11-Piece Insulated Tool Kit
Jonard Tools presents kit (TK-110INS) containing 11 tools—screwdrivers and pliers. Jonard insulated tools are manufactured to IEC 60900 Standards for hazardous work environments. Tools are tested to 10,000 VAC and rated for 1,000 VAC live use. Tools are not recommended for use on energized circuits. Work should only be performed by qualified professionals wearing proper PPE. Do not touch the uninsulated portion of the tool or any conductive object when either might make contact with an energized source. Always follow OSHA 1910.333 (c)(2) and NFPA 70E 2004 when doing electrical work. For more, visit
Night-Lite Pro II® LD-Series™ Balloon Light
Allmand expands its current line of diesel light towers with the Night-Lite Pro II® LD-Series™ Balloon Light tower. Allmand has paired with Airstar to offer a diffused light system option for your jobsite. Airstar Flex balloon light features Allmand-exclusive 4×1250 watt metal halide bulbs and provides a reduced glare, diffused lighting option. The light tower features impact- and rust-resistant gull-wing style doors to allow access to major service components, captive latch pins on the tower and outriggers, a 30-gallon polyethylene fuel tank that provides up to 65 hours of continuous runtime, as well as a four-point outrigger system to provide enhanced stability in windy conditions. For more, visit
Chalk Reels
Milwaukee Tool introduces Bold Line and Precision Line Chalk Reels. The new chalk reels feature a planetary gear system that distributes forces evenly over three gears. A proprietary StripGuard™ Clutch protects gears when the line is snagged or excessive force is applied, while a premium 6:1 gear ratio ensures the chalk line is quickly returned to the reel housing. The 1.5mm braided line of the Bold Line Chalk Reels allows the user to snap multiple bold, clear lines; while the Fine Line Chalk Reels’ tightly-braided .9mm line minimizes chalk spill and creates a clean, crisp line. For more, visit
Available February 2016.
PRODIACC™ pads are specifically engineered for use with the patented Wagman Revolution GHP™ System on power trowels. The pads are a poly-reinforced orbital diamond cushion composite. The high performance design promotes long wear life and efficiency of the diamonds. Productivity increases dramatically over traditional methods due to the “passive planetary” action of the patented Wagman Revolution Rotary System™. This next-generation composite pad simplifies the process of grinding, honing, and polishing concrete, reduces maintenance labor with fewer pad changes with no loose or broken pucks to fix. The multiple diamond matrix per pad allows for fast grit level changes. For more, visit
Master Craft Industrial Equipment celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The first forklifts were shipped from the Master Craft Engineering Company of Belleville, Michigan, in 1976. Master Craft was incorporated in 1977. Master Craft’s range of rough terrain forklifts grew over the years to include 5,000-20,000 lb. capacity. The 5-12,000 units are built with Caterpillar components from the Cat 416E Backhoe loader powertrain. Units use a 96 hp Cat engine for the C-Series or a Perkins equivalent for the Master Craft line. A 127 hp Cat or Perkins engine powers the larger units. For more, visit
The Ultimate Winter Diesel Treatment
Total Power is a highly effective formula specifically formulated to provide significant performance benefits in all diesel fuels, including ultra-low sulfur diesel and bio-diesel fuel blends. Total Power is a combination of the technology of Fuel Power, Polar Power, Diesel Injector Cleaner, Cetane 8+, and includes a lubricity additive. Used regularly, Total Power can offer the following benefits: contains Fuel Power, lowers CFPP, contains anti-gel, lowers pour point, cleans injectors, raises cetane, meets L-10, meets A.S.T.M. B.O.C.L.E., meets N-14, and contains no alcohols. For more, visit
ScreedSaver BOSS 240
New for 2016 from Ligchine International is the ScreedSaver BOSS 240. The BOSS 240 features: mega screed coverage with an 18 ft boom and a 13.5 ft superflat head resulting in screed coverage of 240 sq ft per pass; new hydraulic parallel side shifting for stickup avoidance; 360-degree hydraulic turn table and undercarriage allowing for the industry’s only mega screed zero turn drive capability; on-board pressure washer; LED lighting system; choice of gas or LP fuel Kubota engines; and touchscreen diagnostic display. The BOSS 240 is the most innovative laser guided screed ever offered. For more, visit
Trench Roller
Sakai America’s SA33L2-R Series Trench Rollers are true workhorses. With industry-leading compaction performance, a turn radius that cuts in half the time spent on manholes, and a solid frame capable of surviving hurricanes, they are a proven solution for rental revenue opportunities. The SA33L-2 boasts 24.6 hp and comes standard with an infrared remote control system for safe operation and ease of use. Also standard on the SA33L2 are the 33-inch drums, which easily drop from 24-inch via an easily removed outer ring, eliminating the need for an expensive, extra set of drums. For more, visit
Aluminum Trailer
Aluma introduces its new 14K equipment hauler. The TR-8200-14Ks are offered in lengths from 16 ft to 22 ft long and are equipped with two 7,000 lb. torsion axles, 30-inch beavertail ramp, 6 tie rings, 10K spring-loaded drop leg jack, LED lights, and a front retaining rail, all standard. The all-aluminum construction allows the trailer to weigh in at just 2,350 lbs. for an 18 ft trailer (shown) to give the operator more carrying capacity. The extruded aluminum floors give durability, as well as years of maintenance-free use. For more, visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, January 2016
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