If there’s one thing everyone is looking for, it’s a way to make their fleet lighter without having to sacrifice lifting capacity in the process. Reduced weight on your equipment can help increase productivity, allow for additional accessories to be added on without worry, and can even save on fuel costs—which all contribute to more dollars in your pocket at the end of the day. Sounds great, but how do you maintain strength while reducing weight? Stellar has been able to do just that with the latest 76 and 86 series Hydraulic Service Cranes.


With a new, sleek design, the recently launched Stellar 7621, 7630, 8621, and 8630 Hydraulic Service Cranes feature an overall reduced weight while still maintaining the same, dependable strength customers demand. An updated octagonal boom design allows the cranes to maintain strength while the compact boom tip creates an easier reach for smaller spaces. Additionally, the 86 series cranes allow for a larger crane to be utilized without operators needing to upgrade to a larger truck body.

Not only is weight savings important to maximize your crane, it can also help to save some dollars on fuel—an increasingly relevant consideration for many operators. These new cranes have helped to reduce weight by up to 18% when compared to the previous 76 series cranes. To maximize weight savings even more, customers can mount the cranes on an aluminum truck body and incorporate other aluminum accessories. 


Additionally, the Stellar CDTpro™ with patent pending Range Finder™ technology is the most ergonomically correct and balanced radio remote control in the market. The single-handed controller delivers quick, smooth operation with the most finite control for precise placements of loads while allowing for multiple functions to run at once. The Range Finder feature allows the operator to create a lift plan without ever needing to unstow the crane. This world-first technology estimates crane capacity from the distance the operator is holding the radio remote from the crane.

The first fleet managers and operators to test out the Range Finder technology reported loving its unique ability to create a lift plan without having to unstow the crane. This allows for faster and more accurate operation, saving both time and money. Not to mention, the information that the remote provides allows for an effortless use of the crane. 


When it comes to making the most out of your equipment, considerations like weight, time, and money saved are essential. Operators are praising the latest hydraulic cranes from Stellar for just that—with more than 300 lbs of weight savings they can get the job done with less weight to worry about. Lighter and just as strong, all while saving you money—that’s the key to delivering excellence. 

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Stellar was founded in 1990 in Garner, Iowa, and has since expanded operations to multiple U.S. locations. Stellar is an employee-owned and operated manufacturer of high-quality work trucks and trailers, in addition to service truck and van accessories. Through the innovative, growing product line and an expanding distribution network, the company has gained an international presence and become the number one productivity choice in many markets. For more, visit www.stellarindustries.com.

Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2022
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