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Modern Construction Products – March 2014

Modern Construction Products – March 2014

Model VA Belt Alignment Control
Protect your valuable conveyor belt from severe damage caused by belt misalignment, prevent costly downtime, and increase production with Conveyor Components Company’s Model VA belt alignment control. Designed for use on bucket elevators, the Model VA ensures that your belt is tracking properly. Normally installed in pairs on each side of the conveyor belt near the head pulley and/or the tail pulley, these heavy-duty controls consist of a conveyor roller with sealed bearings, four bar linkage, and a double pole/double throw microswitch. The roller detects any belt run-off and will trigger the first pole of the microswitch to sound a warning alarm, illuminate an indicator light, or stop the conveyor completely when the vertical belt strays beyond 10 degrees from horizontal. For more information, call 810.679.4211, or visit www.conveyorcomponents.com.
Fast Fuel™ Diesel Injector Cleaner
Prolong® Super Lubricants offers Fast Fuel™ Diesel Injector Cleaner designed to improve fuel injector and intake valve performance, while increasing fuel economy. It is formulated to use in TDI (Turbo Diesel Injection) and TDCI (Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection) engines to remove gum, deposits, and sludge buildup from fuel injectors, restoring a full spray pattern and allowing for quick starts. Periodic treatment of the Prolong Diesel Injector Cleaner allows for smooth, efficient vehicle operation. To use, simply pour Diesel Fuel Treatment into the vehicle’s empty fuel tank. One 12 oz. bottle treats up to 20 gallons of diesel fuel. For more information, call 800.540.5832 (LUBE), or visit www.prolong.com.
Long-Run Light Tower
Wanco Inc. has teamed with McKinley Services & Equipment to develop and manufacture a revolutionary light tower. The new Long-Run Light Tower uses high-efficiency LED lights that require comparatively little power. The use of LED lights paired with exclusive engine innovations results in far less fuel consumption during operation, and when combined with a larger fuel tank, the Long-Run Light Tower achieves an average of 225 hours of run time before refueling. This exceptional efficiency not only reduces direct fuel costs, but also saves time and labor costs related to refueling and maintenance, leading to a smaller carbon footprint than other light towers and potential savings of thousands of dollars per year. Multiple options, such as electric winches, a cold weather start package, and an off-road trailer package are available to customize the Long-Run Light Tower for work in harsh, polar, and remote environments. For more information, call 800.972.0755, or visit www.wanco.com.
New HL780-9A Wheel Loader
The new HL780-9A meets Interim Tier 4 standards and is ideal for aggregate, quarry, and truck loading applications. The HL780-9A offers an operating weight of 66,800 lbs, a bucket capacity of 7.1 cubic yards, and a bucket breakout force of 52,360 lbs. The loader is built with reliable components including electronically controlled, fuel efficient, Cummins QSX11.9 Interim Tier 4 and EU Stage IIIB engines that boasts a 351 hp. Three engine modes, power mode for heavy duty work, standard mode for general work, and economy mode for light duty work, giving operators the utmost flexibility and allowing for full power or reduced fuel consumption depending on the task. For more information, visit www.hceamericas.com.
M-Series Excavators
Bobcat Company has released four new Tier 4 excavators—the E42, E45, E50, and E55—which include a non-DPF (diesel particulate filter) engine solution. The conventional tail swing E42 minimizes ground disturbance and excels at bulk excavation tasks, while the Zero Tail Swing E45 can excavate close to surrounding objects with unobstructed rotation and good all-around visibility. The E50 is a minimal tail swing excavator with a compact frame for projects in tight areas without sacrificing digging or attachment performance. Class-leading lift capacity and slew torque performance top the capabilities on the conventional tail swing E55. The new Tier 4 models all feature an independent boom swing for offset operation as well as auto-shift travel, which boosts the machine’s productivity by shifting the machine out of high range and back automatically. For more information, visit www.bobcat.com.
WX Arrow Eyewear
Eyewear innovator Wiley X®, Inc. added the new WX Arrow to its popular Climate Control™ line for 2014, and is offering this new style in a range of frame/lens combinations to suit a variety of wearers and applications. The new WX Arrow is one of the latest Wiley X styles designed to hold the company’s innovative Rx Rim System. The Rx Rim System provides these already Rx-ready frames with expanded Rx capabilities up to +5.00 and -7.00, making these shades a solid choice for wearers who need the legendary protection of Wiley X sunglasses with their required prescription lenses. Every pair of Wiley X sunglasses meets stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, providing occupational grade protection for all wearers and a wide range of activities. For more information, call 800.776.7842, or visit www.wileyx.com.
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