PSX:Direct Drive Manhole Connector
PSX:Direct Drive is a high-performance watertight pipe to manhole connector. It is the premier manhole seal in the industry for providing watertight connections to manholes and other sanitary and storm sewer structures. PSX:Direct Drive meets and/or exceeds ASTM C923, Standard Specification for Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Manhole Structures, Pipe, and Laterals. PSX:Direct Drive’s patented stainless steel power sleeve and adjuster installs quickly and easily, providing a flexible watertight seal for the most demanding applications. It differs from most competitive manhole connectors with its all stainless steel components, no plastic parts, no welds or rivets. Use in manholes, wet wells, pump and lift stations, stormwater structures, on-site treatment structures, grease interceptors, or any application requiring a flexible watertight connector.
With easy installation and long-term performance in one convenient product, PSX:Direct Drive fits right into your production methods, ready to seal your toughest applications every time.
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Modern Contractor Solutions – October 2016
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