HI VIZ and ID Hard Hat Accessories

The HI Viz and ID accessories provide an affordable method to enhance night worker safety and identify specific work groups on the jobsite. HI VIZ accessories use 3M Scotchlite™ reflective tape for a true 360-degree retro reflective hard hat highly visible to motorists and other workers in dark conditions—completing a high visibility profile. From more than 50 to 15 square inches of Scotchlite™, BrimGuard™ exceeds head gear retro reflective standards. ID colors are visible at a distance and provide a professional and reusable method to identify short service employees. For more, visit

New Led Retrofit Center Basket Troffers

Nora Lighting introduces a new specification-grade LED Retrofit Center Basket Troffer that quickly replaces fluorescent fixtures. The troffers provide smooth and uniform general lighting in offices, schools, conference rooms, libraries, retail sites, hospitals, and more. The retrofit troffers are available in two sizes: 2 ft x 2 ft (30W) or 2 ft x 4 ft (40W) with 3000 or 4000 lumens and 3500K or 4000K with 85 CRI. The patented, shallow housing retrofit design installs in less than 5 minutes in existing parabolic and lensed door fixtures and does not require access from above. For more, visit

Compact Hydraulic Excavator

The TB235-2 compact hydraulic excavator provides Takeuchi with a 3.5 ton offering in this competitive market classification. With an operating weight of 7,474 lbs, a dig depth of 10 ft, 7.7 inches, maximum reach of 17 ft, 3 inches and breakout force of 9,127 lbs, the TB235 provides excellent working range and performance. Additionally, the TB235-2 has a 24.4 hp engine that requires no additional exhaust after-treatment systems. The operator’s station is spacious and features an automotive styled interior with a multi-information display to keep the operator informed of machine health and condition. For more, visit


The Cooper® SEVERE Series™ MSA provides your fleet a premium 24/32nds high scrub and cut and chip resistant all purpose mixed service tire. Tread design and compounding make the Cooper SEVERE Series MSA one tough tire. This tire is built to take on severe turning, impacts, and off-road driving conditions. The tough, full width, four belt construction ensures this casing will provide multiple retreads. Designed for extreme applications, the SEVERE Series’ heavy duty construction and innovative tread designs and compounds deliver the performance expected in extreme conditions. Cooper tires have been developed for fleets to reduce their overall tires program costs. For more, visit

Fat Boy Slinger Truck

The all-new CAS® Fat Boy Slinger Truck has set a new standard among Slinger Truck Manufacturers. With features like the triple-walled Trout River® box, which includes a Hardox™ 400 steel inner layer, a fully exposed 32-inch 0-degree incline Feed Belt, an industry-leading 16-inch wide Placing Conveyor belt, and a low center of gravity for a smoother/safer ride, along with its strikingly good looks, contractors are quickly realizing that the CAS® Fat Boy, which is built in the United States of America, is in a category all by itself. For more, visit

Ride-on Shot Blaster

National Flooring Equipment releases the A12, a self-contained, ride-on shot blaster. In surface preparation, shot blasters strip old coatings, clean the floor, and profile the concrete in a single step. The machine projects steel shot towards the surface to prep the concrete for a new covering. Once the job is complete, the site requires little clean up, allowing contractors to immediately apply a new coating or polish the leveled concrete. The A12 will benefit contractors working in larger applications, such as airports, highways, and bridge decks. The A12 is propane powered and compact. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, July 2018
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