Excavator Thumbs

Solesbee’s offers its series of manual and hydraulic excavator thumbs for any size and model excavator. The thumbs allow operators to move from one application to another, such as moving dirt or material, without changing attachments. This versatility significantly increases efficiency for a variety of applications, including land clearing, site preparation, demolition, and recycling. The thumb’s strength enables operators to easily grip materials of all sizes that a bucket cannot handle alone and generally require a significant amount of time for clearing. Contractors can quickly and easily grab and place materials, then fold the thumb down to use the bucket. For more, visit

Weld-Mask 2

Miller Electric Mfg. LLC expands upon its innovative Weld-Mask series with the introduction of Weld-Mask 2—a first-of-its-kind alternative to traditional welding helmets for the industrial welding market. Weld-Mask 2 is engineered specifically for the unique hazards prevalent for construction and ship welders, and other operators who weld in tight, non-traditional spaces. Weld-Mask 2 allows operators to access tight spaces, while not only keeping their eyes and head protected, but also with the ability to wear a hard hat, reusable respirator and safety glasses for total protection and compliance. For more, visit

814K Wheel Dozer

The new Cat® 814K wheel dozer features a new, sound-suppressed cab, efficient power unit and transmission drive, and centralized service station configuration to drive machine uptime and operator productivity to new levels. With its rugged structure designed to achieve multiple lifecycles under the toughest operating conditions, the 814K delivers high production operation in applications like utility work at mines, heavy civil construction backfilling and grading work, and ground preparation and subbase work on airport and commercial projects. Two Cat blade design options: the 2.84-m3 (3.72-yd3) straight blade and the 10.5 m3 (13.8 yd3) coal blade. For more, visit

Forklift Truck Models

MCFA introduces the new 22,000–36,000 lb capacity diesel pneumatic tire lift truck, FD100N – FD160AN Mitsubishi. This forklift is equipped with a high-performance Perkins® 1204 twin turbo 4.4L engine and offers outstanding performance, increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, and a lower overall operating cost. The Mitsubishi forklift truck models are designed to work in a wide range of applications, such as lumber, pipe, concrete, and steel, among others. In addition, the high-efficiency Tier 4 Final Perkins 1204 twin turbo engine offers a 13 percent increase in fuel efficiency over the previous generation without compromising performance. For more, visit

Service and Lube Trailer

Thunder Creek Equipment redesigned its Service and Lube Trailer (SLT) to include a new chassis and front-end design, expanded storage in the front and rear utility boxes, and a modular design that allows owners to add new features and components at any time after purchase. The new SLT features a modular tank design that is capable of holding 440 gallons of fluid in up to eight tanks with combinations of 25, 55, and 110 gallons. This can include tanks for diesel fuel, oil delivery (engine or hydraulic), used oil reclamation, grease delivery, antifreeze, DEF, and other fluids based on field maintenance needs. For more, visit

Auto-Lock Tape Measures

Milwaukee has grown its lineup of Compact Tape Measures with new Auto-Lock Tape Measures. These tapes feature a blade that automatically locks once it’s extended to the users’ chosen length. Users then simply need to depress the lock mechanism to retract the blade. These new tape measures continue to deliver the longest life in the industry because of proprietary Nylon Bond Blade Protection and a five-point reinforced frame for drop protection. Designed for real-world jobsite conditions, the Auto-Lock Tape Measurers are available in 16 ft and 25 ft, and 5m/16 ft and 8m/25 ft. For more, visit

Compact Jaw Crusher

McCloskey’s new J35 compact jaw crusher has completed field testing. The J35 compact impact crusher is the perfect solution for projects with small footprints but big requirements. This versatile, mobile crusher nimbly moves around in small spaces, continuing to track while crushing. The J35’s small footprint is uniquely suited to the demolition and asphalt recycling, aggregates, and smaller scale construction projects. Less than 2.5m wide, the crushers can be transported easily from site to site. Since 1985, McCloskey International has been exceeding expectations with reliable, durable, and high-performing products. For more, visit

Wheeled Excavator 

The next generation of Hitachi’s wheeled excavator, the ZX190W-6, is rolling out with a certified Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV Isuzu engine that does not need a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and includes multiple other upgrades that enhance efficiency, reliability, and durability. Mobile and maneuverable, Hitachi’s wheeled excavator weighs in at 45,300 lbs and sits on a short wheelbase that makes it easy to work in tight spaces. The pavement-friendly ZX190W-6 reaches speeds up to 21.7 mph and features a larger hood with springs, providing highly efficient access to the engine for service. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, June 2018
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