RT-40 Posi-Track Loader

ASV Holdings Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of all-purpose and all-season compact track loaders and skid steers, introduces a repowered RT-40 Posi-Track loader with a Yanmar engine. Not only does the 38.2 hp engine add more power to what was already a compact powerhouse, it improves serviceability for machine owners by allowing them to have the Yanmar engine serviced at ASV dealers. The RT-40 is a more productive, safer option than walk-behind and stand-on loaders. 2-year, 2,000-hour warranty, which includes the industry’s first and only no-derailment guarantee and covers the tracks for the entire warranty period. For more, visit


Traction Mat

DECKED introduces Traction Mat by SeaDek to keep cargo or gear sliding around a truck bed. DECKED partnered with SeaDek to bring its renowned, marine-grade, self-adhesive, closed-cell ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam padding to the DECKED truck bed Drawer System, which holds up to 2,000 lbs of gear on top of the in-bed drawer storage. The 6mm-thick Traction Mat comes with an adhesive back. Traction Mat is priced at $525 and available for 5’6” and 6’6” full-size truck and cargo van DECKED systems, as well as 5’1” and 6’1” midsize truck and cargo van DECKED systems. For more, visit


Compact Dozer Loader

Weighing in at more than 18,000 lbs and 114 hp, the new CASE Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader delivers true dozing and grading performance, as well as powerful site loading capabilities and compatibility with hundreds of attachments. It is in an entirely new product category: compact dozer loader. The CASE Minotaur DL550 is a chassis-integrated C-frame with six-way dozer blade. The C-frame hydraulically couples into both the chassis of the machine, as well as the attachment coupler. The C-frame is easily detached to use as a loader with a heavy-duty 1.25-cubic-yard bucket or attachments. For more, visit


Cart Armour

KNAACK announces two new KNAACK Cart Armour models for Suncast carts. The KNAACK Cart Amour product line, a patented mobile jobsite storage solution for light duty carts, was developed to protect tools from theft and damage. The secure interlocking steel paneling design system encapsulates mobile utility carts to protect contents from being stolen, while also preventing tools from falling from the cart and being damaged. The Cart Armour combined with the KNAACK PLANZBOARD, a multi-functional, mobile planning station built for jobsites, provides a secure mobile home base to collaborate with teams throughout the day for enhanced productivity. For more, visit


BOLT Eye Visors

The new BOLT Eye Visors provide users with the best fit and easy headlamp use. The visors are classified as spectacles and can be used in place of safety glasses with a Z87.1+ rating. The visors feature dual pivoting adjustment points. The eye visor lenses are treated with an anti-scratch exterior hard coating and a lasting fog-free interior coating. Installation of the eye visor is easy and tool-free, using a slide mechanism to secure into the BOLT front mount of Milwaukee head protection. The eye visors include a BOLT Low-Profile Headlamp Mount. For more, visit


Galaxy AT Grip Steel 

The new Galaxy AT Grip Steel steel-belted skid steer radial from Yokohama Off-Highway Tires is a revolutionary, all-around performance design engineered to deliver higher performance and longer tire life for skid steers. There’s an extra sidewall ply to add thickness and stiffness. Immediately below the bead, a stiff flex-dampening layer directs sidewall deflection away from the rim. Twin rim protectors minimize impact and rubbing damage to the tire. There is a balance between stiffness and flexibility that allows the tire to reduce the bucking and bouncing while resisting damage and heat buildup. For more, visit