As general contractors look for ways to save money and have the ability to be more turnkey on road and bridge projects, where crushing rock on site is advantageous, portable crushers can be the answer to a healthier bottom line. 

To gain perspective on crusher equipment, MCS presents a Q&A with one company setting the stage for a prosperous 2021: Senya Tech.

What equipment is in the Senya lineup?
As a world leader in crushing equipment for almost 60 years, we offer the full spectrum from the largest to the smallest crushing machinery available. There is no manufacturer in the world that offers the range of crushing equipment of Senya Tech, many only available in our lineup.

What are the benefits of the MICRO crushers?
There are so many, with the primary being the portability and affordability of our MICRO Crushers allowing the user to crush on site, thus eliminating demo transportation and disposal costs and aggregate purchase costs. With our machines utilizing electric motors powered by either gas or diesel generators, the operation and maintenance costs are nearly zero—no hydraulics to service, no DEF fluid, our smallest crusher can run all day long on less than $20 in fuel while producing several hundred tons of aggregate. Our high wear parts are the jaws themselves, the conveyor belt, and the fly wheel drive belts. We shipped the first replacements of each this year, our 5th year in business. When our MICRO Screen plants arrive later this year, a single operator can easily run a complete MICRO Crushing plant simultaneously producing several hundred tons per day of several sizes of aggregate. The whole line can be loaded with the smallest skid steer, crusher to screen plant to conveyors, loading directly to the dump truck reducing manpower costs to the bare minimum. The advantages on all aspects are phenomenal.

How do MICRO crushers benefit the environment?
They recycle the most recycled material in the world, concrete. More specifically, they bring the ability to recycle concrete, asphalt, and general demo to even the smallest end user, dramatically improving the recycling ability of the entire industry in the most recyclable product worldwide. They also eliminate the need for transportation to and from crushing plants and the corresponding impact of the trucks on the environment and our infrastructure. They all run on minimal fuel especially compared to the larger traditional crushing machinery. In addition, our ‘21 machines will feature a stealthy forest green color for minimal on-site visual impact while in use in sensitive residential or urban settings. They are much quieter than traditional diesel motor-driven machines as well.

Explain the portability, productivity, and affordability of the Senya machines.
Our MICRO Crushers are easily pulled by vehicles, some even as small as a pickup truck, and can be set up and crushing in literally 10 minutes. These tiny machines can still compete with larger crushers at as little as  to ¼ of the cost of the next smallest crushing machinery and still easily producing 200 to 600 tons per day! 

How does Senya set itself apart from its competitors?
There simply is no other machine that can even come close to competing with our MICRO Crushers in size, portability, durability, affordability, and productivity. With our MICRO Crusher line starting at $59.5K and maxing out at $215K, the next step up from any manufacturer including our own line is in the $250K to $300K range and require a tractor trailer to move. With our machines running on electric motors, the operation and maintenance costs are literally negligible.

In what ways can a general contractor benefit from having a crusher on a jobsite during a project?
It simply eliminates the transportation cost, tipping fees, and purchase cost of aggregate. You no longer have to pay to transport and dispose of your material and then pay to buy and transport base aggregate back to the site. The competitive advantages in the bidding process, especially utilizing “green” recycled material are tremendous, and especially with government and local municipality jobs.

How does a contractor determine the right machine for their needs?
With our machines, it’s all about the volume of material and how fast they need to process, as well as the input and output sizes desired. Hardness of material is a non-issue with the tremendous crushing power our massive flywheels produce. They also enable the unique and impressive reduction ratio our machines produce for the same reason. Our MICRO Crushers easily handle a 10/1-12/1 reduction in processing size, easily double anything remotely close to our machine’s footprint.  

What’s the ROI on owning a Senya machine?
At only 20 truckloads per month in demo and purchase volume with conservative average costs, our smallest machine saves $250K the first year. With the Section 179 Tax deduction, that machine gives a positive cashflow of over $10K per year, BEFORE you even turn the machine on and AFTER you’ve made your loan payment. The machine pays for itself in 3.8 months. At 50 truckloads per month with our Senya 6, the numbers jump to $625K/yr savings, $25K first year before and after positive cashflow, and 100% ROI in 4 months. Don’t take our word for it, see our website for the calculator to input your own figures or call us (919.323.4830) and we’ll send you the calculator.

What influence will Senya have in 2021 in the concrete recycling segment of the construction industry?
We plan on nothing less than revolutionizing the crushing industry in the next few years as we roll out MICRO models of every single component of any major crushing plant. The plan for ’21 is to roll out MICRO Screen plants and MICRO impact crushers later in the year.

Senya MICRO Crushers are easily pulled by vehicles, some even as small as a pickup truck, and can be set up and crushing in literally 10 minutes.


When Senya Tech’s MICRO lineup is complete, the small- and mid-size contractors will affordably be able to completely duplicate the major aggregate processing plants and their components all in highly portable units at a fraction of the cost yielding tremendous growth to their bottom line. 

Whether it’s recycling concrete or asphalt, producing base aggregate, decorative rock, and even recycling glass, granite countertop scrap and on and on, the applications and income producing possibilities of our MICRO Crushers are endless. 

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Modern Contractor Solutions, January 2021
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