Smoke Vent

The BILCO Company introduces a thermally broken smoke vent. The smoke vent is designed with an element of low conductivity integrated between interior and exterior surfaces of the cover and frame to reduce temperature transfer. These same thermally broken components dampen vibration for improved acoustic performance against outside noise. The product features 3 inches of polyisocyanurate insulation with an R-value of 20+ in both the cover and curb for superior energy performance, and a special cover gasket to minimize air leakage. Suited for large expanses of unobstructed space. For more, visit


Cutting Edge Impalement Protection

Safer impalement protection and ease of installation are hallmarks of the Carnie Cap impalement protection system. National OSHA compliant and CAL-OSHA approved, the caps are easy to use and only two caps are needed per 8 ft of rebar (3 caps per 8 ft in California). Incredibly cost-effective; instead of having to purchase a cap for each rebar, you can use far fewer pieces and still get better protection. The caps are rarely knocked off the rebar, saving time and money on the jobsite. Carnie Caps are made in the USA, shipped in boxes of 100, and are reusable. For more, visit


SmartCut Glove

Working with sharp materials, abrasive surfaces, light oils, and chemicals requires a glove that protects while it breathes and offers long-wearing comfort. Brass Knuckle SmartCut™ BKCR4420 gloves offer A4 cut resistance with double-coated protection that combines slip resistance and permeation protection in a dexterous glove. Over a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) shell goes a greener-formula water-based polyurethane coating as a palm and finger base coat that helps reduce penetration of liquids, including light oil. The result is a long-wearing glove that feels softer and provides breathability, fit, and manual dexterity. For more, visit



Fumoto USA announces a new product: the hose connector MH-10. It’s been designed to quickly connect a hose to any of our 3/8-inch short nipple valves. MH-10 is a brass-made, durable connector that easily clicks onto the nipple of a valve. It will sit firmly on the nipple until the end of the oil change. Available to purchase online. Be the first one to try Fumoto new MH-10. For more, visit


New Inverter Generators 

Mi-T-M Corporation announces the launch of its new inverter generators with CO detectors. Each model, ranging from 2000 to 8000 watts, is equipped with a carbon monoxide (CO) detector and auto shutdown if CO levels become unsafe. The models comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recommended requirements to address consumer exposure to unsafe CO emissions. The 2000- and 2500-watt inverter generator models feature GFCI protected receptacles and their frames are lightweight and designed for easy hand-carrying, making them stand apart from other inverter models. The 3500-watt inverter generator is the only model in this series with an open frame design. This generator takes accessibility and portability to the next level while delivering clean power. The 4000- and 8000-watt include recoil and electric start with a sealed battery, as well as, handles and wheels for portability. Both models include digital displays with LED lighting for voltage, hertz, run hours, and total hours. These compact generators are powerful, quiet and are great for charging tools and powering sensitive equipment such as phones and computers. All models include 1-year alternator and 3-year engine warranties. For more, visit