Brick and Mortar Saw
Arbortech’s AS170 brick and mortar saw with its patented Allsaw™ technology, offers extreme levels of precision, accuracy and control, and safety. Its patented cutting technology uses a unique orbital cutting motion with two forward facing blades that combine to perform both a hammering and a cutting action that allows for the user to have clear visibility and the ability to accurately cut square and deep. The AS170 saw has a cutting depth of 4¾ inches and a cutting width of ¼ inch. The saw features a powerful, 13-amp motor constructed with a dust-resistant, heavy-duty design to ensure long motor life in the toughest environments. For more information, visit
FleetLocate’s FL18Z tracks vehicles and mobile workers with 24/7 visibility and continuous tracking. Engineered with CDMA technology, the FL18Z is reliable in areas where signals tend to be weak. Because it’s an enterprise class device, small and medium-size businesses benefit from its precise positioning associated with high-sensitivity GPS. The FL18Z has an internal antenna for easy and covert installation, integrates with Garmin navigation systems, and supports Push-To-Operate (PTO) applications. FL18Z updates over-the-air; no need to download any additional software or firmware. GPS tracking isn’t just for vehicles … track your trailers, equipment, and other assets, too. To schedule a live demo, call 855.867.2692, or visit
Bolt Template Tool
Bolt Star™ is an innovative, reusable “bolt template” tool that sits directly on the tube form and potentially cuts in half the time required to construct a pole base used in most parking lot and outdoor area lighting applications. The new tool is engineered to hold the anchor bolts, rebar cage, and conduits securely in place during the concrete pour. Its patented arched arms feature bolt slots and premeasured markings for quick bolt setup. After the pour, finish the entire top while the tool stays in place, which means no waiting around and less risk of bolts shifting out of alignment. Strength tested to 1,000 lbs, Bolt Star is durable and reusable. For more information, call 855.725.9555, or visit

Hard Hat
The MSA V-Gard® Protective Cap is the #1 hard hat when safety is the #1 priority. There’s a reason MSA’s V-Gard Protective Caps and Hats are the bestselling hard hats in North America—its complete line of accessories and “Best in Class” logo program makes accessorizing and customization effortless. Polyethylene shell and self-adjusting crown straps provide comfortable, lightweight protection. Available in 20+ colors and in three sizes to ensure a perfect fit. For more information, visit; keyword: Try V-Gard.
Lubricants and Mill Gear Grease
New Ultra Heavy and Extra Heavy grade offerings round out the Molylube SF100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricant line, meeting open gear and multiservice lubricant requirements in temperatures as low as -58°F. In addition, the Molylube Mill Gear Grease range has been expanded to include Medium and Heavy grades for use on Type 2 open gear systems. Formulated using a semi-synthetic base and aluminum complex thickener, Molylube SF 100 Semi-Synthetic Open Gear Lubricants feature excellent extreme-pressure and anti-wear capabilities, rust resistance, and corrosion protection. The new Medium and Heavy grades of Molylube Mill Gear Grease maximize equipment life, reduce component costs, and increase machine availability. For more information, call 732.938.2421, or visit
Milling Attachment
Maddock Construction Equipment, LLC announces a new addition to the Backhoe Mill line of milling attachments. The EM48 attachment has a 48-inch cutting width, 11-inch cutting depth, and can be preset to cutting depths from flush to full depth in ½-inch increments. The EM48 is powered by the excavator hydraulic system and gives the operator clear view of the work area. It uses standard ¾-inch shank tungsten-carbide cutter bits and can cut asphalt, concrete, and rock, such as limestone. Its ability to cut above and below grade allows the EM48 to cut walls and in trenches. An optional water spray system directs small water streams into the drum housing to help control dust. For more information, visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, June 2013
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