Operator performance is a significant factor that affects construction companies’ bottom lines and there are many different, effective ways to boost that performance. Caterpillar offers these nine tips for improving operator performance across the board:

  1. Operator Training. Ensure that your operators read and understand their machine operation and maintenance manuals. Also, training your operators in simulators can reduce fuel costs, cycle times, and machine wear while increasing productivity, safety, and machine life.
  2. Operations. Work area maintenance allows operators to reduce rolling resistance, cycle times, machine wear, and operator fatigue, while increasing safety, production, and profit.
  3. Operator Profiles. Operators can personalize machine feature settings to decrease setup time and fatigue and increase safety, comfort, and productivity.

Featured Image: Grade control aids operator
Above: Operator at controls of hydraulic excavator

  1. Machine Inspections. Having your operators perform machine walk-around inspections using available apps can increase machine availability, production, profit, safety, machine life, and residual value.
  2. Machine Alerts. Make sure operators monitor dashboards, displays, lights, and alarms for alerts and communicate them to appropriate personnel in order to prevent personal injury and component failure.
  3. Utilization of Technology. Enjoy dramatically increased efficiency by having operators monitor on-board telematics systems, utilize machine control and guidance technology, employ compaction technology, and correctly use payload technology.
  4. Idle Time Management. Operators who properly use engine idle management, engine idle shutdown, and engine auto idle eliminate inefficient RPM usage, reduce machine wear, and increase fuel efficiency.
  5. Eco-Mode. Operators should utilize eco-mode, which automatically balances engine speed, hydraulic flow, and torque to application requirements, to help machines maintain production levels, while increasing fuel efficiency.
  6. Tires. Tire pressure maintenance can reduce rolling resistance, reduce cycle times, extend tire life, decrease operating costs, and increase fuel efficiency.

Operator performs pre-shift inspection
Ensuring that your operators are properly trained and aware of all the technologies available to them will only make their jobs easier. Operators who are more efficient and less fatigued contribute to a better bottom line. ■
For More Information: Having machine operators who can properly operate, maintain, and seek out the best in technology can help your company’s bottom line. Ask your dealer or manufacturer for more ways to help you save money.
Modern Contractor Solutions – February 2016
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