Smoke Vent

The BILCO Company introduces a thermally broken smoke vent. The smoke vent is designed with an element of low conductivity integrated between interior and exterior surfaces of the cover and frame to reduce temperature transfer. These same thermally broken components dampen vibration for improved acoustic performance against outside noise. The product features 3 inches of polyisocyanurate insulation with an R-value of 20+ in both the cover and curb for superior energy performance, and a special cover gasket to minimize air leakage. Suited for large expanses of unobstructed space. For more, visit


Mini Excavator

KOBELCO Construction Machinery USA introduces the new SK45SRX-7 mini excavator model for North America. The next-generation SK45SRX-7 delivers increased performance and productivity. The new SK45SRX-7 weighs in at 10,030 lbs with canopy and 10,300 lbs with cab and has a 37 hp Yanmar Tier IV final diesel engine.  Max digging height with the standard arm is 18’10”, max reach at ground level is 18’8”, max dig depth is 11’3” and working width 6’5”. The new hydraulic system shortens the digging cycle time by up to 7%; this high performance can be maintained without reducing speed. For more, visit


M18 Inflator

Milwaukee Tool solves user frustrations with speed, accuracy, and capacity when filling tires with the introduction of the M18™ Inflator. As the fastest 18-volt cordless tire inflator on the market, the tool is driven to provide unmatched performance, versatility, and the durability to survive demanding transportation maintenance applications. The tool can top off 33” light truck tires in under a minute and is equipped with TRUEFILL™ Technology. The inflator is built with TRUEFILL™ Technology that includes an auto pressure check feature, and an automatic shut-off feature. The automatic shut-off feature stops at selected PSI to prevent overinflation. For more, visit


Spyral Saw Blades

Bestway Products Company offers a full line of Spyral saw blades that enable the tight, intricate cuts that are virtually impossible with conventional flat saw blades. Designed with a single continuous cutting tooth that spirals 360° around the length of a hardened steel wire, the Spyral saw blades cut materials ranging from metals, plastics and ceramics to rubber, graphite, and wood to make them ideal for many building, machining, crafting, and fabrication applications. Custom designed and built in-house, the blades can be cut to specific lengths to meet individual needs. For more, visit


Air Bi-fold Ramp System

Felling Trailers’ continues to go “green” with its patent-pending Air Operated Bi-fold Ramps system. The Air Bi-Fold ramp system is part of Felling’s Controlled Flow Air Ramp series, all air-powered, no batteries, no hydraulics. The new Air Bi-Fold system is a revolutionary system that is perfect for the paving and low clearance markets. A key feature of Felling’s design is in the operation of the flip ramp. The flip ramp locks out fully when extending, preventing scraping or marring of the ground, which is undesirable, especially if it’s a new surface of any kind. For more, visit


Portable Compressor

The M255 is Kaeser’s latest addition to its extensive Mobilair portable compressor line. The M255 has two pressure ranges:  848-935 cfm at 125-150 psig and 696-900 cfm at 125-203 psig. This powerful unit is perfect for a wide range of construction uses and is designed for maximum flexibility and reliability on site. The M255 is the first Mobilair to feature the new Sigma Control Mobil 2—offering intuitive touch screen control and real-time operational data. Kaeser’s exclusive pV Control is standard and can adjust the unit pressure in 1 psi increments. For more, visit



Cardo Crew, a division of Cardo Systems, unveils Comm-Set, a noise protection communication solution. Connecting anywhere from 2 to 15 users via wireless mesh technology within a 2-mile range, the hands-free Comm-Set provides situational awareness and is equipped with a plug to easily connect 2-way radios. It complies with the American ANSI standard. Eight different channels enable a seamless co-existence of multiple intercom networks within the same terrain. Offering many options, users can connect their mobile phone via Bluetooth technology and use the dedicated mobile app, plus easily operate such features as built-in FM radio and music streaming. For more, visit



Stellar features a new and improved CDTpro™ control system with Range Finder™ technology that is ergonomically correct. The lightweight, single-handed controller delivers quick, smooth operation for load placement. The Range Finder feature allows the operator to create a lift plan without ever needing to unstow the crane. This world-first technology estimates distance and calculates crane capacities where the operator is holding the control system. With a full suite of feedback screens, the CDTpro includes current load of the crane, distance to maximum capacity, and sends vibratory alerts to inform the operator they are approaching maximum load capacity. For more, visit


29-inch Size Loader Radial

Yokohama Off-Highway Tires America, Inc., introduces an 875/65R29 size of its rugged Yokohama RT41 L-4 radial for front-end loaders, the popular 29-inch size to its RT41 lineup. The new size features the multi-layer belt package with Yokohama’s special, flexible OTR belt wires that add durability, stability, and puncture resistance to the RT41. The tire’s buttressed sidewalls reduce snags and cuts, high turn-up carcass construction that minimizes sway, and a hexagonal bead to ensure powerful rim contact. The non-directional block tread of the new 875/65R29 features Yokohama cut-and-wear-resistant compound for long service life. For more, visit


Service and Lube Upfit

Thunder Creek Equipment announces the launch of its all new Service and Lube Upfit Platform, or SLU. It can be configured to carry up to eight oils or maintenance fluids, plus diesel, Diesel Exhaust Fluid, grease and compressed air. The entire SLU pneumatic pumping system is powered by a built-in VMAC air compressor, which provides for more storage in the truck body. Fluid volumes are configurable in 115-, 55-, and 25-gallon tanks. Total capacity for the SLU is 690 gallons. All fluid maintenance systems are plumbed into the truck’s all new Utility Box. For more, visit