Protecting the Value of Concrete Floors

Niagara Machine, Inc., is a concrete flooring and surface preparation specialist that sells a full line of top brand equipment for concrete repairing, resurfacing and polishing, including Lavina® concrete grinding/polishing machines and diamond tooling, Terrco® grinders, BlastPro® shot blasters and scrapers, DiamaPro® HEPA dust extractors, air scrubbers, pumps, and accessories.

The company also offers contractors and building managers an extensive line of concrete repair products, fillers, sealers, stains, dyes, and coatings that includes Prosoco® and Ameripolish® brands, and the flagship of Niagara’s line—DiamaPro® UV HS Plus®. In addition to serving as an all-encompassing resource for equipment, diamond tooling, and concrete chemicals, the company provides extensive training in the selection and operation of equipment, tooling and chemicals, as well as on-site consulting services.


 Among Niagara’s most innovative concrete chemical products is DiamaPro UV HS Plus, a high-solids, one-component, aliphatic urethane coating that offers unprecedented protection from abrasion, chemical corrosion, and microbial infestation. The coating is virtually impervious to surface damage and staining caused by petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, foods, de-icing agents, and industrial chemicals. It also exceeds the friction-wearing capabilities of traditional coatings, effecting substantial reductions in marring and chipping caused by forklifts, pallet movers, and other material handling equipment.


DiamaPro UV HS Plus cures immediately upon exposure to ultraviolet light, virtually eliminating the hours or days of curing-time that conventional epoxies require. As a portable UV light is passed over the wet coating, a photo-initiator reacts with the UV rays to instantly cure the film and form an extremely hard, cross-linked bond. This feature enables DiamaPro UV HS Plus to be applied with minimal interruption of service during remodeling or restoration projects. Floors may be prepped and cured overnight, on weekends, or at periods of low service demand. Installers also have the option to coat one section at a time, immediately returning cured sections to full service. DiamaPro UV HS Plus also brings exceptional efficiency to new construction projects, enabling different trades and construction crews to use floors as soon as curing is completed.


Applications where floor sanitation is critical, such as the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food service, and food processing industries, are particularly well-served by DiamaPro UV HS Plus. The coating is enriched with Microban®, an anti-microbial agent that attacks the reproductive systems of bacteria to prevent their growth and spread. DiamaPro UV HS Plus goes to work immediately upon curing to ensure optimal prevention of health-threatening microbial agents.


DiamaPro UV HS Plus is inherently safe to install. The coating has a very low VOC content of 3 grams/liter, and is virtually odor free. Inhalation and flammability hazards are essentially non-existent. It offers the flexibility to be applied at any temperature, requires no primer coat, and has an extremely long shelf life. As it is rolled on, the coating fills the pore structure of the concrete surface and does not need to be applied thickly to achieve optimal protection. DiamaPro UV HS Plus is a one-component system that requires no mixing, and is available in matte and gloss finishes. 

Customer and employee safety are also ensured with DiamaPro UV HS Plus. The cured surface meets all state and federal regulatory criteria, including the National Floor Safety Institute’s certifications for the coefficient of friction.


Certified DiamaPro UV HS installers are available nationwide. These installers have successfully completed comprehensive, hands-on, factory training in prepping, coating, and curing to ensure the highest quality results. In addition, DiamaPro coating technicians are available for around-the-clock consultation and design assistance.


Whether it’s questions about our equipment and tooling or one of our chemical treatment products, Niagara Machine technicians are always on hand to offer recommendations regarding each customer’s needs. Our mission is to help restore and preserve the performance and value of flooring by putting the right equipment into the right hands. It’s a goal that’s being realized at hundreds of diverse applications across the nation.

Niagara Machine is headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, with warehouse/showroom locations in Charlotte, North Carolina; Gloucester City, New Jersey; North Bergin, New Jersey; and Orlando, Florida. The company also has field representatives and inventory at nine sales offices across the nation. n

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