[h3]HL730-9A Wheel Loader[/h3]
Hyundai’s HL730-9A Wheel Loader offers a low emission, low noise, fuel efficient 128 hp Cummins Tier 4 Interim and EU Stage IIIB QSB4.5 engine. The HL730-9A loader has a fully automatic transmission designed for maximum durability, minimum power loss, improved travel speed, and low noise. The 23,149 lb. HL730-9A boasts a 2.5 cubic yard bucket capacity and a bucket breakout force of 20,170 lbs. The loader is also available in an extended reach (XTD) model for jobs where a higher dump height is necessary, as well as in a tool carrier (TM) model which offers parallel lift and is ideal for tasks like pallet handling and pipe laying. For more information, visit
[h3]TruPulse 360 R[/h3]
Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is the manufacturer of the most compact and versatile professional-grade laser rangefinders in the world. The TruPulse 360° R laser accurately measures distance, height, inclination values in percent slope, and azimuth and span between any two remote points. Additionally, it has Bluetooth® capabilities for wireless data transfer to most handheld devices, including a smartphone. The 7-power crystal clear optics provides a nice and wide field of view so you can easily narrow in on your target and have confidence knowing your measurement is on the mark. The horizontal design and more robust exterior make it possible to withstand harsh conditions and daily, rigorous use. General contractors, engineers, and site inspectors are all using LTI lasers because they are easy to learn, fit in a vest pocket, and produce reliable results. For more information, call 877.696.2584, or visit
[h3]Hartl Crusher[/h3]
Rockland Manufacturing partnered with Hartl Crusher, an Austrian company that specializes in crushing and screening equipment, and is now the exclusive distributor for Hartl products in the U.S and Canada. Hartl applied its expertise in crushing and screening to design a world class excavator mounted crushing bucket. “Quattro” movement of the crushing jaw allows Hartl crushing buckets to maximize production of not only tons per hour but also of usable material. Cast from a unique combination of alloys for high strength and high abrasion resistance, the crushing jaws are built to last. The Hartl crusher offers a flexible, mobile, and economical crushing solution for rock, as well various materials found in recycling and demolition applications. The crusher features a centralized lubrication system which does not require disassembly, making maintenance easy and quick. For more information, visit
falltech[h2]FALLTECH [/h2]
[h3]DuraTech 6’ Web Self-Retracting Device[/h3]
FallTech releases its DuraTech 6’ Web Self-Retracting Device (SRD). Compact and durable, the DuraTech 6’ Web SRD has the stopping power of a full-sized unit without the weight of a shock-pack. In fact, the DuraTech 6’ Web SRD is one of the smallest SRD’s on the market with internal inertial brake mechanism. Third-party tested and compliant with ANSI Z359.14, the DuraTech 6’ Web SRD offers a deceleration distance of less than 28” and still keeps fall arrest forces below 900 lbs. The DuraTech 6’ Web SRD is available in both single and twin leg, with multiple connector choices to provide a height safety solution tailored for almost every job. The DuraTech 6’ Web SRD’s glass-reinforced polycarbonate housing, paired with premium abrasion-resistant webbing, and a cycle-tested resilient main spring, delivers uncompromising durability to outlast the competition. For more information, call 800.719.4619, or visit
IDIG[h2]IDIG [/h2]
[h3]Digging Control Systems[/h3]
iDig Classic and Touch systems boast the most advanced green technology. These solar-powered systems provide accurate depth, slope, and distance at a rapid rate in real time to the operator. The unique self-charging sensors have an extended communication range for any application. The intuitive display provides a step-by-step process for calibration; normally taking less than an hour for completion. These wireless systems require no welding and can be removed at the day’s end to protect your investment. At startup, a 5-point movement of the bucket confirms the machine parameters and you are ready to work. The Classic system will handle 5 machines and 10 buckets each, while the Touch system is unlimited. For more information, call 815.270.0088, or visit
husky_liners[h2]HUSKY LINERS[/h2]
[h3]Wheel Well Guards[/h3]
Husky Liners’ Wheel Well Guards cover, protect, and enhance the appearance of the exposed underbody of your truck’s rear wheel wells. Get a clean and finished appearance while protecting against road debris and reducing noise. A secondary benefit is the ease in which mud and road debris can be easily flushed from the wheel well. Easy installation. Made from highly durable material with a lifetime guarantee. Made in USA. For more information, call 800.344.8759, or visit