High-Pivot Roller Boom

Engineered to withstand the toughest working conditions, the Xtreme XR1255 is a high-pivot roller boom with a 12,000 lb capacity. Delivering a 55 ft maximum lift height and a 38 ft forward reach, the XR1255 sets the standard for safety, productivity, and reliability. All Xtreme telehandlers, including the XR1255, share key attributes that constitute “The Xtreme Difference,” including 360-degree operator visibility from the cab, an integrated machine-rated boom lift point, and intuitive controls, allowing the operator to keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times. All Xtreme telehandlers are backed by an industry-leading 10yr-5yr-2yr warranty, and are built in the USA. For more, visit


BoMetals inc., manufacturer of concrete accessories, introduces Hydrostip, a Hydrophilic Chloroprene Rubber, Strip Applied Waterstop for concrete. This is a non-bentonite, controlled swell, strip product that can be used in cast-in-place and precast joints. Hydrostrip is currently offered in 3/4-inch x 3/8-inch and 1-inch x 5/16-inch sizes. With the introduction of Hydrostrip, BoMetals can now offer single source for jobs requiring both PVC and strip applied product. For more, visit

Boss™ 400 DF heater

The new direct-fired Boss™ 400 DF heater generates 400,000 btu/hr and high CFM with 99 percent fuel efficiency. Using the fuel best suited to the job is fast and easy with Quickswitch™ dual fuel. Built-in features, like a volt meter, diagnostic light, and thermometer, streamlines set up and helps operators keep running optimally as the jobsite changes. Vent mode provides the option of moving air only. At 125 lbs with a cool-end handle and no flat wheels, the Boss 400 DF heater is designed for portability. Stacks on end or two high for efficient storage. CSA certified in US and Canada. For more, visit

STUD™ Tape Measures

Milwaukee Tool introduces its STUD™ Tape Measures. Through new-to-world EXO360™ Blade Technology, these tape measures feature the longest-lasting blade that is both rip and wear resistant. This technology is combined with a fully reinforced frame and impact-resistant overmold, making STUD Tape Measures the most durable tape measures in the industry—can survive up to an 80 ft drop on packed soil. STUD Tape Measures deliver up to 10 ft of straight standout and a patented finger stop mechanism. Improved wire form belt clip for bag/belt storage and reduced pocket tearing. 25 ft and 16 ft available starting in September. For more, visit

AIRO Aerial Platforms

Applied Machinery Sales (AMS), expands its offering of material handling solutions with the introduction of AIRO MEWPs (Mobile Elevation Work Platforms) to the US market. AMS will distribute a wide range of AIRO’s aerial platform models across five categories for indoor and outdoor use: scissor, vertical mast stock pickers, spider, telescopic, and articulating. Most models are available in either diesel or electric power. Rough terrain versions are also available across model lines. Airo’s articulating MEWPs have 18 models to choose from, with heights ranging from 39 ft, 4 inch to 75 ft, 5 inch. For more, visit

Next-Generation Demolition Machines

Brokk launches four new demolition machines: the Brokk 170, Brokk 200, Brokk 300, and the green diesel Brokk 520D. Each of the four models comes equipped with Brokk’s signature SmartConcept™ technology, which maximizes the capabilities of the versatile machines with the power management features of SmartPower, the added reliability and user-friendliness of SmartDesign, and the enhanced ergonomics and productivity of SmartRemote™. Along with the launch of the new line, Brokk also introduced new attachments, including BHB hydraulic breakers and three Darda concrete crushers. Brokk will begin shipping the new models in August/September 2018. For more, visit

New VIKING 3350 Helmet

Lincoln Electric announces the launch of a stylish new helmet in its VIKING™ 3350 Series named Born To Weld™. The new helmet includes one-of-a-kind artwork that starts with military camouflage and overlays it with various welding references to create an overall effect that resonates with the gritty, dedicated, and hard-working nature of the welding culture. The VIKING 3350 Born To Weld welding helmet also boasts industry-leading optic design, 4C Lens Technology, which eliminates blur, distortion, and eye strain by reducing color saturation in the liquid crystal display (LCD), while also providing a consistent shade at any angle. For more, visit

Heavy-Duty Ejector Scraper

The RP-2812HDE has a 28 cubic yard capacity on a 12.5 ft width of cut. The scraper rides on four of the 26.5 x 25 tires that give it very high flotation and excellent stability. The head ache rack is adjustable for moving from top loading applications to scraping applications. The scraper boasts a 31-inch transport height for easy mobility. The cutting edge is segmented to make changing blades a breeze. This also enables the operator to be able to serrate the cutting edge all the way across the scraper for even loading. For more, visit

3 Year 4-Gas Detector Never Needs Charging

Gas detection is now simpler and safer than ever before with MGC Simple Plus by Gas Clip Technologies, the portable 4-gas detector that detects for 3 years straight with no charging or calibration necessary. Low-power LED photometric infrared LEL sensor technology is the secret to the long-lasting durability of this low maintenance detector. Reliably test for hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), and combustible gases (LEL) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even in oxygen-deficient environments. Comes with 3-year warranty. Sold through distributorships worldwide. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, August 2018
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