Fleet Cost & Care (FCC) began 20 years ago when Jeff Curran of JJ Curran Crane Company decided to branch out to software technology. Growing up in the crane business and working in every aspect of the company taught him a thing or two about the tools a business needed to be successful. From his perspective, there was a need for software designed to manage the two most important assets of a company: its people and its fleet. After careful research and hiring a top notch team of developers, Fleet Cost & Care became a reality.
Today, Fleet Cost & Care is a full-service software development, training, and support company, offering contractors easy-to-use NexGen software specifically developed to meet the needs of total fleet management in the construction, crane, rigging, and equipment rental industries.
Proud of its history, FCC is even prouder of the software innovations and solutions it brings to more than 400 businesses around the globe, including North America, New Zealand, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.
FCC’s software is designed to dispatch, schedule, and track personnel and maintain equipment. It verifies productivity, costs, and perhaps more important … safety. Maintaining the safety of your fleet and the training and certifications of your personnel directly relates to the bottom line of every business.
NexGen has been specially designed for any skill level and uses easy prompts to help the user complete any task, such as entering payroll or creating a quote or work order. Along with the software, FCC offers world-class support and industry knowledge to help train customers so they will get the most benefit from using it on a daily basis.
According to FCC president Jeff Curran, “Technology in the workplace is not going away. We know it takes time for customers to make the leap, but I guarantee when they do they will be amazed at what our NexGen software can do to manage their fleet and personnel operations. When you make a software investment in your company—any size company—you are buying a tool that can help you see all aspects of your business with the push of a button. Reports are at your fingertips to help forecast your expenses and manage your bottom line.”
In today’s world, it is all about speed, accuracy, and security. It is with that in mind that Fleet Cost & Care set out to design NexGen Atom, which is an innovative and simple step-driven app created to allow NexGen users to work away from the office.
Curran says the initial challenge in getting people on board with the NexGen Atom app was a common misconception that not everyone on the job will have the skill set to input or retrieve information using a smartphone or tablet. To this he says, “We designed this tool to be so easy that if you can use an ATM machine you can use NexGen Atom. I tell my customers they can’t afford NOT to have their people using phones and tablets in the field. It more than pays for itself when you see how productive and efficient you can be.”
With the high cost of fuel these days, more and more businesses are discovering the benefits of a remote workforce. Along with fuel savings, businesses can save man hours by increasing productivity and efficiency, which ultimately helps the bottom line.
Some key uses for working remotely with NexGen Atom 2.0 include:

  • Asset tracking: Bar code or RFID scanning capabilities to track asset and accessories of all sizes.
  • Dispatch: Instructions, maps, and job details can all be dispatched to the end user remotely.
  • Work orders: Post data, add activities, and see detail right from the field or on the road; no need to be back to the office.
  • Maintenance: Inspections can be updated right from the field so equipment is up-to-the-minute accurate for scheduling purposes.
  • Labor entry: Labor hours can be entered from the field directly to personnel.
  • Sales: Quotes can be created in the field and customer or jobs can be added to the system from anywhere.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle a company faces when they implement new fleet management software is the planning factor. Fleet Cost & Care knows it is the critical ingredient. It is important to get the key users on board early on so they know how to use it and see the value of it for the business.
Curran says, “You are ready for us when you are ready to simplify the operations of your business. The calendar is not as important as your mindset to make an investment and follow through on it. So many people think that they should invest at the beginning of their fiscal year, but we find it is more about when your team can collectively get behind the training to learn how to use it to its full advantage.”
The Fleet Cost & Care team works to ensure users learn all aspects of the software by offering web-based training, on-site options, and enhancement packages to give customers the kind of training that works for their team and their budget. ■
For More Information:
For more information or a no obligation demonstration of NexGen and Atom 2.0, call 800.281.9445, or visit www.fleetcostcare.com.
Modern Contractor Solutions, March 2014
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