We’ve been helping contractors, private industry customers, and municipalities use the power of ultra-high-pressure water—up to 40,000 psi—for everything from surface preparation of concrete and metal, road construction industry pavement marking removal, and hydro demolition, as well as a host of other specialty applications where water may be a better more environmentally friendly option. 


NLB equipment can be found in every region in the world and in myriad applications. Contractors are at the heart of NLB’s customer base. Long-lasting and smooth-running equipment give them the assurance that their equipment will perform as needed and without worry. And when service is required beyond a customer’s ability, a global distributor network of knowledgeable sales and service assistance is there to keep the equipment running and a company producing. If a well-stocked distributor doesn’t have what a customer needs, NLB’s main warehouse can ship parts worldwide efficiently and when they’re needed.


These environmental concerns are becoming more important every year as traditional methods involving sandblasting, use of chemicals and cleaning compounds, and other methods that produce unwanted air effluence and run-off are more heavily scrutinized and limited by customer and government mandate. NLB’s newest technology, the E-Clutch ™, is a PTO-free system that reduces water usage and lessens unit maintenance, resulting in less water on the ground and longer cycle times in the field. Utilization of water also leaves a clean, chemical-free surface and leaves an excellent surface finish if a coating or refinishing process is necessary. 


As new building costs rise, the refurbishment of existing structures become more attractive. But, in some of the more traditional methods of construction preparation and demolition, contractors can run up against application or regulatory difficulties. We’ve responded by developing not only the water jetting tools for applying high pressure water, but also the means to capture the spent water and material with vacuum and other containment processes. Further, there is a greater emphasis on safe operation of equipment in these processes. NLB has responding strongly by developing a number of remote controlled, hands-free products that allow the user to effectively utilize water jetting while providing a safer environment for their workers. 


NLB sales engineers are more than available to walk customers through an application and provide the right water jetting solution for them. Our consultative approach assures we are going to match up the right product for a specific application. Our nationwide rental program with rent-to-own options can also allow a customer to try water jetting before making a capital equipment commitment. We have rental facilities in six states that give us a regional coverage that even allows unit delivery and pick up should a customer want it.