tools at a fixed monthly cost and without the burden of a large upfront investment. Plus, Hilti tool theft protection goes beyond Hilti brand tools and tracks all jobsite tools and equipment as well as enabling digital management of safety certifications and tool maintenance, and; scheduling digital or on-site health and safety trainings. 

“We’ve seen an appetite from our customers to leverage digital technology, so we created a fully connected cordless ecosystem that puts collected data to work for them,” says Erik Mikysa, senior vice president of marketing of Hilti North America. “This is a true step-change for businesses and it’s going to equip them with insights that allow for making better, more informed decisions.”


All Nuron tools and batteries come with improved durability and more built-in safety features to withstand the toughest conditions, keep crews safer, and reduce risk, injuries, and accidents that contribute to unnecessary costs and delays. With the new portfolio, Hilti has increased the range of tools with its class-leading Active Torque Control (ATC), Active Vibration Reduction (AVR), and Dust Control Solutions (DRS). 

Hilti has also developed one of the safest angle grinders on the market with groundbreaking new safety features. The SensTech system detects when the operator’s hand is removed and immediately engages the electric brake, e.g., when the tool is accidentally dropped, and the 3D ATC system switches off the tool and activates the disc brake when there is sudden, uncontrolled movement in any direction. 

All Nuron tools are tether-ready, and the tools and batteries have been designed for durability, impact protection, and the harshest jobsite conditions, protecting customers’ investment and reducing costs and downtime due to breakage, repair, or replacement


Hilti delivers once again with Nuron, reinventing how construction professionals work daily on jobsites, tackle health and safety challenges, and manage businesses. Construction decision makers no longer have to make compromises to leverage cordless tools, driving their businesses further ahead today and well into the future. 

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For more about Hilti’s Nuron, visit hilti.com/WOC-MC

Modern Contractor Solutions, January 2022
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