Hilti Group releases new features to the Hilti Jaibot, a semi-autonomous, mobile-drilling robot. The Jaibot now has the capability to drill on corrugated metal deck ceilings and concrete walls. The robot also has a range of new features to improve operator safety, ease-of-use, and accuracy. The Jaibot can now identify and map installed profiles of corrugated sheet metal deck structures, align with the digital plans, and automatically adapt planned drill holes to pre-defined installation zones. To avoid obstacles such as existing installations or structural elements, Jaibot detects objects and adjusts its working area and arm movements accordingly. For more, visit www.hilti.com


BLAZE Laser Measurer

Bosch Power Tools introduces the GLM-165-27CG BLAZE Connected Green-Beam 165 ft Laser Measurer. Features include a tape measuring mode, level function, rounding function and built-in tutorials—with incredible memory functions and an option to delete all memory at once. Designed with a durable, full rubber housing to protect every impact point, this laser measurer is built to withstand tough conditions. USB charging capabilities and lithium-ion battery option to increase operation time. The easy intuitive interface has laser accuracy up to ±1/16-inch, supplying precision to every project. Available at The Home Depot and Lowe’s. For more, visit www.boschtools.com


Leica BLK360 Laser Scanner

Hexagon AB announces the introduction of the all-new, next-generation Leica BLK360, which dramatically advances reality capture by delivering two of the most sought-after necessities: speed and efficiency. The new BLK360 creates stunning, photorealistic, accurate digital twins within just 20 seconds. The new BLK360 is an ideal sensor for any application requiring fast, up-to-date scanning, such as digital construction and building lifecycle monitoring. It enables users to move quickly about any environment without interruption, viewing and sharing the data during the capture process to provide real-time access to updated digital twins. For more, visit hexagon.com


Spike Safety Glasses 

Brass Knuckle’s new Spike (BKADJ-5060AFP) eye protection combines a two-pronged strategy for vision protection with a legion of comfort features for the ultimate in customizable, long-wear glasses. Check out this abundance of leading features: the best anti-fog protection in the world; the highest UV protection available; and custom comfort at the temples, nose, and brow. The toughest anti-fog standard in the world is the EN 166/168 standard, and this crushes it. Add to that ANSI Z87.1/U6 ultraviolet protection, the highest standard in the world, to eliminate 99.99% of damaging UV rays. For more, visit www.brassknuckleprotection.com