Mini Cement Mixer

Applied Machinery Sales introduces a new Merlo product: the DBM 3500 Cement Mixer. The DBM 3500 is a self-contained mini cement mixer. It has a drum volume of 1,321 gallons delivering 4.6 yd3 of concrete. The self-loading bucket handles up to 25 cu/ft of aggregate at each load cycle. The pump moves 66 gallons of water per minute into the mixing drum, suppling up to 37.7 sq ft of concrete in less than 15 minutes. The DBM cement mixer is suitable for working in confined, difficult-to-reach spaces. The large water tank allows operation in areas without a water supply. For more, visit


Alliance 585 Radial

The Alliance 585 radial’s steel-belted construction and unique hybrid tread pattern—combining the traction of curved lugs with the firm ground contact and scrub resistance of block tread—helps telehandlers, backhoes, and compact loaders deliver more horsepower. The multi-directional design grips equally well in forward and reverse on paved or loose ground, while reduced rolling resistance boosts fuel economy. In addition, reinforced sidewalls and steel radial belts protect against punctures and impact damage. Ask your tire dealer or visit


D4 Dozer

The Cat D4 (formerly D6K2) Dozer is a favorite because of its power, precision, and optimized balance for smooth grading performance. The D4 has a net power of 130 hp. A lower sloping hood line provides up to 30 percent better visibility to the area in front of the blade. The shorter sight lines mean the visual distance between the blade and the material pile is shortened by about 40 percent, so less time is spent backing up to get a full view of the material and the job gets done faster. Customers can also add factory integrated Cat Grade with 3D. For more, contact the local Cat dealer or visit


Handheld Core Drill

The Husqvarna DM 200 is a tough and versatile D-handle drill motor optimized for handheld drilling of holes from 1–3 inches. Delivering top class drilling performance in both wet and dry applications. The uncomplicated and sturdy design, all-around usability makes it an ideal part of any craftsman’s toolkit as well as for rental purposes. The Husqvarna DM 200’s casing is made of sturdy impact-proof polyamide plastic with ball valve coupling for wet drilling, vacuum coupling for dry drilling, detachable front handle, wrenches, and user manual. The two integrated levels make it easy to enable exact horizontal and vertical working positioning. For more, visit