Pickup Truck Toolbox

Tool Rig has designed and patented a pickup truck toolbox focusing on “SAFETY” and doesn’t occupy the trucks valuable cargo/bed space, allowing for more cargo with the tailgate safely closed without jeopardizing the drivers view of the rearview mirror. All gear within the toolbox is retrieved from the sides instead of employees having to climb into the bed area of the vehicle, reducing costly slips and falls. The toolbox also protects the cab/driver from moving or shifting cargo. Each Tool Rig box is custom-assembled and fabricated from 1/8” 5052 aluminum, riveted together utilizing all marine hardware. For more, visit


Premier® 40

The NEW Premier® 40 from L.B. White is the smallest box style heater available on the market with a 40,000 BTU/hr output. It offers a safe, enclosed flame and duct ability like larger models in the class, with the convenience of running from a 20 lb propane tank for 6-8 hours in many tent applications. At less than 55 lbs and easy-grip handle, the Premier 40 is portable, too. The L.B. White heat estimator app can be used to quickly calculate if the Premier 40 is the right size for the event space and desired temperature rise. Available at For more, visit


Circular Saw

SKATEPLATE transforms a circular saw into a portable table saw. With SKATEPLATE you save time and money with faster precision cuts and greater control and accuracy. Made of high-impact nylon with polyurethane rollers and Delrin bearings, SKATEPLATE glides across surfaces with less vibration, eliminates scratching, and enhances safety by reducing kickback. SKATEPLATE fits 95% of the most popular corded and cordless 7 ¼” saws. It comes with the SKATEGUIDE, an extended cutting guide with rollers that allows for cuts up to 12”. Measure once and make multiple identical cuts. For more, visit


Leading Edge Fall Protection

Werner announces a new addition to its collection of fall protection lanyards. The new 6’ leading edge lanyards keep contractors safe while working on the world’s biggest projects. The lanyards have been tested and approved for leading edge use over steel beams, B-Deck, and precast concrete. Available in four models, each lanyard is made from ¼-inch 7×19 vinyl-coated galvanized aircraft grade steel cable for strength and durability. These new products are rated for a 12-ft free fall for users up to 310 lbs and up to 400 lbs for a 6-ft free fall. The lanyards utilize a DCELL shock pack. For more, visit


Neck Gaiter

To provide users with face, head, and neck protection, Milwaukee Tool is expanding its workwear lineup with the addition of a Multi-Functional Neck Gaiter. Made from a moisture-wicking, breathable blend of lightweight polyester and spandex, the Gaiter is designed to keep users dry and comfortable all day with UPF 50+ sun protection and odor-resistant technology. The Neck Gaiter is washer and dryer safe and will be available in three colors: Gray, Hi-Vis, and Red. The new Multi-Functional Neck Gaiter will be available for purchase at select distributors September 2020. For more, visit


CX Revo

The A.R.E. CX Revo is the next generation of truck caps and comes standard with an abundance of notable features. Designed with paint-to-match, this truck cap blends perfectly with the truck’s color. Its frameless, tailgate formed rear door and all glass side windows speak to this caps sleek and seamless construction. For easy-to-use operation, CX Revo comes with an integrated slam latch system, OneMotion handle, and LED dome light. This next generation cap is completely customizable with features like a frameless sliding window, retractable screen, and a pet screen. For more, visit