Companies operating work truck fleets are always looking to cut costs and optimize operations. The generators used to power truck peripherals like lifts, chargers, and welding equipment represent one of their biggest headaches—they’re expensive to install, run, and maintain.

As a result, many of these companies are turning to Go Power!—North America’s leading provider of solar and mobile power solutions for the trucking industry—for an innovative, sun-powered solution. The Go Power! Solar Dynamo Work Truck Solution is helping these companies reduce costs and eliminate downtime.


This was the case for one national broadband company that serves millions of homes and businesses across the United States. Many of the trucks in the company’s fleet are equipped with large, commercial generators to power a range of peripheral equipment. 

“These generators are expensive to acquire and operate,” explains Sean O’Connor, business development manager at Go Power! “Fuel is also expensive, as is the required regular maintenance.”

Another, often-overlooked drawback of generators is the noise. “Commercial generators are LOUD,” explains O’Connor. “The noise is a big concern for operators and other jobsite workers.”

Trucks not equipped with generators face a different challenge. Often these trucks must be idled to charge the battery banks that power peripheral equipment. That’s become a problem for many fleet operators, as many jurisdictions have restricted truck idling. And, if batteries run out of juice on the job, service call costs—$500-$700 per incident—add up quickly.

Also, over time, fully draining and recharging batteries takes its toll on battery life and performance. Premature battery replacement is another significant expense for fleet operators.


The broadband company team turned to their long-time solar provider Go Power! and its Solar Dynamo Work Truck Solution to help address their fleet power challenges.

Solar Dynamo is an “all-in-one” turnkey power solution for utility vans and mid-size vehicles and can either replace or supplement generator output. The solution generates pure AC power, ideal for sensitive electronics, and is designed to run equipment and power cordless tool chargers without the need for generators or truck idling.

The Solar Dynamo system is engineered with rugged components purpose-built for fleet applications, including:

  • Dual 50-watt Solar Flex Panels. These thin, low-profile panels can curve up to 30°. Designed for durability and life in the field, they come with a 5-year warranty.
  • 20-amp MPPT Solar Controller. Built to perform in tough environments, the MPPT Solar controller delivers smart, efficient battery management.
  • IC-2000 Inverter Charger. With a 3-year warranty, the UL458 and UL1741-certified IC-2000 inverter charger is a 3-in-1 system with a built-in charger and transfer switch. 
  • 100ah Lithium Battery. This state-of-the art-battery delivers 200-amp hours of maintenance-free mobile power and comes with a 10-year limited warranty.


Solar Dynamo is built to withstand the rigors of long-term fleet use. “We’ve implemented the toughest testing in the industry,” says O’Connor. “We simulate strikes from 2-inch hailstones at 50 mph. There’s extreme temperature cycling and shock and vibration testing. And, we have UV testing that can simulate 5 years of sun exposure in less than a month. We do all this to ensure Solar Dynamo’s performance and longevity in the field.”


Since engaging Go Power!, the broadband company has been aggressively retrofitting their bucket truck and service body fleet with Solar Dynamo, with plans to install several hundred more units each year. To date, they’ve been impressed with the savings.

“This customer has dramatically reduced their fuel consumption from generators and truck idling,” O’Connor explains. “Generator maintenance costs are also way down. Also, the reduction in ‘dead battery’ service calls is much greater than expected. The savings of $500-$700 per service call really add up, and that doesn’t even consider the cost savings associated with less driver downtime or longer battery life. Finally, there’s improved customer satisfaction due to fewer service interruptions and more jobs completed on time.” 

According to O’Connor, the broadband company team estimates they see a return on their Solar Dynamo investment in 12-18 months. And driver satisfaction has improved, too. “Fleet generators are very noisy, which can contribute to job fatigue,” says O’Connor. “Solar power is silent power—something that I’m sure most operators appreciate.”


Solar Dynamo can provide savings for both small and large work truck fleets. “For customers that need less than 2,000 watts of power, Solar Dynamo can take the place of expensive generators,” says O’Connor. “Trucks that require over 2,000 watts and use Solar Dynamo can run their generators for less time, saving fuel, maintenance, and cutting noise.

“Our solar fleet solutions have proven themselves over many years and millions of miles,” adds O’Connor. “And fleet operators can count on professional installation and support from our certified, nationwide dealer network. 

“For a solar solution that operates silently, Solar Dynamo is making a lot of noise with commercial fleet operators—noise of the good kind.” 

About the Author:

Go Power! has been in the business of solar technology since 1996 and is a trusted, recognized leader in mobile power for both recreational and industrial use. For more, visit

Modern Contractor Solutions, September 2021
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