Hook-Mounted Wire Rope Hoists
Allied Power Products, Inc. announces the addition of a new line of Hook-Mounted Wire Rope Hoists to its Columbia product line. Four models, with hoisting capacities of up to 785 lbs, make it possible to select a unit that matches any contractor’s need to lift tools or building materials. All models are rated to lift loads vertically and feature automatic, load suspending brakes and a secondary ratchet and pawl brake. Rated at 230, 450, 620, and 785 lbs with first layer line speeds up to 74 fpm, these hoists feature hardened steel gears and oil bath lubrication for all moving parts. Standard features include upper and lower limit stops, a latching swivel hook, a push-button pendant control with a 32-ft lead and depending on model a choice of 115 and 230 VAC 1Ø power. For more information, visit
Tandem Roller
Sakai America’s 700 Series vibratory (HF) and nutating (ND) asphalt tandem rollers come in two models, the SW770HF and SW770ND. The SW770HF offers three frequency settings up to 4,000 vpm, and two amplitude settings, low to high, .013 to .026 inches, while the SW770ND offers three frequency settings up to 3,000 vpm, and two amplitutde settings, or nutation mode. Both models offer a drum width of 67” and are ideally suited for a wide variety of HMA projects, including municipal streets, state highways, airport runways, and large parking lots. The 700 Series is powered by a turbocharged Isuzu 4JJ1XDIA Tier III fuel-efficient diesel engine that delivers 127 hp. For more information, call 800.323.0535, or visit
Rebar Bender
Frear Corporation and Clark Equipment Company, doing business as Bobcat Company, have entered into a supply agreement whereby Frear Corporation manufactures and supplies a Bobcat branded loader mounted rebar bender to Bobcat Company. The Bob-Bender® fits any loader with an industry standard attachment bracket and boom mounted auxiliary hydraulics and comes with 4 ACI-sized standard bend mandrels for bar sizes 3 through 6. An optional size 7 mandrel can be purchased for bending larger bar. With the new Bob-Bender® Gen 2, you can preset bend angles from 1 to 180 degrees for perfect repeatable bends. The new bar stop accessory eliminates measuring for bends 30” or less from the end for increased productivity.  Though the Bob-Bender® weighs in at 326 lbs. its compact size of 24” wide (including handles) x 16 5/8” deep x 22” high, allows for easy transport and storage. For more information, visit
D-Handle Rotary Hammers
Metabo Corporation offers two ergonomically designed D-handle rotary hammers—the KHE-D24 and KHE-D28, which extend the operator’s reach, reducing fatigue in both down-drilling and overhead drilling applications. Ideal for use in through drilling and anchor setting, as well as light chiseling in concrete, brick, block and stone, the KHE-D24 and KHE-D28 keep the operator’s hand and arm in alignment with the hole being drilled, maximizing drilling pressure, precision, and operator control. Both SDS Plus rotary hammers feature 12 selectable chisel positions for efficient and comfortable chipping, scaling, leveling, crack chasing, or imbedding. The 360º adjustable side handle is rubber coated to dampen vibration and increase the grip, maximizing user comfort and control during operation. Metabo’s S-automatic safety slip clutch helps protect both the operator and rotary hammer from kickback if a bit locks due to hitting rebar. For improved tool life, both the KHE-D24 and KHE-D28 feature auto-stop carbon brushes and a winding protection grid that deflects airborne debris for maximized motor life. For more information, visit
HIPPO Portable Mixing Station
With CS Unitec’s HIPPO PMH 70F-RL portable mixing station, multiple batches of construction compounds can be mixed easier and faster using the new removable liner and rimless bucket system. Consecutive batches can be mixed without downtime for cleaning the bucket. Alternating liners allows mixing without cross contamination. The resilient, pliable liner is easily removed and cleaned. The PMH 70F-RL, featuring an “Easy-roll Trolley” and balanced “Easy-tilt Cradle,” allows one person to mix, transport, and accurately place up to 20 gallons (4- or 5-bag batches) of material at the same time. The HIPPO is supplied with two mixing paddles designed with a special helix ribbon and side bars. For more information, call 800.700.5919, or visit
Electric Impact Wrench
DC Matic Enterprises, Inc. introduces the most powerful, completely portable, 24 Volt DC Electric impact wrench on the planet. The new Model 900 (patent pending) can generate 1,000 ft/lbs of working torque when powered by a 24V Portable Power Pack or when connected to any NATO vehicle’s power receptacle by a 25’  TwinLead Cable.  The Model 900’s sealed housing incorporates a Forward/Reverse Switch on the tool, as well as a switchable 12-Cluster Safety work light for low light or nighttime operation. Now field service managers can perform multiple heavy bolting tasks, such as construction equipment service to pipeline assembly/repair or large wheel removal/install without the continued operating and repair expense of an air compressor and leaking air hoses. For more information, call 866.419.5602, ext 101, or visit
New Air Compressor Generator Welder Combination
Mi-T-M Corporation introduces a new model to its diverse line of industrial equipment. Perfect for the construction industry, the combination air compressor, generator, welder is the perfect tool for those contractors who need the support of all three machines yet appreciate the convenience of one piece of equipment. This new unit features a Subaru Model #EX40 (404cc) OHC engine with electric start and low oil shutdown. The air compressor unit is built with a cast iron two-stage compressor pump and a splash lubricated cast iron crankcase. The 5000-watt generator features a selector switch so the engine will idle down when not in use and the 170A arc welder includes an amperage selection switch. The combination sits atop a powder coated ASME coded 30-gallon receiver tank with a 3/16-inch base plate to reduce vibration. Components include manual drain valves for proper maintenance, regulator and gauges for tank, and outlet pressure and pilot valve unloader. For more information, call 800.553.9053, or visit
Road Widener Attachment
Road Widener LLC introduces a more flexible road widener designed as a skid steer attachment to give contractors an advantage for work on road shoulders, driveways, trails, and paths. The machine can handle widths of 1 to 3.5 ft and can disperse a 20-ton truckload of gravel in minutes. Width, height, and flow are hydraulically controlled, with the operator having precise control over material placement. For more information, visit
Modern Contractor Solutions, April 2013
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