Liftstrap Conversion Kit

Schweiss Doors has an easy to install liftstrap retrofit conversion kit available to upgrade your existing door. Schweiss designed and patented custom-made polyester liftstraps provide a new and much safer alternative to steel cables. No more cables or pulleys to adjust. Liftstraps offer more lifting ability and will vastly outlast cables. The strength-to-weight ratio on the 3-inch straps is rated at 29,000 lbs. tensile strength, compared to a ¼-inch cable, which only gives you a 7,200 lb. rating. The liftstraps wrap around the lift drum as the door opens, increasing the size of the drum. The larger the drum’s circumference, the faster the door opens. Schweiss liftstraps never rust, never tangle or overwrap, and have a 10-year warranty. Available with autolatches and remotes. For more information, call at 800.746.8273, or visit
Concrete/Steel Pinner
MAX USA CORP. introduces the MAX GS732C Cordless Concrete/Steel Pinner, a cordless pin fastening tool powered by a liquid-gas fuel cell. The MAX GS732C Cordless Pinner weighs only 7.9 lbs., yet has the greatest power output at 105 Joules. It is the most powerful and lightest tool in its class. It drives concrete/steel pins in lengths of ½ inch to 1¼ inches. The tools magazine accepts both .102 inch and .145 inch shank pins without adjustment. With the optional pin magazine, you can drive 1½ inch pins also. The MAX GS732 has a pivot swing trigger with 50 to 70 percent lower pull-load than our competitors’ models. For more information, visit
Portable Area Light
Air Systems International Inc. introduces the Air Light-II™ to its growing line of portable area lighting solutions. The rugged design, stable platform, and IP-68 rated light heads are designed for use in any weather condition. Powered by a 12 VDC sealed, 35 amp hour AGM lead acid battery, the Air Light-II™ can be used outdoors or inside. The Air Light-II™ Dual provides 1800 lumens of light and Quad 3600 lumens. The Air Light-II™ XP provides 7000 lumens, one of the brightest configurations in DC powered portable area lighting on the market. All three Air Light-II™ lights produce a pure white light illumination brilliance of 6500 degrees Kelvin enabling true color. All models extend to a full 8 ft height for use as a flagger light, or to provide light for maintenance or emergency operations. For additional information, visit
9-Piece Maintenance Set

Mercer Abrasives announces its new 9-Piece Maintenance Set for general sharpening and maintenance around the garage, worksites, or manufacturing plants. Manufacturing files for more than 50 years, these versatile files come in a convenient durable plastic pouch with reinforced slots. The set includes 10-inch Flat Bastard, 10-inch Flat Smooth, 10-inch Mill Bastard, 10-inch Half Round Bastard, 10-inch Round Bastard, 8-inch Flat Smooth, 8-inch Half Round Bastard, 8-inch 4-IN-1 Shoe Rasp, and 6-inch Slim Taper. For additional information, visit
13.5K Fabricated Self-Steer Liftable Suspension
Link Manufacturing, Ltd. offers its upgraded 13.5K Fabricated Self-Steer Liftable Suspension. This innovative parallelogram design weighs only 866 lbs. with cast hubs and drums, making it a “Light-Weight Champ.” The DuraLift II 13.5K suspension incorporates a patented interchangeable and adjustable frame brackets and compact mounting envelope. One unit fits all standard truck frame widths and will accommodate most ride heights. It also features Dana wheel-ends, Bendix brake components, replaceable kingpins, and horizontal shocks. Comes with zero wind-up bushings and optional Fender Brackets and Fenders. The DuraLift II 13.5K the perfect solution for bigger payloads and regulatory compliance. Duralift II Steers are also available in 8K and 20K configurations. For more information, call 712.722.4874, or visit
Earth Auger Drive
The Premier Hydraulic Earth Auger Model H075PD offers a perfect range of torque and speed for large excavators. Engineered with the original “In-Line” Planetary Gear Reduction, the powerful H075PD Auger Drive Unit requires NO Drain Line, making it a superior choice for excavators and other large machines. Operators will appreciate its incredible versatility and ease of use for a wide variety of digging conditions. The H075PD has a flow range of 30-60 gpm and with up to 12,790 ft-lbs of torque at 4500 psi, this unit easily turns augers up to 48-inch diameter even in the toughest ground conditions. A complete and comprehensive line of augers, adaptors, extensions, teeth, and accessories is available to complete any jobsite requirement. For more information or a free catalog and price list, call 866.458.0008, or
Mobile Safety Camera
INTEC camera systems are designed and built to withstand your most demanding applications, providing years of reliability, increased safety, and improved efficiency. Our most recent development in innovative video safety technology is the CVC400XL. INTEC’s CVC400XL Extended Life Mobile Safety Camera offers a wide field of view in a compact, rotatable design. A durable, multi-sealed, alloy enclosure guarantees watertight performance for your most demanding applications. The mil-spec circular connector insures a tight, positive connection for years of worry-free operation. The CVC400XL features an IP68 waterproof rating, backed by an industry leading 8-year warranty. For more information, call 800.468.3254, or visit
Mini-Skid Loader
RAMROD introduces its most powerful mini-skid loader yet—the RAMROD PRO Series Model 1350. RAMROD’s 1350 PRO Series features its patented “high torque” hydraulic drive system, providing 1,700 lbs. of tractive power resulting in greater lift capacity of up to 1,350 lbs. to a height of 72 inches. The 1350 model also boasts a carrying capacity of up to 2,700 lbs. RAMROD’s award-winning self-leveling loader arms increase safety and material handling efficiency by eliminating the loss of material during the lifting process. The PRO Series’ compact body provides an unobstructed, safer view of the work area and its unique rigid track system provides maximum performance and maneuverability no matter how challenging the terrain. With more than 70 attachments available, the versatile RAMROD 1350 PRO Series can handle any task with ease. For more information, call 800.667.1581, or visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, December 2013
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