A conversation with Somero’s Lance Holbrook, VP of North America and International Sales
When it comes to precision concrete placing and leveling equipment, Somero has 30 years of experience in the business and strives to partner with customers. In a recent conversation with Lance Holbrook, vice president of North America and international sales with Somero, he shares the value of being a resource and business partner, in addition to providing quality equipment.
How’s business for Somero?
HOLBROOK: Business for Somero has been strong for the last several years. Based on strength in both traditional and emerging markets, Somero has achieved unprecedented growth since 2012.
What has influenced Somero and its product offerings?
HOLBROOK: At Somero, we are passionate about our customers’ success. Every decision is made with our customers in mind. Their needs drive our R&D, customer support, and sales.
How does Somero add benefit for the contractor?
HOLBROOK: We engineer innovative solutions that help our customers produce the highest quality projects with unsurpassed productivity and efficiency. It’s been that way since the beginning in 1985 and it’s still the core of our business today. Somero customers have distinct competitive advantages over their rivals.
Based on your experience, what is one facet of business that can make a positive difference in a contractor’s operations?
HOLBROOK: Maintaining a mindset that is focused on quality, safety, and innovation is essential for today’s contractor. Quality work performed safely is the hallmark of the most successful contractors.
In your opinion, what are the top 3 pressing issues for the construction industry?
HOLBROOK: The three pressing issues facing the construction industry are labor, innovation, and green building. Labor: Attracting the next generation of skilled craftsmen and construction professionals is essential. Our industry struggles to attract talented young people to replenish the aging workforce. It’s an industry-wide problem. Focus on innovation: In the world today, technology changes rapidly and the construction industry is no exception. Contractors, manufacturers, and building owners should continuously improve and innovate or risk being left behind. Green building: It’s our personal responsibility to be better stewards for the environment in all facets of construction.
Do you see a solution to these issues?
HOLBROOK: Yes, solutions are out there. Industry organizations for one have taken note of all these challenges and are providing their members with education, training, and resources to help them improve. The American Society of Concrete Contractors is one example of an organization which has taken an active role to address these issues in recent years.
What is your forward outlook for the construction industry?
HOLBROOK: At Somero, we are bullish on the construction industry worldwide for years to come. Certainly, there are parts of the world that are in better shape than others, but overall, our outlook is very positive.
Closing thoughts?
HOLBROOK: I’ve been a part of the construction industry for more than 22 years and experienced all the ups and  downs during that time. Businesses that focus on excellence in doing the right things are driving the growth we are seeing today and beyond. Based on that, I believe the industry is poised for continued growth for years to come. ■
Modern Contractor Solutions, July 2015
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