ErgoMulti Long Nose Pliers
IRWIN Tools expands the VISE-GRIP® category with the ErgoMulti Long Nose Pliers, engineered with an angled head for reduced wrist strain. The 62-degree ergonomic head offers a more natural feel that reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries. The pliers also feature 3-Zone Comfort Grips and a contoured handle to provide optimal cushion and control. The ErgoMulti Long Nose Pliers are designed to strip 12AWG and 14AWG solid wire for added versatility. Specially coated for rust-resistance and longer tool life, the pliers are available in 8-inch sku with a Lifetime Guarantee. For more, visit
Truck Bed Liners and Protective Coatings
Scorpion Coatings are not just for truck bed liners. At Scorpion, several different coating options are offered that are easy to use and are applied using simple and inexpensive equipment. Scorpion’s staple product is XO-2. It’s a high-build, urethane-based product that offers UV stability and outstanding abuse properties. It can be configured in multiple formulations to meet customer demand. Scorpion also offers a true clear coat product, the WB-250, a water-borne urethane that will seal your deck and add UV stability. It can be configured in a non-skid finish and can be tinted using exterior paint or water-based stain. For more, visit
8 Gallon Portable Single-Stage Air Compressor
Mi-T-M’s portable 8-gallon single-stage air compressor line is available in electric and gasoline models and features quality cast iron single-stage compression with stainless-steel braided discharge hose, 16-gauge powder coated two-piece belt guard, splash lubricated compressor pump, large canister intake filter, a power coated 8-gallon twin tank receiver, 3/16-inch base plate to reduce vibration, convenient lifting handles, and flat free tires. The 1.5 and 2.0 hp industrial UL-listed electric motor models include auto start/stop (continuous run optional), thermal overload protection, and 10-inch fly wheel for extra cooling and longer life. For more, visit
Safety Netting
PearlWeave manufactures various types of compliant safety netting. All of its “Made in the USA” netting products are fire retardant and tested in accordance with ANSI standards. Offerings include guardrail netting for vertical installations and horizontally-installed “custom, knotted nylon nets.” PearlWeave has an extensive selection of capacities, mesh-openings, shapes, and sizes relating to leading edge fall protection for all construction and industrial applications. ANSI A10.11 personnel-rated and ANSI A10.37 debris-rated safety nets are available in ANY size. Engineered “cantilever systems” for high-rise construction products are available. For more, visit
Test Meter
Measuring moisture in concrete is an important task when determining whether or not to apply a sealer on decorative concrete or to install resilient floor coverings, such as carpet, tile, and wood floors. The test follows the ASTM standard F2170-11. Lignomat’s equipment allows fast and easy testing with removable probes and a reliable test meter. The meter gives readings for relative humidity, temperature, GPP, and dew point temperature. For more, visit or
Lifting and Spreader Beams
Caldwell’s below-the-hook lifting innovation utilizes a high-strength composite solution to build lifting and spreader beams. The design creates lightweight beams (lighter than steel) for easy transport around the jobsite. The composite material is also a non-conductive solution, making it ideal for usage in utility environments. All units are designed, manufactured, and tested to ASME B30.20, BTH-1, Category B, Service Class 4. For more, visit
Lightweight Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket
Anvil Attachments’ lightweight hydraulic clamshell bucket, Model LWHC, is up to 1,200 pounds lighter than Anvil’s standard hydraulic bucket. This means you can move more material and less bucket. The lightweight model is ideal for coke, coal, grains, and other materials, which weigh less than 50 pounds per cubic foot. Model LWHC features four cylinders, which allow equal distribution of forces on the bucket while maintaining the closing forces of Anvil’s standard and heavy-weight hydraulic clamshell buckets. Options for the LWHC include bolt on reversible and replaceable edges, which protect the bowl bottoms from costly wear. For more, visit
Brush Blazer
The Brush Blazer is the most powerful walk-behind rotary brush cutter on the market. PECO’s heavy-duty cutting deck has two discs with 6 flail blades that can mow down the thickest brush, including trees up to 4 inches in diameter. The Brush Blazer is an easy-to-operate machine that fits in tight places and runs on slopes that a tractor-mounted brush cutter simply can’t. The Brush Blazer is powered by either a 27 hp Kohler EFI or 36 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine. The Brush Blazer is the perfect machine for trail cutting, underbrushing, right-of-way maintenance, and fire abatement. For more, visit
Lubricity Plus Fuel Power
Lubricity Plus Fuel Power is a highly effective formula specifically formulated to provide significant performance benefits in all diesel fuels, including ultra-low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends. Lubricity Plus Fuel Power is a year-round diesel fuel treatment that combines the benefits of Fuel Power and a lubricity additive that exceeds the ASTM BOCLE standards. Used regularly, Lubricity Plus Fuel Power can offer the following benefits: contains a high concentration of superior lubricity improver, helps prevent piston fuel pump wear, improves fuel cetane, exceeds HFRR and BOCLE. Lubricity standards, contains no alcohols, helps prevent rotary fuel pump wear, and improves engine starting. For more, visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, July 2015
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