Barrier Lift
Kenco has unveiled a monster, the KL40000NG Barrier Lift, for handling concrete median barrier wall of up to 40,000-pound capacities. No hydraulic hookups are required. Use any properly rated sling and clevis assembly to attach it for operation. Automatically closes to securely grab the wall and won’t release until the wall is set firmly into position. Boasts a 6- to 12-inch gripping range to handle a variety of top wall widths. Swing away handle permits safe manual handling of the device. Available with optional self-aligning guides. Proudly made in the U.S.A. For more information, call 800.653.6069, or visit
Dual Arc Welding Reel
Hannay Reels TWCR dual arc welding reel is designed to handle and protect both grounding and arc welding leads on the same reel unit. The reel features two spools to hold separate lengths of welding cable and is equipped with a pinion brake and a gear-driven manual crank rewind with removable handle for the independent rewind of each spool. Live current is directed through a 400 amp rotary electrical device for instant and constant use with any amount of unwound cable. Long-wearing Delrin bearings provide electrical insulation and lube-free easy operation. For more information, email, or visit
Transmission Fluid
AMSOIL INC. has repositioned two of its synthetic automatic transmission fluids to be included in the company’s Signature Series family. The new designation reflects the premium quality of AMSOIL Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid and AMSOIL Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid. The robust performance was proven during severe-service field testing, validating the expanded service life recommendations. AMSOIL Signature Series ATF is recommended for twice the vehicle manufacturers’ severe-service drain interval. Signature Series ATF provides outstanding high and low temperature performance and oxidation stability. In addition, AMSOIL Synthetic ATF improves fuel efficiency, reduces transmission temperatures, and increases equipment life. For more information, visit
New Cobraneck Detachable Gooseneck Design
Rogers Brothers Corporation recently designed this 55-ton, platform deck trailer for a Buffalo company to haul assorted pieces of construction equipment for its customers. The trailer features ROGERS® new CobraNeck detachable gooseneck design, which adjusts for various ground clearance positions, thus saving time that would be spent in changing ride height settings. The gooseneck is adaptable to multiple tractor fifth wheel heights. Unlike many 55-ton capacity trailers, which require the load to be spread evenly across the full length of the deck, this trailer can handle a load concentrated in any 13 feet of the 25-foot long platform deck. The adjustable deck height is standard at 18 inches fully loaded. For more information, call 800.441.9880, or visit
Robo Joiner
The BNRJ-100 Robo Joiner mechanizes the installation of control joints. It can easily reduce the time it takes to install joints in concrete during the curing process. The tool comes with two groove patterns: a rolled edge joint and a “saw-cut” look. The tool gives a contractor complete control over the placement of their joints. The vibrating, and up/down motion of the blade pushes aggregate down and away from the joint, providing better crack control. The Robo Joiner comes in a blow molded case, with two 20V Li-Ion batteries and a quick charger. One charge of the battery will allow for over 100 feet of joints. It is easy to change from one style of joint to another with just a few changes of parts. Clean up with just water and a brush. For more information, visit
Aerial Lift Tool Organizer
The ergonomic Aerial Tool Bin™ for aerial platforms, scissor lifts, and boom lifts is designed to keep hand tools and supplies organized and within a worker’s reach. The portable, triangular-shaped organizer attaches to square or rounded 90-degree corners of platform railings, where it is secured with two OSHA-compliant locking bolts. The Aerial Tool Bin weighs 10 pounds and is designed to hold up to 50 pounds. It measures 17- by 17-inches, with a 26-inch front, and features three compartments with removable partition walls. An optional multi-positional magnetic parts tray attaches to the metal strips on top of the bin. A tool belt holder safely secures a worker’s tool belt to the front of the bin. A built-in handle for easy carrying is incorporated in the design. For more information, visit
ProContractorMX All-in-One
Maxwell Systems ProContractorMX is the industry’s only all-in-one construction management software solution that empowers contractors to handle the entire project lifecycle with tools to communicate faster and react smarter. Providing seamless workflow across Estimating, Project Management, and Accounting, ProContractorMX enables contractors to optimize business processes with end-to-end control and increased visibility. The all-in-one solution also helps improve accuracy of cost reports and projections; break down silos to enhance communications; tighten control on costs and schedules; and make decisions based on true data, not just intuition. Contractors can use it as an all-in-one solution from the start or build into the solution as needed over time. The solution is backed with support and services for true partnership. For more information, call 800.688.8226, or visit
Loader Scale 
VEI’s Millennium 5 loader scale from RMT Equipment has been totally redesigned to offer more advanced data management capabilities and HD display, while retaining the simplicity, economy, and compact size of previous Millennium models. A redesigned keypad is built around the Millennium’s familiar 4-button operator control with new “bumpy” buttons to give operators a better feel for the console, even when wearing gloves. It also adds numeric buttons to manage new load data functions. VEI’s latest weighing technology includes faster microprocessors and advanced algorithms for greater precision, especially on rough terrain. The companion VPrint thermal printer can be attached beneath the monitor or mounted separately as needed. For more information, visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, May 2013
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