Ride-On Trencher

Ditch Witch announced the all-new RT70 ride-on trencher. Designed to enhance the experience of utility and fiber installation on tough jobsites, the RT70 is equipped with features to increase operator comfort and visibility—helping to increase efficiency on the jobsite. The new trencher includes an ergonomically-designed, open layout with a 90-degree swivel seat, more leg room and intuitive controls, enhanced visibility to give operators a complete view of the machine, a patented cooling fan to reduce the temperature of the operator station, and a modular design, allowing for use of tires or tracks. For more, visit ditchwitch.com/ride-on/rt70.com



GCP Applied Technologies has been observing the growth of blindside waterproofing in shotcrete applications and has continued to advance its below grade waterproofing system for shotcrete foundation walls, PREPRUFE® SCS Waterproofing System. The PREPRUFE® SCS blindside waterproofing system has received a positive response from the market since its introduction. This innovative waterproofing solution is designed for the difficult and high-risk task of shotcrete application. Unique features include: designed to withstand the force of shotcrete placement; and resistance to hydrostatic pressure. For more, visit gcpat.com


Five-Blade Utility Knife

TOUGHBUILT launches its first-of-its-kind five-blade utility knife. This patented multitool can also switch between two different modes: Scraper Mode and Utility Knife Mode. The unique Rapid Load Change System allows users to easily change blades without the need for additional tools. The knife includes five blades. Made from 58% aluminum and zinc alloy, 15% ABS, PP and TPE, 27% steel, the blade is 2.2 inches long with a 6-inch handle. The handles and blade are made from triple-injected plastic and steel, respectively. Retails for $17.98. The utility knife is available nationwide and at Lowe’s online and in stores. For more, visit toughbuilt.com


Skim Lite

LATICRETE has elevated its skim-coat product line with Skim Lite, a new premium quality, fast-drying, polymer-modified, cement-based underlayment designed for skim-coating, smoothing, and leveling prior to the application of floor coverings. Skim Lite incorporates record-breaking lightweight technology that puts less strain on labor and contains no respirable crystalline silica levels that exceed OSHA action level. The product is fiber-reinforced to offer the customer optimal flexural properties. Its rapid-setting, high-yield formula does not require additional water and is ready for finished flooring in as soon as 20 minutes. The product can be applied from skim depth to 1-inch thick. For more, visit laticrete.com


GLIDESAFE™ Extension Ladder

Werner announces a new easy-operating extension ladder with a breakthrough innovation: a patent-pending lift assist technology that helps the end user comfortably raise and lower the ladder’s fly section. The Werner GLIDESAFE™ Extension Ladder is the only ladder on the market with Werner’s patent-pending technology which provides up to 50% assistance to raise the ladder in addition to speed-controlled lowering. The new GLIDESAFE extension ladder also comes with built-in transportation latches which can be buckled around the rungs of both ladder sections. The latches help ensure safe transportation of the ladder, keeping it from extending while on the go. Available in six sizes ranging from 20 to 40 feet, each GLIDESAFE extension ladder is rated for a 300-lb load capacity. 

The new ladder features many of the details that help set Werner products apart for their useability, including dual-action feet that can be used on both hard and penetrable surfaces as well as exclusive ALFLO® rung joints, providing Twist-Proof performance. Dual-colored rails help users stay oriented and allow them to focus on the task at hand. For more, visit www.wernerladder.com.